Seidenberg Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Unlock your potential and explore the myriad career options available to individuals with an undergrad degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, or Professional Computer Studies. With both bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees available, students work toward building a strong foundation of knowledge that will be of value to future employers.

Master’s Programs

Completing a master’s degree means you can hone in on your interests while gaining an impressive qualification. With a wealth of master’s degree options available and a variety of classes taught by esteemed professors, you’ll be able to learn exactly what you need in order to secure a future in the field of your choice.

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Doctoral Programs

For those looking for further intellectual challenge and to pursue research, Seidenberg’s doctoral programs offer stimulating subject matter and a rewarding advance in your education. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science or the Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in Computing for Computing and IT Professionals will provide a fantastic qualification that will help you go far.

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Online Exclusive Programs

The Seidenberg School offers online degrees at all levels. For students who are motivated to learn in an online environment and are unable or do not want to attend classes in a traditional setting, we offer doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees online. We also offer non-traditional programs through NACTEL and iPace for adult learners.