Environmental Consortium

Host Institution and Secretariat for the Environmental Consortium of Colleges and Universities

Regionally, Pace University is viewed as a leader in higher education environmental programming, as the founding and host institution of the Environmental Consortium of Colleges & Universities. Nationally, other higher education institutions look to the Environmental Consortium as a model for ecosystem-based collaboration.
The mission of the Consortium is to harness higher education’s intellectual and physical resources to advance regional, ecosystem-based environmental research, teaching, and learning with a special emphasis on the greater Hudson-Mohawk River Watershed. 

We seek to fulfill our mission by:
  • INFLUENCE behavioral and cultural change within our institutions to improve the health of the regional and global environment, and humanity’s long-term survival,
  • EDUCATE ourselves, our institutional communities, and the public about the ecosystem in which our institutions reside,
  • SUPPORT environmental, interdisciplinary collaborative research and teaching in the regional higher education community.

The Consortium's primary objectives are:

  • to provide students and faculty with quality resources and programs, emphasizing the region’s natural, cultural, and economic features,
  • to expand and diversify the base of faculty involved in ecosystem-based, interdisciplinary programs,
  • to increase the level of commitment, partnerships, support, and communication from and among member institutions,
  • to contribute to the field of interdisciplinary environmentally-based research and education in the region,
  • to share our collective expertise for practice-based social change,
  • to develop meaningful relationships with regional communities through exchange of knowledge and understanding about environmental issues,
  • to act on this knowledge and understanding to improve the health of the region and beyond.