September 14, 2001

Minutes of the Pleasantville Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council
Meeting on September 14, 2001 Gottesman Room, Kessel Campus Center


  •       Marie Petrocelli: SARS/Graduation Office
  •       Phyllis DiMattia: SARS/Graduation office
  •       David Pearlman: Planning/Assessment & Research
  •       Angelo Spillo: Environmental Center
  •       Joyce Papa: Human Resources
  •       Barbara Pennipede:OPAR
  •       Eleanor Fein: OPAR
  •       Matianne Hricay: OPAR
  •       Ken Schneck: Student Development
  •       Reola Clark: Lubin School


Marie Petrocelli, co-chair, welcomed attendees and explained that President Caputo had encouraged her to continue with the meeting even though he would not be able to attend. Many people were not able to attend today because they are involved with the emergency.  The meeting was moved to the Gottesman Room as the student phone banks are currently set up in the Butcher suite.

Introductions were made.

Marie began by explaining the various committees that are part of the council.  One suggestion is that the chairpersons for these committees have staggered overlapping terms so that no one will have to begin the job without guidance or experience. 

The Service committee is one of our in-house committees.  Karen Buckwald and Danielle Salvo from HR have volunteered to co-chair this committee.  The Picnic committee will be co-chaired by Nikki Atkinson and we are currently looking for another person to CO-chair this committee.

The Communications Committee was set up about 5 years ago when we were easing into e-mail but this committee has become inactive.  It was decided that the council secretary, Karen DeSantis, will act as the chair of the Communications Committee.

The suggestion that the Benefits Committee term be a 2 year appointment was discussed based on the infrequency of the meetings.  This will be brought up for a vote at the October meeting.  It was also suggested that there should be 2 representatives for this committee.  Maxine Sugarman will be beginning her second year as our representative and Barbara McCarthy was selected as our second representative during the spring of last year and has expressed an interest in continuing on this committee.

Pace University Advisory Committee (PUAC) has replaced the Senate.  This will be a one year term and Ken Schneck mentioned that he would be interested in this position.

Faculty Council also has a one year term volunteer.  Reola Clark has expressed an interest in continuing as our representative.  If there is no other interest, Reola will be appointed to the position at the October meeting.

Marie encouraged everyone to subscribe to the PLSTAFF-L listserv to facilitate communications among the Council members.  Please contact any of the executive committee if you would like to be added to the listserv.

Joyce Papa shared numbers for an employee hotline (877-974-2665) that has been set up for NY staff and faculty who have questions and concerns about the status of the NY campus. There will be counseling available at the Midtown campus for Pace staff.

Dorm students can now make outgoing calls.  The student hotline is 877-974-2665.  Volunteers are needed to man the phones in 4 hour blocks in the Admissions Office.

Pace will sponsor LEE Denim Day with the Susan Homan Breast Cancer Organization.  Staff can contribute $5 to the organization and wear jeans to work on October 5.  Further information will follow.

The October meeting speaker is scheduled to be Vice President Yvonne Ramirez-Lesce, who will discuss Compensation.  At the November meeting Michelle Russo will address  Benefits and Open Enrollment options.


  Thank you to Phyllis DiMattis for taking the minutes at this meeting.

The extra bottled water and soda was donated to the Student Government to be sent down to relief workers in New York City.

Please note: As we will be considering changes to the term limits and committee status, please review our current constitution before the next meeting.  You can find the document online here.

Please consider volunteering on one of our committees.  We would like to increase participation in the Administrative Staff Council this year.  Volunteers are needed for the Service Committee, the Picnic Committee, the Nominations Committee, and the Communications Committee.