Our Programs

At Pace, we teach excellence, and practice what we teach.

Pace University’s School of Education provides innovative academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels that prepare classroom teachers, school specialists, and educational leaders. Our programs for classroom teachers prepare teacher candidates to work with children from grades 1 through 12.  We have programs that prepare individuals to be curriculum leaders in the areas of special education, literacy, and technology, and programs that prepare educators for leadership roles in school administration and supervision.
Make a Difference

At Pace, we believe that educators serve one of the most important roles in society.  We believe firmly that educators can, and must, make a difference; make a difference in communities, make a difference in schools, make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents.  To model these beliefs, we have created programs that prepare candidates to take key leadership roles where they can make a difference.  Also consistent with those beliefs, the School of Education sponsors a wide variety of educational outreach programs whose purpose is to make a difference in the schools and communities that surround Pace. Our mission is to effect quality teaching and learning in public and private school and non-school settings through the preparation of professional teachers.
Pace Sets an Exceptional Standard for Teacher Preparation

Our programs for classroom teachers have been designed to prepare teachers to meet and exceed New York State’s new high standards for teachers.  These programs feature: strong linkages with the arts and sciences; extensive involvement with a wide variety of community resources; long-term, substantive field-based experiences in schools with diverse populations; a focus on integrated and active learning; extensive use of technology for teaching and learning; and a systematic approach to providing school-related work linked with learning.
Program applicants and participants are involved in multiple assessments of knowledge at multiple points in the program.  These assessments are linked with assistance and support for candidates to maximize their ability to meet high standards.
We prepare reflective practitioners who promote justice, create caring classrooms and school communities, and enable all students to be successful learners.
In our programs, this translates into:
  • small classes - where you are treated as an individual
  • many experiences in schools, communities and classrooms throughout the program
  • school experiences that are closely linked with classroom content and assignments
  • faculty who have many years of elementary and secondary school teaching experience
  • student-centered classes and curriculum
  • an emphasis on community - building community with and for our students - and preparing our students in ways that help them build communities in their classrooms
  • numerous hands-on applications of teaching models and techniques
  • research-based courses that link theory with practice
  • faculty who model what they teach in the classroom - faculty who love what they do!
  • high standards of excellence for students and faculty
  • service as an integral part of courses and programs
  • strong partnerships with schools and communities
  • classes that make use of case-based learning - using real examples from real schools and real classrooms
  • curricula that emphasize and value diversity in individuals and schools
  • significant integration of technology as both a teaching and learning tool
  • programs designed to produce reflective practitioners who are critical thinkers and problem solvers