Undergrad Academic Policy

Once admitted to the School of Education, the applicant is considered a candidate for teacher certification and is, therefore, subsequently referred to as a candidate. To remain in good standing and progress through a School of Education program, a candidate must maintain a QPA of at least 3.0, must earn a grade of B or higher in each education course, and must meet the disposition and performance expectations of the School. 


Becoming a teacher is a complex process.  Once admitted, teacher education candidates must continue to demonstrate success in each of the essential aspects of the teacher preparation program:

  • understanding the theories presented in coursework,
  • practicing teaching skills during fieldwork in the Centers for Professional Development (CPD),
  • demonstrating the knowledge base of the program in course work and examinations,
  • and evidencing the dispositions required for teaching.

While successful teachers merge theoretical understandings and skills of practice in their classrooms daily, candidates preparing to be teachers must sometimes demonstrate their knowledge and skills separately. It is possible to be successful in coursework and not in fieldwork, or the reverse, or to be successful in both but not demonstrate the dispositions required to teach. Since teachers must be strong in knowledge, skills and dispositions, candidates who are permitted to continue in the program must demonstrate their abilities in educational theory and practice as well as their content knowledge in the liberal arts and their certification area(s). In student teaching, the components of content knowledge, educational theory, practice and appropriate dispositions are combined. Successful completion of student teaching and passing scores on the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) are required before a candidate is eligible for certification.

  1. Success in coursework is defined as:
    • An overall QPA of 3.0
    • A grade of B or better in each education course
    • A QPA of 3.0 in the academic major/concentration. 
  2. Success in fieldwork is defined as:
     A grade of P (passing) from the CPD clinical faculty member. A grade of P in the CPD means that candidates have met all of the applicable CPD performance indicators at a level of competent (2) or exceeds expectations (3) for that semester.  
  3. Success in student teaching is defined as:
    • Meeting the performance indicators for student teaching throughout the semester as defined on the assessment matrix.
    • A grade of P in student teaching.
    • A positive recommendation from both the Pace Supervisor and the Mentor Teacher.
    • A passing portfolio as defined in the portfolio guidelines. 
  4. Success with the NYSTCE is defined by the scores established by New York State
    (passing = a score of 220) on the following tests:
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST)
    • Elementary or Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills - Written (ATSW)
    • Content Specialty Test (CST) in the certificate field(s)