November 5 2010 minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council Meeting

November 5, 2010

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center


Co-Chair Peggy Caraccio called the meeting to order at 9:00 and introduced Dean Neil Braun.


Panel presentation:  Neil Braun, Dean Lubin School of Business and Sheying Chen, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs


Neil Braun

·         Began by giving us a brief overview of his background which includes a Law degree, working as a movie financer for independent producers and HBO, working with Ron Howard and then at Viacom.  He became NBC president by pitching himself to the company and has also run a media Internet company.  His company Greenlife focuses on financing environmental projects to reduce carbon footprints and carbon neutral products. 

·         Two major themes: 1. Trust: Integrity, honesty & Judgment. 2. Effectiveness.

·         Began as Dean of Lubin on July 1.  How to motivate faculty to listen to a vision and then to promote that vision?  What’s in it for them, Do most of the work then they can adapt, let them take the credit if it works.

·         Each academic department to answer:

o        Value – Why should the students pay to come to us?  Academic product

o        Are we teaching the right things?  Will inform marketing materials, hiring, etc.

·         Since many alumni were commuters, grads, etc. – the identity with the school is different from a resident undergrad.  Philanthropy is different – looking for large donations from the Lubin alumni.

·         Looking for new products and new revenue generators.  New way to market White Plains.   New way to use super-recruiters to get students.

·         Want to connect to different areas at Pace – performing arts.  Want to create a minor for performing arts students in Marketing.  New course in spring that fulfills course requirement within performing arts and marketing.  Marketing and computing in mobile technology with Seidenberg.

·         AACSB visit last week.  They noted that not all concerns from 2005 accreditation visit were addressed.  He expects AACSB to extend accreditation but there may be a follow up visit in one year. 

o        Best Practices:  Assessment of Learning; Communication and services available across campuses.

o        Deficiencies: Global perspective and Academic Rigor which have both been addressed.


Pat Carolan introduced Dr. Sheying Chen.

Sheying Chen

·         Background.  Faculty member in Southern China and went to Hong Kong for research.  There he realized that he needed to come to the United States for additional research and education.  He became a full time student as well as worked four jobs analyzing data.  In 1996 he began again as a faculty member.  In 2004, after a sabbatical, he became dean of college created by combining three separate colleges.  He became associate provost in 2006 at Indiana University.   

·         Shocks.  Geoff leaving, Ravi was supposed to be his new boss and is now leaving, Karen Robilotta leaving.

·         The job entails overseeing several important units such as OPAIR, Library & CTLT.

o        Challenges: OPAIR office is stretched very thin.  Would like to restore positions.  Everyone needs their data analyses.

o        Library budget has been cut on a regular basis.  Would like to increase the library budget.  Library or learning resources weren’t mentioned once in the Strategic Plan!  Library is the third place for students (home, class) and he would like to see more of a Learning Commons idea for PLV.  He has made an appointment with Christine Meola to discuss funding for learning commons through philanthropy.

o        CTLT will be working with grants office to get more grants for faculty and is currently working on annual faculty institute for May 2011.

·         He has been asked to improve ranking within US News & World Report by president.

·         Working with HR on initiatives for professional staff development.

·         To enhance Graduate education, he would like to see an office for graduate studies.

·         He would like to begin setting up new communications within the community.

·         Sheying can be found most often in NY as he doesn’t have office space in PLV at this time.



·         If you haven’t received the flu vaccine, it is still available in Health care office for $20.  Call for an appointment.

·         Regarding DJ – We can support the football team by showing up at the final game of the season in two weeks.  What can staff do to get involved?  Handout from Vinnie Berkenmeyer SA President was available for all attendees.  Staff will also be able to purchase t-shirts – email to follow.  Mental Health workshops are available.  Students want to see staff at events. 

·         Betsy Garti – YES program.  Luciana has met with Dean Lisa to discuss how to recognize student workers in the program and possibly in the recognition program.  Posters were available at the meeting.

·         Email from Professor Richard Kraus, secretary of Faculty Council.  Faculty are concerned about the changes in the TIAA-CREF options. There will be further information on this issue.

·         Matt Bonilla was also invited but it couldn’t be arranged based on his schedule.  He will attend another meeting.


Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes – Carol Turco approved and Fran O’Gara seconded.  Approved.


Committee Reports:

·         Benefits Committee – Concerns about TIAA-CREF.  A meeting will be held for the Pace community soon.  There will be additional communication coming from the benefits office.

·         Faculty Council Representative: Karen DeSantis

·         Faculty Council will meet later today.   Minutes from Faculty Council are available from the Admin Staff Council website.  They will be linked from the minutes of our meetings.

·         Service Committee: Dan Botting. What will be our choice for Holiday gifts?  Pace Law school’s women’s justice center is another possibility.  It is getting late for the planning.  Suggestions to donate to a food pantry.  Suggestion for $10 gift cards for CLOUT program – Walmart and Target $10 gift cards.

·         Picnic Committee:   consider volunteering.


Provost Search committee: First meeting is next Friday.  They hope to have an offering to a candidate by the end of Spring semester.


Next Meeting is December 3.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:18 a.m.