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Library Resources

The Pace University Library consists of geographically dispersed campus-based operations in lower Manhattan and Westchester County. The Library has maintained a full set of holdings in computing, including books and periodicals on the topic of Information Assurance. There are over 150 journals and over 800 titles covering the topic of computing available at the library.

Reference Databases

The Pace University Library has acquired the following specialized and general-purpose reference databases to support undergraduate and graduate research in the disciplines of computing. These databases are accessible by clicking on the Databases Button on the Library’s Home Page, which presents the user with an alphabetical listing of databases, or the option to look at databases arranged by subject category. All of the databases listed below offer the additional advantage of remote accessibility with a valid Pace University barcode.

ACM Digital Library - Association of Computing Machinery, 1991- Present

The Pace University Library has subscribed to print versions of the twelve major periodicals published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for many years, which includes such major journals as the Journal of the ACM, Communications of the ACM, Computing Reviews and ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, to name only a few. The Library has also subscribed selectively to some of the highly technical and specialized publications of the SIGs, or special interest groups, which operate within the ACM structure. In 1998, through its institutional membership in the ACM, the Pace Library initiated a subscription to the ACM Digital Library, to provide electronic access to the "Digital Library Core." This database provides bibliographic information, abstracts, reviews, and the full-text for articles published in ACM periodicals and proceedings since 1985, although the full-text is not yet available for every proceeding article published before 1991.

The ACM Digital Library serves as an extremely effective complement to the Library's print subscriptions, because it may be accessed on-campus, as well as remotely. Through its participation in a recent consortial agreement for the ACM Digital Library, initiated by the Wallace Library at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the Pace Library is now able to provide electronic access to all of the publications issued by the ACM SIGs as well. This includes technical papers in such diverse areas of specialization as Artificial Intelligence, Computers and Society, Computer Graphics, Information and System Security, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Small and Personal Computing Systems and Applications, and many related topics that are taught in our undergraduate computer science program or that address the research needs of our faculty in the discipline.

Academic Search Premiere - Ebsco, 1965 - Present

Provides full text for more than 3,430 scholarly publications covering academic areas of study including social sciences, humanities, education, computer sciences, engineering, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, and ethnic studies.

Books 24x7 - Books 24x7, Current

This is a collection of E-books. This collection can be used to answer specific questions instantly to time-sensitive problems and issues, to brush up on a topic or learn more about a new technology, and to view the entire contents of a printed book prior to purchasing it to ensure it contains the right information. Instant access is provided to the full text (including code, examples, and graphics) from the comprehensive library of over 1000 technology reference books and journals. This collection offers numerous titles in the following IA related areas: computer forensics, disaster recovery, information security, intrusion detection and prevention, network security, programming secure applications, security protocols and algorithms and web security.

Computing Reviews - - Fulltext Reviews

Computing Reviews(CR), is a joint effort between, a publisher of reviews of academic and technical literature, and the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), the leading society of academic computer scientists. CR is like the book review section of The New York Times, targeted to computer science literature. And CR has the advantage of reviews linking directly to the full text of the items being reviewed (journal articles, books, conference proceedings, etc.).

Gartner intraWEB - The Gartner Group, 1997 - Present

Through an agreement with the Seidenberg School of Computer Science & Information Systems, the Pace University Library is pleased to be able to offer the GARTNER intraWEB database as a selection from the Library's List of Database offerings. As the leading adviser on the information technology (IT) industries, the publications of the Gartner Group offer a unique resource to Pace University students, who would not normally be able to access this type of customized, client-focused service in the academic library setting, due to cost considerations. The research and analysis services offered by the Gartner Group address trends and developments in the industry, competitive analysis, marketing strategies, product plans and a number of related quantitative market research and benchmarking services that are available to client companies and subscribers to the service. For currently enrolled students who are now employed in the IT sector, or for Seidenberg students planning to pursue employment opportunities in this sector, familiarity with the publications and services of this world-renown organization can provide an essential advantage.

IEEE Computer Society Digital Library - IEEE Computer Society, 1995 - Present

The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library provides online access to the full-text of 18 applications and research-oriented Computer Society Magazines and transactions, as well as a growing body of conference proceedings, from 1995 to the present. The IEEE Computer Society, with nearly 100,000 members, is the largest of the 35 societies organized under the umbrella of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). It is the world's leading organization of computer professionals, dedicated to advancing the theory, practice and application of computer and information processing technology. The IEEE Computer Society also accredits collegiate programs of computer science and engineering in the U.S., and works to foster international communication, cooperation, and information exchange.

Newsletters ASAP - the Gale Group, 1995 - Present

The Newsletters ASAP database, with its focus upon the commercial application of technology to a wide range of industry sectors, provides an essential complement to the Library's more scholarly and theoretical databases. IT topics figure prominently in the coverage of this database, which offers a wealth of timely and concise facts and figures relating to leading-edge computer science technologies, new product announcements, and IT-company related news. This is also an excellent place to look for relatively extensive summaries and highlights of full-scale market research reports on the IT industry. These report summaries are published by some of the leading market research firms engaged in study of the IT sector, most notably International Data Corporation (IDC) and Frost & Sullivan. IDC, with its focus on forecasting worldwide IT markets and adoption and technology trends, is known for its rigorous analysis of IT products and vendors, using a combination of primary research and in-depth competitive analysis.

Representative source publications in the Newsletters ASAP database that address the IT sector, include Edge: Work Group Computing, LAN Product News, Computergram International, M2 Presswire, Software Futures, Computer Business Review, GUI Program News and Data Channels. Information provided covers general industry trends and industry forecasts, including forecasts for selected international IT markets, as well as company-specific announcements relating to research & development, marketing, new products, strategic planning and general management. Other key IT topics covered include database design, software engineering, client/server computing, and computer programming.

Research Library - UMI, 1985 - Present

Research Library provides access to full-text journals across a wide range of subject areas, including business, education, literature, political science, and psychology. The database can be customized to meet the specific needs of many different types of libraries and information centers. More than 1,900 titles are fulltext in this database.

ABI Inform - Bell & Howell Information & Learning - 1971 - Present

ABI/INFORMenjoys a distinguished reputation as one of the premier indexing and abstracting databases in the fields of business and management, and is considered invaluable for its in-depth coverage of business trends and all aspects of business administration and management. Several versions of the product are currently being marketed, with access to ABI/INFORM at the Pace University Library being provided through Bell & Howell’s ProQuest Direct product. ProQuest Direct is a comprehensive online research product that combines the ABI INFORM Global database with two general reference databases: the Periodicals Research II Database and the ProQuest Newspapers Database. Users are offered the option to search any one of the databases separately, or to perform a more comprehensive search in all three databases concurrently. Searches may also be restricted to Peer-Reviewed journals only, a feature that will retrieve articles offering a more theoretical and scholarly treatment of the subject matter. Full-text and/or page image articles are provided for more than 500 of the cited journals, from 1991 forward.

One of the unique and innovative features of the ProQuest Direct product is the ability to scan the Table of Contents of each new journal issue online, and to review back issues of the publication, depending upon availability in the database. This is an excellent SDI feature for faculty or students in the School of Computer Science & Information Systems, who wish to keep current in subject areas that are experiencing rapid technological change and growth.

Expanded Academic Index - the Gale Group, 1980 - Present

Produced by the Gale Group, a leading name in both print and online information retrieval for many years, the Expanded Academic ASAP database is an essential resource, which combines indexing, abstracts, full text and images, in an effort to offer balanced coverage of every academic concentration. Specialized, discipline-specific journals in the social sciences, humanities and science and technology are balanced with general interest magazines and national news periodicals, like Newsweek and the Atlantic, as well as indexing (only) of the New York Times. In the IT sector, searching of subject terms like computer graphics, software engineering, operating systems and computer programming, as examples, will retrieve a significant number of relevant hits, as well as an option to search related terms, or to narrow the search by a sub-division of the larger term. Mainstream IT journals such as Byte, PC World, MacWorld, Technology Review, and PC/Computing figure prominently in this database. However, coverage of these popular journals is balanced effectively by the inclusion of more technical and specialized publications, including the full-text of selected ACM journals, as well as indexing and abstracts of the publications of the IEEE. While the IEEE publications are not made available in the full-text in the Expanded Academic Index, issues may be consulted and photocopied by visiting one of the Pace Library’s three locations in Pleasantville, New York or White Plains, where both hard copy and microfilm subscriptions are maintained for the use of our students and faculty.

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