March 2010 minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council
March 5, 2010

Gottesman Room, Kessel Student Center, PLV


Peggy Caraccio welcomed the attendees at 3:09 p.m.  She explained that we would have the speaker first and introduced Ravi Ravishanker, Vice President and Chief Information Officer.


Ravi began with an apology for not coming to an earlier meeting and a thank you for giving him the opportunity to come.  He has been with Pace for six months. The talk will be focused on where we are and where we are headed which includes reorganization to be ahead of our peers.  The department is now Information of Technology Services (ITS). 

  • The help desk and client support have been combined.  Technical support services is now headed by Laurie Witham.  Administrative services is headed by Jerry Tarpey.  Gerry Pauline now reports to Ravi directly.  Matt Bonilla leads the combined user services end of things. 
  • I think I was hired to engage strongly with academics and engaging the use of technology with the faculty.  Instructional technology.  How can we leverage technology to improve retention?
  • ITS is working with many different deptartments, especially CTLT.  There are several actionable items for the next five years that will fit within the strategic plan.  One interesting thing is that 90% of staff in ITS are Pace graduates, which has turned out to be an asset.
  • For information about me see and I can be contacted at
  • In summer 2010 Pace will change email systems. 
  • As far as future power outages:  Banner has data replicated on Pace Plaza on a set basis so that the information is duplicated for emergency usage.  The backup system for BlackBoard is 90% operational.  The Distributed Education Council will decide when specific requirements are met to have backup systems turned on.  Manhattan College has underground power and we are in negotiations to put some of our system backups in their facility.
  • Banner – most reports are just viewing data and fewer times are for modifying data.
  • Ravi did a brief demo of R25, the White Pages interface, and the new Schedule Explorer.

More Future Plans and current upgrades

  • Videoconferencing will be redone during spring break –new screens and will allow for outside sites to add into the videoconferences.
  • Recording of lectures will be possible. – video, powerpoint and audio all synced.
  • There are now 32 netbooks in cart available at One Pace Plaza.  When not in use for a class, the Birnbaum Library lends them out to students.


Peggy welcomed everyone again. 



  • Susan Deigan’s dad passed away this morning. 
  • April 13 Tuesday meeting rescheduled with the President.  Topics will be the Westchester master Plan, Restructuring, and the New Strategic plan.
  • The meeting on April 7 will be held at Preston Hall at the Law School.  Next year, we will try to have meetings at law school and at grad center.
  • Employee Recognition Ceremonies are coming up. The awardees can be found on the HR website at /page.cfm?doc_id=35638 and /page.cfm?doc_id=35052.
  • The Search for the Budget and Finance director is down to the final 4 candidates.

Treasurer’s report:  We have spent $320 which leaves close to $5000 for the picnic.  The tentative date for the picnic is June 11th.  The kitchen restructuring will be in process at that time and we will learn closer to the date how much that might impact our picnic.  Please consider volunteering for the picnic committee.


Service Committee:  Daffodils will be delivered on March 17th to Pace and delivered to the Pace recipients on March 18th.  Please contact Christine Stephens to volunteer to help with wrapping on the morning of March 18th.


Benefits Committee Report:  Fran O’Gara.  The committee is interviewing vendors and hopes to be able to announce the vendors by April.  The Wellness Committee website will be up within the next two weeks.  There will be links to other sites as well as information on the results of the survey.  The results have not been tabulated at this time.  Watch for an announcement for a Health & Wellness Fair in conjunction with the Benefits fair in late April.


Faculty Council Report: Karen DeSantis.

  • Putting together a list of all motions that have been made at Faculty Council meetings to review what has been done about those motions.
  • Constitution.  NYFC has also rewritten their const.  PF and Harold Brown will compare constitutions and come up with final versions.
  • Robina Schepp gave a PowerPoint updating Enrollment information.  Short of goal for FT UG (-38) but over goal for returning students (+90).  Total of 250 more students than last year at this time – 5841 total UG.
    • Grad – 3839 total.  Traditional 487 new, 3352 returning.
    • Westchester – 2177 total UG, 1189 total G  (56 new transfer students this semester)  Nursing student transfers had fewer spots available and now are being waitlisted.
    • Budget for fall 10 is to have an additional 100 admitted students.  Overall increase honors admits 8% and decrease in CAP admits 16%  Will be waitlisting CAP students.  80 less honors admits in PLV, 22 less CAP admits in PLV.
  • Complaints about things keep coming to Peggy FitzGerald.  How can we solve problems without using the grievance committee and process?  Make an ad hoc committee out of senior faculty members from each school to listen to and give advice for complaints.  That committee could help through the process if needed for going through the Grievance process.
  • Faculty council just passed a motion to have the gym open up to faculty and staff for free. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.