May 2010 minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council

May 5, 2010

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center


The meeting was called to order by Peggy Caraccio at 9:02 a.m.  Welcome to the last meeting of the year.


Presentation: Tony Soares, Educational Media, demonstrated the Echo 360 program.  Demo:  Software capture with narration over the PowerPoint.  Using this program you can jump to different slides on a PowerPoint and get to the appropriate narration.  Appliance Capture includes a screen with the PowerPoint and another with the teacher in a video.  The software can be loaded onto laptops for professors so they can create a video at home.  Most of the videos are attached to a specific course/section so that it will be uploaded correctly.  The Echo 360 is provided by faculty so students will have a back-up – not as an alternate to class attendance.

The Echo server can be accessed from on campus.  The videos can be only used within the Pace network.  Students, faculty or staff need to have a VPN account to see it from off campus.  For further information you can contact Tony at or his cell 914-857-8564.


All computers on the Pace network will soon have Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.  The programs will be pushed out to computers overnight. 


Summer Friday announcement came out yesterday.  There are three possible days off and the head of each department will communicate with staff as to how they can be taken.


Approval of April Minutes was proposed by Pat Carolan and passed.


Treasurer’s report: Fran O’Gara noted that we have $4500 left to pay for the picnic.


Benefits committee:  Maria Conti, interim director of benefits. 

·         Open enrollment ends Friday, May 7. 

·         Flexible Spending changes due to the Health Care bill: as of January 2011, over the counter drugs will no longer be covered with the FSA. 

·         Deductibles and out of pocket maximums for dental will carry over as they are covered in the calendar year. 

·         See HR website for additional information. 

·         Benefits Wellness Fair was great.  Recipes from the fair are now on the wellness website. 

·         Health Risk assessment deadline is May 24th.  Wellness program through Cigna is where the $25 gift card is coming from – Pace used that money towards the gift card.

·         The Wellness Program page has a link to their Facebook page.


Faculty Council report: Karen DeSantis

·         Richard Kraus has volunteered to become the Faculty representative to the Staff Affairs committee.

·         Part one of the Faculty Handbooks has been tentatively approved and all faculty should have a copy.  This will become a part of the Faculty contract and must be completed as requested by the Middle States Commission to remain an accredited university.

·         Three new degrees have been approved: Masters of Science in Childhood/Childhood Special Education, Literacy Specialist, and an Advanced Certificate for Literacy.

·         A review of the Graduate center is continuing to see which programs would be most beneficial to be run from that location.  Deans and Schools are working together on this.

·         The resolution about having the Fitness Center open to all faculty and staff was brought up again and will be followed up on.


Kitchen Cabinet committee report

·         A new protocol to remove the bed bugs will be performed as soon as the students leave.  This will entail raising building temperatures to 120 degrees for a period of time and bringing back the dogs to see if all bed bugs are gone.

·         One of the Process Change groups is looking at creating a ticket system for request other than doithelpdesk and maintenance requests.  They are also looking into creating some type of manual for the operators so they can refer callers to specific departments and people rather than transferring calls to general numbers.

·         Staff Morale is low.

Please contact Karen if there is something you would like brought up at the Kitchen Cabinet committee meetings.  We will be meeting in June so concerns will be discussed before next fall.


Service Committee: Dan Botting. Staff members are allotted 8 hours of service work. Contact Dan at or the CCAR office if you would like to find a place to volunteer as a group. When you have volunteered, use Kronos to note your volunteer hours. 


There will be a Staff Affairs committee of the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday.  Peggy and Pat will attend.  If you have a concern that you would like to have brought up at that meeting, please send an email to Pat or Peggy before Tuesday.  They would like to have more facts to share with the committee.


Presentation:  Mary Lieto and Heath Braunstein, General Manager of Lackmann Culinary Services. 

Renovations in Kessel will begin May 12th.  They will be demolishing the current service area and putting up walls.  The plan is to have most of the heavy construction done first.  Renovations will continue through mid August.  Grant money has been allotted to replacing the furniture.  The new facility will have additional points of service and separate cash registers.  Renovations will not affect catering as the kitchen is not under renovations and will remain open.    Renovations include adding an omelet station.  Grill station will be in the same area.  There will be pizza and pasta every day rather than on rotating days.  An international station called Native Spice will be added.  Sandwich station will be moved to the new area as will the salad bar.

*If you put at least $100 on your Onecard, you will get an additional 10%.  So if you put $100 on your card, it will have $110.  When you make a purchase with your card, you do not pay tax.  All voluntary meal plans rollover so you won’t lose the money if you don’t use it by the end of the academic year.  See Collette in the office to deposit or look for the online form available through the Lackmann page.  You can contact Laura Dieppa, Budget Coordinator for Auxiliary Services for more information on the forms.  Lackmann has pages on Facebook:  Pace diningplv, pace diningbrc, Pace dininglaw, Pace diningnyc.


The Staff picnic is scheduled for June 11.  On the day of picnic we need volunteers.  Planning is minimal.   If you have any ideas for picnic themes or an inexpensive please contact Anna Fishman.


Provost search: Mary Lieto. The review was done quickly, professionally, and thoroughly.  The committee unanimously recommended Geoff Brackett to remain at Provost for another term.  For more information about the search process, please see the Committee ReportExhibit A and Exhibit B.



Lubin dean candidates – second candidate visit is tomorrow.  School of Education is down to four candidates who have been for interviews.  The plan is to have both positions filled and ready to begin on July 1.


The new SDAC director will begin on June 1st.  It is Rachel Carpenter from University of Evansville.


Elections.  Peggy sent out a request through the Listserv request for nominations.  Only one email received asking about how to nominate but that person never responded with a nomination.  There is no one who volunteered to run for any position for the upcoming academic year.  The current executive committee will remain.

Meeting adjourned at 9:52 a.m.