Undergraduate Research Pairings

Research pairings are determined by a committee of faculty members after both students and faculty members apply for grants.

Professor Discipline/College Student School/College & Major Topic
Andrea Voyer Dyson: Sociology/Anthropology Jennifer DeJesus Dyson: Sociology/Anthropology The Role of Race in Hooking Up and Dating Among Americans
Angela Northrup Leinhard School of Nursing  Colleen Spang  Leinhard School of Nursing Evaluation of the effect on student attitudes and empathy for those living in poverty
Christopher Godfrey Dyson: Psychology Rebecca Conkling Dyson: Psychology and Human relations Crossing the Digital Divide – Chronic Illness, the Internet, and Social Support
Christine D. Clayton Education Ashley Jimenez- Murphy Adolescent Education Understanding the edTPA as a high-stakes assessment in New York State:  Policy meets practice in the student teaching experience
Hasan T. Arslan Dyson: Criminal Justice Christopher McClain Dyson: Criminal Justice Preliminary Findings on Police Shootings in Northeast and Western Regions of the United States
Denise Belen Santiago Dyson: Anthropology Katherine Gonzalez Leinhard School of Nursing Contributing Antecedents to the Current Health Crisis Among Puerto Ricans Residing in the South Bronx, New York
Cho Chan Dyson: Chemistry and Physical Science Dustin Lee Dyson: Biochemistry The effects of amyloid-perturbing dyes on adhesion of Cryptosporidium parvum to the intestinal adenocarcinoma HCT-8 cell line
Elliot Hearst Dyson: English Sidorela Lleshi Lubin: Public Accounting A Patchwork and a Safety Net: The Use and Abuse of Technology in Frankenstein and Today
Marisa Isaacson Dyson: Biology and Health Sciences Francis Bodd Dyson: Biology Generation of a human T cell leukemia virus reporter cell lines
Joseph Tse-Hei Lee Dyson: History Jacqueline Kelleher Lubin: International Management The Dichotomy of Identity: The Pursuit of Democracy in Hong Kong
Dianne Zager Dyson: Communication Sciences & Disorders Jessica Shevchenko Dyson: Communication Sciences & Disorders Role of Expressive Language in Facilitating Development of Self-Determination Competence
Constance Knapp Seidenberg: IT John Capalbo; Nick Terrasi Seidenberg: IT Development of a prototype of mobile application for basketball scouting and team and players statistics
Matthew Reidenbach Lubin: Accounting Jiaying (Katrina) Wu Lubin: Accounting Audit Firm Industry Leader Location and Its Effect on Audit Fees and Quality
Brandon Adams Dyson: Psychology Kelsey Ryan Dyson: Psychology The Effect of Diagnostic Cues Education on Detection of Deceptions
Joan Walker Education Ornella Salza Childhood Education Testing an Innovative Approach to Developing Teachers’ Home-School Communication Skills: Multimedia, Online Case Studies
Marcy Kelly Dyson: Biology & Health Sciences Raheem Lawrence Dyson: Biology Identifying and Characterizing Novel Genes Involved in Glutathione Sensitivity
Richard Shadick Dyson: Psychology Jennifer Melissa Trujillo-Armijo Dyson: Psychology Prescription drug abuse by college students: Demographics and correlates
Shamira Malekar Lubin: Management   Frederique Zadi Lubin: Management Employee Satisfaction: A Study
Zafir Buraei Dyson: Biology & Health Sciences Sukhjinder (Suki) Kaur Dyson: Biology

A molecular mechanism for Alzheimer's disease: the effects or WT and mutant Presenilin1 on Trp channel function

Nigel Yarlett Dyson: Chemistry & Physical Sciences Juan Pablo Castiblanco Bustos Dyson: Biochemistry & Psychology Changes in host cell proteins upon infection with Cryptosporidium parvum
Andriy Danylenko Dyson: Modern Languages Anastasiya Zlenko Lubin: International Mng. Arts & Entertainmnet Mng Two Brothers? Cultural Stereotypes and Labeling of Ukrainians vs. Russians
Elmer-Rico E. Mojica Dyson: Chemistry & Physical Sciences Samantha J. Pace  Dyson: Biochemistry Screening of flavonoids as therapeutic agents for diabetes


2013-2014 Grant Recipients and Topics
Professor Discipline/School/college Student School/College & Major Title/Topic
David Benjamin Seidenberg: Computer Science Michael Cornell Seidenberg: Computer Science Dynamic Augmented Reality
David Caputo Dyson: Political Science Enxhi Brahja Dyson: Political Science Student Learning Outcome Assessment and the MOOC Experience – Lessons Learned and Their Implications
Jane Collins Dyson: English Daniel Rubado Dyson: English Gaming as Literature: Assessing the Literary Value of Modern Digital Storytelling
Jean Coppola Seidenberg: IT Taylor Longenberger Dyson: ECM Discovering Innovative Tablet Technologies: The New Assistive Technologies for Adults with Disabilities
Erika Crispo Dyson: Biology and Health Sciences Keith Thomas Seidenberg: ICG Using Next-Generation Sequencing to Identify Variation in Immune Response Genes in Longnose Dace Fish Populations from Polluted and Non-Polluted Environments
John Cronin Dyson: Environmental Science Conor Strong Dyson: Environmental Studies Riverman: Portrait of an American Icon
Zhaohua Dai Dyson: Forensic Science David Mendoza Dyson: Chemistry Enantiospecific Hydroxylation of Alkanes Catalyzed by Transitional Metal Complexes of Chiral Tripodal Ligands Based on Tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine
Andriy Danylenko Dyson: RUS Yekaterina Tsvetkova Lubin: International Management Film Adaptations of Russian Classics: The American Perspective
Lesley Emtage Dyson: Enviromental Studies Chakkapong Burudpakdee Dyson: Biology Small heat shock proteins are required for the formation of polyQ-Huntingtin inclusion bodies. Alternatively: Aging alters the dynamics of turnover in Huntingtin polyglutamine repeat aggregates.
Christopher Godfrey Dyson: Psychology Mario Hamblin Dyson: Psychology 1) Project Title: Factors influencing non-technology professionals use of computer-mediated and video-mediated communications. 2) Project Title: Alternate Others-the Other Within. 3) Greenmarkets, Health Choices?
Katherine Huang Dyson: Political Science Nicole Esposito Dyson: Political Science How can civic participation be increased in communities? Does repeated personal contact work or does introduction of new information and material work better?
Sethu Karthikeyan Dyson: Communication Sciences & Disorders Sofia Kharkover Dyson: Communication Sciences & Disorders Acoustics of Empathy
Marcy Kelly Dyson: Biology Kristen Gulino Dyson: Biology The role of VASP in mycobacterial survival in the macrophage.
Soonhyang Kim Education Stefani Kraker Dyson: CSD Avoid cultural misunderstanding: Silent but Active Participation of Culturally, Linguistically Diverse Students in the U.S. Classrooms
Erica Kipp Dyson: Biology Gabrielle Suppa Dyson: Biology The Effects of Heat Stress on Microgametophyte Viability in Arabidopsis thaliana
Constance Knapp Seidenberg: Computer Science Hannah Cherian BU: IS How Do They Know What I Want To Buy?: Customer Analytics and Data Mining
Nancy Krucher Dyson: Biology Jacklynn Egger Dyson: Biology Interaction between a tumor suppressor and a pro-apoptosis protein in breast cancer. What is the significance?
Theresa Lant Lubin: Management Addison O'Donnell Lubin: Management Connecting Community Arts and Sustainable Practices: Emulating New York City's "Materials for the Arts"
James Lawler Seidenberg: Computer Science Daniel Leinweber Computer Science Evaluating Disability Film Media to Increase Knowledge of Disability Issues in Society
Joseph Lee Dyson: History Sarah Batchelor Dyson: Communication Studies Tibetan Arts, Identity, and Political Activism in New York City
Eddis Miller Dyson: PHI Caitlin Boley Dyson: Political Science “Hobbes’s Offensive Hermeneutics: Scriptural Interpretation and the English Civil Wars”
Elmer-Rico Mojica Dyson: Chemistry Robert Marvin Dyson: Biochemistry Immobilization of biological materials using the sol-gel process.
Joseph Morreale ECO Ann Marie Pavia Dyson: Economics The Effectiveness of the No Child Left Behind Act on Low Income Minority Students
Meghana Nayak Dyson: Political Science Jessie Meredith Dyson: Political Science “The Incarceration of the Persecuted and Undocumented
Gregory Colman Dyson: Mathematics Kevin Hankins Dyson: Mathematics & Economics Effectiveness of math teachers with a mathmatics degree as opposed to a general education degree
Anna Shostya Dyson: Economics Robert Mcloughlin Lubin: Finance The Effect of Video Games and other Media Usage on Students’ Studying Habits and Performance: A Case of Two Countries
Angelo Spillo Dyson: Environmental Science Laura Sorrentino Dyson: Environmental Science Rising Waters: Implications and Actions
Rita Upmacis Dyson: Chemistry Steven Miller Dyson: Biochemistry Calcium and magnesium levels in atherosclerotic tissue samples: Influence of gender and diabetes.
Emily Welty Dyson: PJS Elena Marmo Dyson: Political Science Voluntourism or Poverty Voyeurism? an examination of short-term volunteering
Dianne Zager Dyson: Communication Sciences & Disorders Jason Gonzalez Dyson: Political Science An Examination of Medical Students' Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes toward Persons with Disabilities

Louis Quintas; Edgar G. Ducasse

Dyson: Mathematics Joshua Shor Dyson: Mathematics Graphs with Applications


Summer 2013 Grant Recipients and Research Topics
Professor Discipline/College Student School/College & Major Topic
Sharon Stahl Wexler College of Health Prof. Chava Pollak College of Health Professions The Impact of an Aging Sensitivity Experience on Nursing Students
Hasan Arslan Dyson: Criminal Justice Gary Stewart Seidenberg: CIT Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures of Anti- Abortion Terrorist Groups
Marcy Kelly Dyson: Biology and Health Sciences Josie Blair Dyson: Biology The Paradox of Glutathione: Mycobacterial Growth Inhibitor or Stimulator?
Paul Fraynt Lubin: Finance Dinglin He Lubin: Finance CNBC Fast Money - fast track to wealth or financial peril
Kathy Huang Dyson: Political Science Nicole Esposito Dyson: Political Science Measuring the Strength of Civic Engagement as it pertains to Voting Behavior
Sethu Karthikeyan Dyson: Communication Sciences & Disorders Catherine Mastricovo Dyson: Communication Sciences & Disorders Articulatory clarity, vocal pitch, and dominance ratings of male speech samples
Elmer-Rico E. Mojica Dyson: Chemistry and Physical Science Nadina A. Horril Dyson: Biology Potential Use of Bee Propolis as an Environmentally Friendly Antimicborial Agent
Rostyslaw Robak Dyson: Psychology Andrew Cheever Dyson: History The Role of Money in Satisfaction with Life
Richard Shadick Dyson: Psychology Amber Addessi Dyson: Psychology Risk Factors Correlated with Suicidal Behavior in Diverse College Students
Michael Ulinski Lubin: Accounting Anthony L. Fanelli Lubin: Public Accounting "The Affect of FASB #xxx , Illegal Corporate Activity Disclosures, on Independent Audit Quality and How Forensic Accountants Can Help"
Rita Upmacis Dyson: Chemistry and Physical Science Steven J. Miller Dyson: Biochemistry Antioxidant Mechanisms of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
D. Paul Benjamin Seidenberg: CS Michael Cornell Seidenberg: CS Dynamic Augmented Reality
Angelo Spillo Dyson: Enviromental Studies Laura Sorrentino Dyson: Environmental Studies Rising Waters: Local Implications and Actions
Jean Coppola Seidenberg: Information Technology Marc Kowtko Seidenberg: Information Technology User-friendliness of Biometric Technology for Populations with Special Needs
Erica Kipp Dyson: Biology and Health Sciences Gabrielle Suppa Dyson: Biology The Effects of Heat Stress on Microgametophyte Viability in Arabidopsis thaliana
Theresa Lant Lubin: Management Addison O'Donnell Lubin: Arts and Entertainment Management Community Arts Organizations and Sustainable Practices: A Collaborative Model
Emily Welty Dyson: Political Science/Peace and Justice Studies Elena Marmo Dyson: Political Science Voluntourism: Benefits, Drawbacks and Best Practices
Nancy Krucher Dyson: Biology and Health Sci  Kira Quadros Dyson: Biology Interaction between a Tumor Suppressor and a Pro-apoptosis Protein in Breast Cancer: What is the Significance?
Soonhyang Kim Education Stefani Kraker Dyson: Communication Sciences and Disorders: Teaching and Bilingual Track: Avoid cultural misunderstanding: Silent but Active Participation of Culturally, Linguistically Diverse Students in the U.S. Classrooms


2012-13 Grant Recipients and Research Topics
Professor (Campus) Discipline/College Student (Campus) School/College & Major Topic
Jaime Lee Rizzo (NYC) Dyson: Biology Sophia Miotto (NYC) Dyson: Biochemistry Synthesis of Novel Therapeutic Drugs to Combat Neuromuscular Disorders
Marcy Kelly (NYC) Dyson: Biology Josie Blair (NYC) Dyson: Biology/Chemistry Understanding the Impact of Glutathione on Persistent Mycobacterial Gene Expression
Judith Pajo (NYC) Dyson: Anthropology/Environmental Studies Jessica Lagoutte (NYC) Dyson: Anthropology/Environmental Studies Creative Destruction: Collecting Bottles and Cans in the Informal Recycling Economy in New York City
Margaret Brewer-LaPorta and Philip LaPorta (PLV) Dyson: Chemistry & Physical Sciences Alex Lengers (PLV) SOE & Dyson: Adol Ed/Earth Science A Survey of Pleistocene
Megafauna Discoveries,
Archaeological Context and
Paleoenvironmental Implications
in the Wallkill River Valley
Erica Kipp (NYC) Dyson: Biology Abbi Freeman (NYC) Dyson: Biology/Forensic Science The Effects of Heat Stress on
Stigmatic Receptivity in
Arabidopsis Thaliana
Linda Anstendig (PLV) Dyson: English Jemma York (PLV) Dyson: Communications/Political Science Capturing Student Learning with
Jack Horne (PLV) Dyson: Biology and Health Sciences Ruchi Sheth (PLV) Dyson: Biology The role of Rac1 in development
of the zebrafish olfactory system.
Rita Upmacis (NYC) Dyson: Chemistry & Physical Sciences Kelsey Jordan (NYC) Dyson: Biology The Role of Reactive Nitrogen
and Oxygen Species in Parasite
Survival and Death
Zhaohua Dai (NYC) Dyson: Chemistry/Forensic Science Lyanne Valdez (NYC) Dyson: Biochemistry Recognition and Amplification of
Molecular Chirality in Controlled
Emilie Zaslow (NYC) Dyson: Communications Brian Rentas (NYC) Dyson: Communications Analyzing online communities for
parents with LGBTQ children
June Chisholm (NYC) Dyson: English Kerry McBroome (NYC) Dyson: Psychology/Film Studies The Psychology of a Female
Rick Kline (NYC) Seidenberg: Computer Science Keith McPherson (NYC) Dyson: CS/Math minor Development and applications of
autonomous quadrotor UAVs
Dorothee von Huene Greenberg (PLV) Dyson: English and Modern Language Studies Shawna Wright (NYC) Dyson: Liberal Studies Esther Carpenter Pierce:
Daughter, Wife and Confidante of
Freedom’s Friends
Ron Filante (PLV) Lubin: Finance Adam Bednarz (PLV) Lubin: Finance/Economics How Can Finance Students
Outperform Professional Money
Hsui-lin Winkler (PLV) Seidenberg: IT Ariana Abramson (PLV) Seidenberg: CS Analysis of Solar Energy
Generation, Demand and
Consumption – A College Solar
Classroom Study
Jessica Scheuer (NYC) Dyson:
Sciences &
Rosetta Fairley (NYC) Dyson: Communication
Sciences and Disorders
Performance Monitoring in
Children with Specific Language
Daniel Molina (NYC) Dyson: Psychology Dahlia Mayerson (NYC) Dyson: Psychology The Importance of Identifying the
Self in “Aspy”(Autism) Culture
Tara Tamny-Young (PLV) Dyson: Psychology Darrelle George (PLV) Dyson: Biology/Psychology Immediate Effects of Video
Gaming on Impulsive Behavior
and Attention in College Students
Sharon Stahl-Wexler (PLV and NYC) College of Health
Professions: Nursing
Chava Pollak (PLV) College of Health
Professions: Nursing
The Impact of an Aging Sensitivity
Experience on Nursing Students
Nigel Yarlett (NYC) Dyson: Chemistry Emmanuel Bujans (NYC) Dyson: Biochemistry/Latin
Amer Studies
Characterization of
Spermidine:spermine N1-
acetyltransferase from the
intestinal parasite
Cryptosporidium parvum
Nancy Krucher (PLV) Dyson: Biology and
Health Sciences
Justina Edwards (PLV) Dyson: Biological
Activation of the Rb tumor
suppressor gene in 3D breast
cancer tumors
Dr. Brandon Adams (NYC) Dyson: Psychology Henry Li (NYC) Dyson: Psychology Neuropsychology of Obesity
Dr. Hillary Knepper &
Chris Godfrey (PLV)
Dyson: Public
(Hillary) and
Psychology (Chris)
Quinonez (NYC)
Lubin: International Mgt Web 2.0 Interdisciplinary
Informatics Institute (WebIII) –
Are You Connected?
Marie Bratt (PLV) Dyson: History Antonia Bueti (PLV) SOE & Dyson: Adolescent
Ed and History
Parallel Teaching Design
Jose Guevara-Escudero (NYC) Dyson: History Michelle Gallo (NYC) Dyson: Political Science Major; Peace & Justice Studies and Spanish Minors The Socioeconomic History of Modern Honduras, 20th and 21st Centuries
Marley Bauce (NYC) Dyson:
Alireza Vaziri (NYC) Dyson: Arts Entertainment Management and Film Studies Majors; Music Minor Campus-Wide Environmentalism:  Understanding Pace's Sustainability Initiatives Through its Dining Halls
Joseph Morreale (NYC) Dyson: Economics and
Public Administration
Yihui (Julie) Chen (NYC) Dyson: Economics Major; Management Minor China's Transition to a More Consumer-Driven Economy: What Lessons can be Learned from the U.S. Experience?


2011-12 Grant Recipients and Research Topics
Professor Campus School/College Student School/College & Major Topic
David Caputo NYC Dyson (Political Science) Daniella Eras Dyson (Political Science) Presidential Signing Statements
Jean Coppola PLV Seidenberg Mark Kowtko Seidenberg (IT with minors in CRJ and Pre-Law) Interdisciplinary Green-technology Research
ZhaoHua Dai NYC Dyson (Chemistry) Wenyao Zhang Dyson (Chemistry) Mercury Contamination
Sr. St. John Delany PLV School of Education Andrew Newmark School of Education (Elementary Education) Literacy and the Gender Gap
Claudia Green NYC Lubin (Management) Gabriella Ferrara Lubin (Intl. Marketing) Sustainable Travels
Paul Griffin PLV Dyson (Psychology) Boyan Robak Dyson (Communications and Psychology) Sex Differences and Romantic Rejection
Charlene Hoegler PLV Dyson (Biology) Cherelle Palmer Dyson (Biology) Cardiovascular Study: Esterases and Heart Failure
Marcy Kelly NYC Dyson (Biology) Neil Patel Dyson (Biochemistry) TB, mycobacteria and vaccination development
Jillian McDonald NYC Dyson (Fine Arts) Julie Gill Seidenberg(CS) Horror Stories: Web-based Artwork
Joseph Morreale NYC Dyson (Economics and Public Administration) Julia Yeung Lubin (Business Economics) Impact of the Great Recession on Middle Class America
Anna Morlan NYC Dyson (English) Madelyn Farris Dyson (Theater) Postcolonial Issues in Tom Stoppard's Plays
Nancy Reagin NYC Dyson (History and Women's and Gender Studies) Brent McDonald Seidenberg (CS) Star Trek and History
Christelle Scharff NYC Seidenberg (CSIS) Meghan Kenny Dyson (Psychology) Mobile Technology for Greener Cities
Angelo Spillo PLV Dyson (Environmental Studies) Michelle Rodriguez Dyson (Political Science) Impressions and Perceptions of Sustainability
Nigel Yarlett NYC Dyson (Biochemistry) Alison Quirch Dyson (Biology and Anthropology/Sociology) Characterization of Enzyme Associated with Parasitic Infection of HIV Patients