2003 PLV-BR Administrative Staff Council Picnic

2003 Administrative Staff Council Picnic
Kessell Campus Center, PLV

We had a little rain, but the grills were hot and the chefs were busy.

Terry, Ian, Bob, & Pete warming up the burgers.    President Caputo lends a hand at the grills

Dessert Contest

Deanna and Connie cut the desserts for the contest


     Raffle Items

     Ivy Aviles-Rivera looks over the raffle items


     Fun with friends

     Joe Kelly and Picnic Co-Chair Maureen Doddy






Lots of food!

Tasty Chips and Salsa



  Thank you to our new Chief Raffle Officer!

Frank Monaco starts the raffle with a description and details of the American Flag



  A special Thank You to the Raffle
Co-Chairs:Maureen and Sue!


Maureen and Sue threw a great picnic!









Table of Lienhard faces.    Table of Library Staff

Germaine and son








Hanging out with friends


Marietta Savino looks over the ice cream cart.


  We hope everyone had a great time at the picnic! 

Volunteers for next year's picnic are always welcome! 





Thank you to Phyllis Bradbury for the additional pictures.

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