November 2008 minutes

Administrative Staff Council meeting
November 5, 2008
Butcher Suite, Kessel Student Center


There was a suggestion that everyone can bring in a homemade food product for the meeting since it is the last meeting before the holiday break. (The council is no longer providing breakfast items – just coffee).

Flu shots will be given Thursday Nov. 13

Open Enrollment is May/June of next year.


Treasurer’s report: no changes since we decided to not provide breakfast goodies any longer


Committee Reports:

                Benefits: Fran O’Gara reported the first meeting will be on Friday Nov. 7.

                Faculty Council/Middle States: Karen DeSantis reported the first faculty council will meet on Friday Nov. 7.    Middlestates is having the head come for a brief visit on November 17/18 as a preliminary visit.  There is a town hall meeting coming up.  The middlestates report is down to 115 pages.  The draft is available at /middlestates.   All are encouraged to view it and give opinions/suggestions.

                Picnic Committee: Looking for volunteers already to chair.

                Service Committee:  We will be participating in the CLOUT toy drive this year.  The closing ceremony is December 17th.


New business:

There were comments about the list-serv.  Talk of making it an automatic add for all staff/new hires as opposed to the opt-in method currently in place. Then we could send a welcome to new hires.


Guest Speakers:


Karen Robilotta, Vice President for Human Relations spoke on the staff performance appraisal process.  Right now the consensus is that the process is too long, not 2-way, and not tied to the strategic agenda.  There are new competencies that are going to be used.  There are focus groups for those interested (11/6 in PLV and 11/13 in PNY).  You can email for feedback about the process.  This should be in place before the new cycle starts and it should be all online.  There may be a possibility of quarterly reviews to ‘take the temperature’ through the year for the appraisal and adding “if applicable” as a possibility of one of the choices.


Robina Schepp, Vice President for Enrollment Management spoke on enrollment.  This is the best year in fall enrollment in a decade.  Significant gain in White Plains (up 10% for graduate enrollment).  There was a big surge in international enrollment though mostly in the city (this is great because they only get merit aid not financial aid).   Overall we are about 300 students less than last year (less from Teach for America and Nactel – both are highly discounted programs).  There was a great response in transfer students and student retention.  We are looking to be between Fordham and St. Johns in terms of price.  There was talk of the recent economic changes and how Pace will ‘ride the wave’.  Open house is Sunday 11/9 and is linked with University Fest. There was also talk of an articulation agreement.