About Us

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Families and Colleagues,

 It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Office for Student Success website at Pace University. Like the name suggests, our office’s mission is to assist students in the pursuit of individual goals and aspirations by working across departments at Pace University. As a branch of the Division for Student Success, we work hand in hand with many university constituencies. We bring resources together for Pace students so that they are empowered to make the most of their education. 
Beyond our work with students, we are an office that welcomes collaboration with faculty and staff on initiatives and projects. We research today’s students and engage in conversation with other colleges and universities on pressing topics in a changing higher education landscape. 
I hope you will find these electronic resources helpful, valuable, and informative. I encourage you to explore the ways in which we can enhance your experience here at Pace University and work together toward student academic success. Please take the time to provide us with stories of your Pace experience as well as your comments and observations of our institution. If you have a question or concern but are not sure of where to start, feel free to come to our office, send us an e-mail, or contact us by phone. We are located in Y21 in the 1 Pace Plaza building at the New York City campus and on the second floor of the Kessel Student Center at the Pleasantville Campus. You can e-mail us at Success@pace.edu or call us at 212-346-1915.
I look forward to seeing you on campus.   

Dr. Susan Maxam