February 2010 minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council
February 3, 2010
Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center, PLV

Called to Order at 9:07 by Peggy Caraccio


The March 3 meeting is cancelled.  Instead we will have a meeting on Friday, March 5 in the Gottesman Room from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. and our guest speaker will be President Friedman.  Ravi Ravishenker, our new CIO, will be coming to another meeting to introduce himself, possibly the May meeting.

The Law school would like to host at least one meeting per year.  A question will be sent to the Listserv for your opinion on relocating one meeting.

Meeting minutes proposed for approval by Christine Stephens and seconded by Fran O’Gara.  Minutes approved.


Sharon Lewis, Lienhard Director of Communications

Laura Ellis, Asst. VP for Philanthropy

Karen Commeret, Pace Law School

Sheri Gibson, Director for Alumni Relations


Committee Reports:

Benefits:  Fran O’Gara – Medical plan with Cigna is going to be bargained to best price with current carrier since there were so many comments about having to change carriers two years in a row.  Other plans that we have had for a long time will be marketed such as Delta Dental.

Wellness Survey is coming out next week about programs you are interested in seeing implemented at Pace.  Beginning of March will have an increased website presence.  Joe O’Donnell will be working on a health fair focusing on wellness, nutrition, exercise, etc.    Seeing what is available for us from Cigna free in our current plan.  A health risk assessment from Cigna will be available for people who are interested.

Faculty Council: no report

Kitchen Cabinet:   Karen DeSantis – They are creating a contact list, similar to the room lists, that will be distributed to student so they know who to contact if there is a problem with their dorms such as heat or washing machines.

The Master Plan is in the discussion phase.  A request for proposal about Dorm construction has been sent out to interested parties.  There will be upcoming open meetings to discuss the plan and request feedback for ideas for the new walking campus proposal.

There are six new electronic classrooms in PLV which include teacher stations and projectors.  The faculty has also requested additional whiteboards.

Lackmann will be renovating the cafeteria in Kessel over the summer.  The funds will come from Lackmann and State matching funds.  The changes will include a better flow for the food service area and new furniture and will begin as soon as the spring semester ends in May.

There is a plan to update the Gottesman room as well to make it more flexible.  It has been suggested as a capital fund proposal.

All dorms will be wireless by the end of February.  The helpdesk will be extending their hours to 7 pm on weekdays.  ITS has someone trained to repair Macs and is piloting a new teaching tool called Echo360 which will allow for a video capture that syncs with a PowerPoint lecture and can be uploaded to Blackboard.

Garbage is in the black bags and recyclables are collected in clear bags.  All bags are carted away in one truck and are separated later. 

New Pace Alert system has been implemented.  Look for information on the Portal on how to sign up.

The faculty is concerned about the reappointment of two deans.  There will be a mid contract review for each dean which will include feedback from the faculty.  There is a search committee for the new Lubin Dean underway.  Faculty is also concerned about the new certification for teaching online classes.  The language for the certification is about delivery quality and the Department Chairperson will have the final say in determining faculty qualifications.

There is no 10% discount for staff on textbooks in the bookstore. The discount only applies to merchandise.

Bookstore – Barnes & Noble college stores have been taken over by B&N.  They will accept gift cards and B&N membership cards. 

Service: Karen Watkis - Daffodil Days has started.  Have our first order.  If you need an order form, contact Karen.  There will be a sign up sheet at the next meeting or you may contact Karen through email.  Orders due on February 23.  Florwer deliversy is scheduled for March 17 and packets will be wrapped and distributed on March 18.

Picnic:  Anna Fishman has volunteered.  Anyone else who would like to be in this committee can contact Anna or Peggy.


Guest Speaker: Christine Meola, Vice President for Philanthropy

The presentation began with an introduction of Philanthropy team members in attendance.  The Capital Campaign update showed that we will meet the campaign goal at over $100 million.

Highlights of gifts:  Endowed scholarships for Lubin Students, Study Abroad for Lubin Students, large anonymous gift of $500,000 as yet undesignated, Foundations who have Pace Alums on their boards have donated, R.R. Donelley gave $50,000 for the Lubin lunch.

The Annual Fund is the basis for all fundraising efforts.  Letters are sent out during the year and the participation is currently very low at 4%.  The department had not been soliciting the entire alumni community so they are now working to reach everybody.  This year a letter went to 105,000 alumni but in the past the solicitation letters were only been sent out 10,000 alumni.

Events: Cannot measure results on each fundraising event but each one will create a relationship with the donors.  Some make money at the time or will make money down the road.  Participation of the staff at these events is welcome.  Panel speakers and receptions are held as well as dinners.

Leaders in Management dinner is one of the largest fund raisers.  At this time one leader is already scheduled to attend and will be receiving an honorary degree - Gurbaksh Chahal.

About 68% of Pace alumni live in the tri-state area.  Other large alumni populations are in Boston, Florida, and Washington D. C.

Five goals for the department

·         Close campaign at or above $100 million at the end of the year.

·         Each director will make 12 visits to alumni

·         Annual Fund goal of $1.3 million

·         Increase participation rate to 7%

·         Restore goodwill with the Pace Community.


Christine Stephens is glad for reduction of the alumni booklet mailing.  When does annual fund begin?  Mailing went out in October.  This can be confusing because the annual year and fiscal year do not match.  Enjoyed the fund raising event Love and Legacy she attended a few years ago.  Boating is fun too.

Sheri Gibson – Pace staff are always welcome to the events.  Student leaders, people who have married people from Pace, families who have more than one Pace graduate are all reached out to with special mailings.  Alumni are also welcome to march in graduation.

As a staff member and alumnus, is there a way to donate through payroll?  Is there a way to donate electronically?  Yes, it is on the site at www.pace.edu/givetopace

How can staff members work better with Philanthropy when the Women’s Center needs to get their own funds?  They will be happy to work together.

Organizational chart is in flux and will be shared at a later date.

Friends of Frank Monaco scholarship status?

Congratulations to the Christine and her staff on all that has been accomplished over the past year.

Adjourned at 10:20 am