Message from the Dean of The School of Education

Andrea Spencer

By Andrea (Penny) Spencer, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education:

In a world with many needs and opportunities, the importance of highly-qualified, dedicated, and inspiring teachers cannot be underestimated. The Pace University School of Education is committed to preparing educators who understand children in the context of their families and communities, who recognize the strengths and struggles of each individual, and who believe deeply that each and every child can be a successful learner. Research tells us that the ability to form trusting relationships is a first step to reaching and engaging children in the learning process. But today’s teachers must also be prepared  to implement creative instructional tools and technologies that  help children from diverse backgrounds and with varied learning profiles to reach high standards.

The Pace University School of Education emphasizes its core values throughout every course and field experience, grounded in the belief that today’s teachers must have the knowledge, skills and dispositions that enable them to:
·         Create caring classrooms and school communities that promote justice;
·         Enable students to become engaged and excited about learning; and
·         Continually reflect on their teaching in order to explore, apply and adapt to a changing society.
Because of its adherence to these beliefs, with its dedicated a skilled faculty, Pace University prepares outstanding classroom teachers and educational leaders for public and private schools and other educational settings. Our programs for classroom teachers include childhood (grades 1-6), middle (grades 5-9) and high school (grades 7-12). The Pace School of Education also prepares curriculum leaders in special education, literacy, and educational technology. Our programs also prepare educators for leadership roles in school administration and supervision in accordance with our mission to affect quality teaching and learning and public and private P-12 schools.
Extremely bright and highly motivated, our students often balance full-time work and family obligations with their studies.   Because they are serious and eager to be agents of change, Pace students demand excellence from the faculty.   Professors, in turn, meet these high expectations by integrating theory with practice that is relevant to students’ current and future needs, tailoring instruction to the aspiration and circumstances of each individual.  Our expert faculty enjoy a reputation for scholarship, practical field experience, research and teaching excellence.   Part-time faculty are drawn from teachers, principals, and other professional educators with advanced degrees and extensive practical experience in metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. At Pace, accessible professors, personal attention, flexible scheduling and convenient locations are part of an enriching, supportive environment for learning where students, faculty and administration are united in a dynamic teaching and learning process.