April 7, 2010 minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council

Tudor Room, Preston Hall, Pace Law School, WP

April 7, 2010


Co-Chair Peggy Caraccio welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m.  Introductions were made.


Announcements.  A policy for items to be sent out to the listserv policy was handed out and will be distributed via the listserv.  This policy will reduce the number of items sent out to the listserv.

We will be holding a special meeting next Tuesday;  Bill McGrath, Tobias Bishrat will begin the meeting with a talk about the Strategic Plan. President Friedman will follow up with a brief discussion about the Strategic plan and the status of the University.



Karen Robilotta: Benefits and Open enrollment information. (Powerpoint)


The Cigna package gave us the best value.  Dental will be from Cigna too.  The package and pricing details are still being ironed out but will be sent out as soon as they are finalized.

Open Enrollment dates are April 26 to May 7.

You should know what plan you are in and how much total you pay out of pocket to help you make a decision about which plan is best for you.


Wellness and Open Enrollment Fair dates:

April 27th Law school

April 29th Pleasantville

April 30th New York

The new Wellness website can be found at /faculty-staff/wellness-programs-services/



·         If you take the extended plan for your “child” could your child be on a different plan than you?  For example could the chid be on the 50 plan and the employee be on the 90/70 plan?  KR will research this and get back to the group.

·         2011 option under health care reform underage option will be the same for up to 26 years old.  Options will not change.  They are still Employee, Employee + one, or Employee + family.

·         Retirement plans: does it still include TIAA?  An upcoming Survey about preferences will ask about your choices for retirement options.  The results will be reviewed and marketed to see if there are better options out there that fit what the Pace Community wants for their retirement plans.

·         Reducing the number of funds to a manageable amount – what is a manageable amount?  We currently have over 200 plans.  Best practice is to offer an array in funds – high risk, low risk, mutual, international, small cap – suggests having about 20 plans.  Would freeze participation in funds that are no longer going to be provided through Pace.  Not sure if that would include converting those funds.  Might have an option that you can invest your own monies in other options rather than using the fewer options provided.

·         When you change medical plans how does that impact the current retirees?  They come along with us to the new plans.  Their increases are the same as current employees.

·         Increase in medical coverage costs, will there be an increase in our salaries?  Salary increase is budgeted in the 2011 budget.  Current plans for the upcoming year are not definite.

·         Survey will cover TIAA, Fidelity, Rowe and what else you might be interested in for change options.

·         Requirements of first aid kits in NY.  If Pace did that would it help with our costs

·         Incentive pools from Cigna.  There is a pool of money that can be used for Wellness initiatives.

·         No plan design changes are expected for this year.  Benefit levels are planned to be the same.  You can have different dental and medical plans at different levels.


The meeting minutes from March were approved.

Treasurer’s report.  (Fran O'Gara) As of this meeting we have spent $382.  The total will be $502 at the end of all our meetings.  This leaves just under $5000 for PLV/BR picnic.  The White Plains picnic comes from another budget.

Picnic committee:  Currently Anna Fishman is the one person who has volunteered to be on the committee.  Please volunteer.  Betsy Garti suggested considering special events as planning committee help.

No Faculty Council Report.

Service Committee.  Daffodils went well.  Help was great and everyone got daffodils that were ordered.


New business:

  • The Staff Affairs Committee will be meeting in May.  If you would like to have anything brought up with this committee, please contact Pat or Peggy.  Members of the committee include President, three Representatives from the Board of Trustees, and Sr. VP Bill McGrath and VP Karen Robilotta.  The Council co-chairs are invited guests.  One faculty member attends as well as the Faculty Staff Affairs representative.  At this time there is no faculty member in that position.
  • Please look at the Wellness website /faculty-staff/wellness-programs-services/ when it launches.  If you would like to add something to the site, please send it to Fran.  It doesn’t have to be a Pace Event.  The site will be updated and archived on a regular basis. 
  • Oxford’s Discounts for Gyms were great.  They are not an option in the upcoming plan with Cigna this year.
  • Nominations for officers are open.  All positions are open: Co-Chairs, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Elections will be held in May via a Qualtrics vote.  If you would like to nominate some or yourself, please submit your name to Peggy or Pat.

Theresa Prestorpino thanked everyone coming to the Law School and holding a meeting there.  It means a lot to the Law School Staff.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:17 a.m.