Undergrad Admissions Requirements

Upon acceptance to Pace University, students who declare an education major become designated as Pre-teach students. In their first semester, most students take a special section of UNV 101: Introduction to the Pace Community, taught by faculty from the School of Education. In the Pre-teach phase of the programs, students must pass three Professional Seminars and one or two courses. 

To advance into the Teach phase of the program and take any additional courses from the School of Education, students must apply and be formally admitted to the School. Once accepted, students become designated as Teaching Candidates.

When to File the Application

Education majors file a formal application  to the School of Education in the second semester of their sophomore year, usually during February, upon completion of at least 45 credits, including TCH 111, TCH 201 and TCH 211A.  Students who have completed less than 45 credits should contact the Office of Student Support Services (PLV) or (NY) before filing the application.  Several sessions in TCH 211A and TCH 211B are dedicated to explaining the admissions process.

Internal and external transfer students who transfer into the School of Education as juniors must file a formal application for transfer students at the end of their first semester, typically no later than December 1st.  Students who transfer into the School of Education as sophomores will file the application during the regularly scheduled application period in the spring semester.

Any student who fails to file a completed application by the stated deadline will not be allowed to continue in the School of Education.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete the application by the stated deadline. 

What’s Included in the Application

A completed application includes the following items:

  • The FORMAL APPLICATION  with all indicated areas completed and the application signed;
  • A typed, double-spaced 200 word “STATEMENT OF INTENT” that is both spell-checked and edited, explaining why the student wants to become a teacher;
  • 3 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from Dyson or CSIS professors will be collected by the student.  Transfer students may submit recommendations from their transfer institution;
  • PACE TRANSCRIPTS printed from the student’s Pace portal.  Students with any number of Transfer credits must include transcripts from all transfer institutions.  Student copies are acceptable, Pace Transfer Credit Evaluations (TCE) are not;
  • Documentation OF REGISTRATION FOR THE LAST (or Praxis) exam. Students who scored less than 520 on the SAT Verbal I and/or SAT Math must take the LAST [or Praxis] at this time.  Those with scores of 520 or above are encouraged to take the LAST at this time;
  • The ON-DEMAND WRITING SAMPLE is completed in Fall sections of TCH 201. Students who did not take a Fall section of TCH 201 will write a 250-word essay when they submit the completed application at Buchsbaum House.   The essay topic will be drawn from issues addressed in TCH 201and will demonstrate effective writing skills on demand.  Applicants with weak writing skills will be referred to the Pace Writing Center.

Where to Submit the Application

Completed applications may be submitted to the Office of Student Support Services in Buchsbaum House in Pleasantville anytime during the application period but no later than the posted application deadline.  Junior transfer students will submit their completed application at the end of the first semester, on or around December 1st.  All supporting documents must be submitted with the application and the student must be prepared to sit for the on-demand writing sample, as necessary. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Office of Student Support Services at Buchsbaum House on the Pleasantville campus in advance of the application deadline.

Admissions Criteria Summary

Within two weeks after the close of the application period, candidates will be notified of the following:

  • They have been admitted fully and met all of the initial guidelines for admission.
    • GPA of 3.0 or greater
    • Grades of B or better in TCH 201
    • Grades of B- or better in ENG, COM, MAT, and CIS/TS foundational core courses
    • Grades of P in TCH 111 and TCH 211A
    • Positive recommendation from TCH 201 professor and 3 Dyson or CSIS professors
    • Completed Application
  • They have been admitted conditionally* for any of the following reasons:
    • Grade of B or better in TCH 201 and completed application
    • GPA of 2.85 to 2.99
    • No more than two grades in specific Dyson or CSIS courses are less than a C
    • Positive recommendations from TCH 201 and Dyson professors
    • Grades of P in TCH 111 and TCH 211A
  • They have been denied admission for any of the following reasons:
    • GPA below 2.85
    • Grade less than B in TCH 201
    • More than two grades less than C in specific Dyson or CSIS courses
    • Negative recommendation from TCH 201 professor
    • Incomplete application or application not submitted
  1. Candidates who are found to need remedial work as a result of the writing test, Praxis or LAST will be required to meet with an advisor to develop an action plan for remediation.
  2. All admitted candidates will be assigned a faculty advisor and will meet with him or her to plan their future schedules.
  3. Candidates who have not been admitted will drop TCH 211B, and any other TCH courses, and meet with an advisor in the Center for Academic Excellence to plan a new program.

*All conditional admissions require that a Competency Contract be filed addressing the competencies upon which the conditional admission is based.  The Competency Contract will stipulate the plan of action that the student will take to meet the unmet standards(s) and the timeframe in which the actions will be taken. Conditional admission status is valid for one semester only and contitions must be met within that semester.