December 7, 2012

Westchester Administrative Staff Council Meeting
Friday, December 7, 2012

Co-chair Maureen Doddy called the meeting to order at 9:00AM.

Guest Speakers:

Elizabeth Garti, Interim Associate VP of HR (Employee and Labor Relations, Organizational Learning & Development, and Staffing and Recruitment)

Betsyspoke about employee recognition programs. It’s most effective to recognize employees on a regular basis.

HR hosts an Anniversary Luncheon in November for employees celebrating 20, 30, 40, 45, and 50 years of service. It’s a sit down lunch attended by President Friedman and senior management.

Recognition ceremonies used to be held in mid-December, but are now held in March. This means that some employees are not being recognized in their anniversary year, but the following year. Going forward, honorees will receive an email in their anniversary month and be able to order their gift.

More special awards have been added to the ceremonies, which are held in PLV, NYC, and at the Law School. Special awards are nomination-based. The Nominations Committee is volunteer-based and evaluates all nominations. Nominators are now eligible for a prize through random drawing. Nominations are open until January 11, 2013.

Luciana Ziegler, Employee Relations Manager

Luciana addressed the Your Excellence Shows (YES) program. YES was implemented in 2008 for staff, and in 2011 was extended to include students, and recognizes simple achievements in employees’ every day roles. Individuals, groups or teams can be nominated to receive the monthly award for two movie tickets. The monthly winner is selected by random drawing. The Nomination Committee determines the winner of an annual award of $500 for Westchester and NYC winners.

A $250 textbook scholarship (Barnes and Noble gift card) is awarded to a YES award-winning student worker in NYC and PLV. An art student designed a bookmark which is sold at events. All proceeds go to textbook scholarship.

Yes Awards are nomination-based, and the database is open all year. Monthly winners are announced on the Pace portal and in Opportunitas. HR receives anywhere from 20-100 nominations each month. All nominees and their managers receive email notification about the nomination.

A reception for all YES nominees is held in the fall.

In 2012, there was a 69% increase in recognition ceremony attendance. Attendee satisfaction increased from 81% to 88%.

655 total YES nominations were received in 2012, a 48% increase from 2011. 71 student workers were nominated. As student workers were added to the program in mid-2011, this is a 373% increase over last year.

You can volunteer for the nomination committee or nominate an individual or team by January 11, 2013.

Dawn Rigney, Executive Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

Dawnthanked everyone who participated in Pace Cares Day on November 16, 2012. Over 100 volunteers university-wide participated. Pace’s spirit shined immediately in the beginning of a stressful time

In addition to Pace Cares Day, the Pace Cares Fund was set up specifically to help students in the wake of this disaster continue their education this year. The Fund has raised almost $40,000 to date. An appeal to the Pace Cares Fund was used in place of our Fall Annual Fund mailing. This is a joint effort between Financial Aid, OSA, Development and Alumni Relations, and Finance. A number of students have come forward to apply for funds. Many students are on work/study and were impacted by the loss of income that week. Others have families who lost their homes. If you know a student who was impacted, have them contact OSA. The committee meets every Friday to review cases that come in.

On Pace Cares Day, more than 2,000 personal care, food, clothing, and cleaning items were collected. There were 67 volunteers in PLV and 1,300 items were collected. One enterprising student volunteer encouraged his fellow students to use their meal cards to donate a bottle of water, trail mix and granola bars.

Question: How are the funds dispersed? The committee reviews cases and is pretty much meeting all needs. There is a cap on the amount of assistance per person in order to help everyone to the best of our ability. The committee will review cases that require further funding. If any funds are left over, they will be available to students who are in emergency situations. Generally funds are dispersed to the student’s account. 

Question: What about faculty and staff? They are not included right now, but there are exceptions. The President is supportive and Pace will do whatever we can to help them.

Question: How are students finding out about it? Initially we set up tables in front of Pace Plaza since most of the affected students are on the NYC campus. We sent emails; it was noted in the Pace Pulse; we have a Website (; OSA sent a note to all students. If you know of students, please refer them to OSA or to the Pace Cares website.

It was noted that individual student groups have been doing hurricane relief, but didn’t know about Pace Cares.

Question: Can donations be made through payroll deduction? Yes. This option is available on Faculty/Staff Campaign form (payroll deduction form). You can always designate your gift to your chosen fund/area of the school.

Question? What is the projected end date? We don’t have one yet because we’re still assessing needs as students voice them. OSA will be following up with students who don’t register for spring semester. Initially, we identified affected students because faculty told OSA if students weren’t going to class after the hurricane and OSA reached out to them.

Question: Is there a matching gift from Pace? Matching gifts are available from outside employers but not from Pace as we don’t currently have a matching gift program.

Question: Is Pace making a donation to the fund? Gifts are just from individuals right now. President Friedman is committed to helping find funds if there are outstanding requests.

It was recommended that the student association be informed about the fund.

Question: Will the Pace Cares website include stats on those helped? Yes, that info will be added.


Committee Reports and Old Business

Treasurer’s Report: We have $5,500 in budget; we’ve allocated $330 for beverages for meetings. Food was provided by members of the Executive Committee

Benefits Committee: The committee is looking at new vendors for medical insurance. We don’t want to be caught off guard in the event that things don’t work out with CIGNA.

Faculty Council Rep: The Faculty Council meeting is this afternoon, so there is nothing to report.

Service Committee: We don’t have a chair or committee for Daffodil Days yet.

The October meeting minutes were approved.


New Business

Professor Richard Kraus is chairing the Pleasantville Academic Identity Committee. He shared sections of a draft of the report. This committee is charged with determining the distinctive academic identity of the campus, and is comprised of approximately 20 staff, faculty and administrators, including Provost Sukhatme and Bill McGrath.

Question: Most departments exist on both campuses, so why are they included in the report? We have to look at things like how do we integrate our various centers into academic programs. Is there something distinctive about what we do here?

Question: How is White Plains incorporated into this? This is a question being addressed within the committee.

It was asked if there was a more systematic way for faculty and staff to interact. There is a faculty-in-residence program in NYC which has worked well. In what ways can we have more interaction between these two entities? It often seems to be about faculty and administration; need to incorporate staff more.

It was noted that staff can attend Annual Faculty Institute. Perhaps they could add another day where university departments share their information with faculty.

The meeting adjourned at 10:12AM.