Francine Falk-Ross

Fran Falk-Ross, PhD
Phone: (914) 773-3652


  • PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • MA, State University of New York-Buffalo
  • BS, State University of New York-Albany

Courses Taught:

  • TCH 310: Emergent and Early Literacy
  • TCH 301: Understanding Learning and Teaching in Today's Classroom
  • ED 632: Language, Meaning, and Development of Global Perspectives
  • ED 690: Teacher as Researcher
  • ED 755B: Literacy Instruction and Tech. Applications for the Middle Grades
  • ED 754: Literature and Digital Storytelling

Research/Professional Interests:
I bring to my research investigations and writing several areas of background knowledge which assist in the construction of knowledge relating to literacy education, including language acquisition and use, literacy and learning difficulties and differences, and reading and writing assessment and instruction. My research publications and presentations reflect the woven nature of these threads of interest and knowledge.

Selected Publications & Presentations

  • 94th Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), April 27-May 1, 2013, San Francisco, Calif. Theme:“Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy, and Praxis.”
    • Using Mobile Technology for Instruction. Technology, Instruction, Cognition & Learning Roundtable Session. "Netbook Computers in a Bilingual Classroom of Low Socioeconomic Status: Student Achievement and Teacher Practice." with graduate student Holly Bukofser.
  • Falk-Ross, F.C., & Coffey, G. (2011), "And the Winner is..."): Students' Choices in a Middle Level Literature and Film-Based Awards Program. Middle Ground, 34-35.
  • Falk-Ross, F.C., & Beilfuss, S. & Orem, S. (2010). Parental Influences on Children's Literacy Development: Factoring in diversity. Journal of Reading Education, 35(2), 22-29.
  • Falk-Ross, F.C., & Hall, L. (2010), Middle Grades Research Journal-Literacy Special Themed Issue, 5(3).
  • Szabo, S., Sampson, M.B., Foote, M., & Falk-Ross, F.C. (2010). Challenges in Changing Times, The Thirtieth Yearbook of the College Reading Association. Texas A&M University: College Reading Association.
  • Falk-Ross, F.C., (2010). Joan B. Elliott: Albert J. Mazurkiewicz CRA Special Services Ward Recipient. In W.L. Linek, D. Massey, E.G. Sturtevant, L. Cochran, B. McClanahan, & M.B. Sampson (Eds.). College Reading Association Legacy: A Celebration of 50 Years of Literacy Leadership, pp. 285-292. Commerce, TX: Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers.
  • Falk-Ross, F. C., & Hurst, S. (2009, in press).   How Can We Use Adolescents’ Language and Classroom Discourse To Enhance Critical Thinking Practices? In J. Lewis (Ed.), Essential questions in adolescent literacy: Teachers and researchers describe what works in classroom. NY: Guildford Publications.
  • Falk-Ross, F. C. (2009, Spring). Instructional Approaches in middle-level Reading Programs: A State-Wide Profile of Focus and Support, Midwestern Educational Researcher, 22(2), 1-5.
    • Falk-Ross, F. C., Griffin, K., Iverson, M., Watman, E., Wallace, A., & Williams, E. (2009, January). Natural complements: Collaborative approaches for educators to support students with learning disabilities and literacy difficulties, Reading and Writing Quarterly, 25 (1), 104-117.