Federal Resources for Veterans


The Federal Government offers the services listed below to make further education for veterans an easy and inexpensive option. Please utilize this information to ensure that you have the best experience with higher education possible
G.I. Bill A link to the complete G.I. Bill. Here you can find specific verbiage, rules and regulations.
Basic Allowance for Housing Did you know that your Basic Allowance for Housing may be used to pay for on-campus housing? Please see your campus Liaison to find out how!
Home Loan Opportunities for Veterans If you are a Veteran who is looking to purchase a home, please utilize this link for more information on guaranteed loans.
VA Administration The VA is available to help students with anything from transition assistance to medical care. If you have questions about a benefit, please contact the VA Administration.
Department of Defense The Department of Defense website houses pertinent information regarding up-to-date military news.
Overview of Veterans Healthcare If you have questions about your health care benefits, you can use this link to get some answers.
Disability Services and Resources Disability services and resources provided by your local VA Administration and Hospitals
Disability Compensation Information If you have a disability and are concerned about compensation, please get more information here.
Federal Mental Health Services Go here for questions about mental health services.