March 19, 2003

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative-Staff Council Meeting
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am. by Marie Petrocelli and Karen Geldart, co-chairs. Introductions were made.

Health Fair- April 9, 2003. Books relating to health and the environment will be on sale at the Pace Bookstore. Raffles will be held.

Mortola Library – The library is celebrating its’ 20th aniversary. Planned activities, March 19-25, Joy of Reading, April 8th –Sunrise to Sunset Read Aloud.

Nominations Committee – Volunteers are needed in preparation for the May 14th Admin/Staff Council elections. Open positions are – Co-Chair – 2 year term, Secretary and Treasurer – 1 year term, Benefits Committee – 2 year term, Service Committee – 2 year term,PUAC – 1 year term.

Earth Month – April is Earth Month. Look for notices of activities.

United Way - $16,000 was raised. Many thanks to all whom participated.

Diversity Coordinator – Shanelle Henry will be joining the Pace Staff.

March of Dimes Walk – Sunday, April 27th Saxon Woods Pool to White Plains. 8 mile distance. A minimum pledge of $25.00 is required to participate.

Correction – Christine Stephens’s name was spelled incorrectly in the Feb. 12, 2003 minutes. Corrected minutes were approved.

Committee Reports:

Benefits – Several options are being looked at by the University to reduce the cost of Retirement Benefits and overall Benefits. Some suggestions are to increase co-payments, change prescription plans, limited contributions to health coverage, change life insurance benefits. Phyllis Bradbury and Jack Coxen will attend the Faculty Ad Hoc Committee on Retirement Benefits on March 21st. President Caputo is scheduled to address the committee.
TIAA-CREF plans to add a new fund allocation to its’ offerings. The University will have a new Long Term Disability carrier. Assessment of United Behavioral Health is being planned.

PUAC – No meeting.

Faculty Council – Victor Goldsmith is the new Associate Provost for sponsored research.. Current system for weather closings not working well. To be re-evaluated. Westchester Commencements – Graduate Sunday, May 18th, Undergraduate Monday May 19th. To be held outdoors on PLV campus. Sen. Hillary Clinton invited to receive an honorary degree. Dr. Killian announced proposal to move equestrian program off campus. Provost Jaffe-Ruiz spoke of tardy grade submission by faculty. And asked that guidelines be adhered to, 24 hours for graduating seniors, 72 hours all others. Joanna Broda announced that the applications for Fall 2003 are ahead by 6% and acceptances are ahead by 8% over last year. Plans are being made to expand the student overnight program. President Caputo spoke on the decrease in Pace’s endowment.

Service – Daffodil Day March 27. Volunteers are needed to assemble orders. Please meet in Dining Room A, Campus Center 8:45. Bring scissors and boxes. All other supplies are provided.

Picnic – Friday June 13, 2003. Volunteers are needed.


Yvonne Ramirez, VP Human Resources. Topic: Opinion Survey.

The Staff/Faculty Satisfaction Survey was the result of an initiative requested by President Caputo. The responses to the survey were not tabulated by Human Resources ensuring that confidentiality. The Staff survey was distributed in August 2002, the Faculty Survey in November 2002.. 991 surveys were mailed out, 433 employees responded, 44% of the staff and 38 % of the faculty.
The ratings were analyzed so that if 75% or greater of the respondents were satisfied it was considered a “positive” response. If 50- 75% of the respondents were satisfied it was considered a “good “ response. If 50% or less of the respondents were satisfied it was considered an area of concern.

The results will be posted on the Human Resources web page in the coming weeks. Areas where staff responded positively were satisfaction with work, good working relationships, fair treatment, fairness and competency of supervisors, performance appraisals, Pace’s mission, understanding of Pace’s goals.

Areas where staff expressed dissatisfaction were job classification, salaries, access to the President, Vice-Presidents and Deans, freedom to speak one’s mind, personal safety, budget decisions, policy consistency, cooperation between departments.

Overall more then 50% of the respondents rated Pace as a good employer.

The results of questions pertaining to Human Resources Programs and Services were not available.

The University plans to continue to conduct these surveys.


Raffle winner for the March meeting was Joe Kelly.