October 5, 2012

Westchester Administrative Staff Council

October 5, 2012


Co-chair Maureen Doddy called the meeting to order at 9:00AM.

Introduction of executive committee:

  • Maureen Doddy - Co-chair
  • MaryEllen Humphrey - Co-chair
  • Michele Camardella - Secretary
  • Karen Buckwald - Treasurer

Introduction of committees:

  • Heather Novak- Faculty Council Rep
  • Fran O’Gara – Benefits Committee (not in attendance)
  • Anna Fishman – Picnic Committee
  • If anyone is interested in chairing the Service Committee, please contact Maureen or MaryEllen.

All attendees received a raffle ticket for movie tickets donated by HR. In the future if attendees come back and bring a newcomer, they’ll be entered in a raffle to win a pair of tickets.

Meetings generally are held the first Friday of each month. We are hoping to have multiple speakers, more attendees, and new attendees.


Joint Faculty Council

Heather Novak reported that Joint Faculty Council met on 9/28. New faculty was introduced, the new provost was welcomed and Middle States were discussed.

President Friedman reported that overall, Pace had a good year. There are a number of construction projects underway. In PLV these will be in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the campus.

In NYC: 140 William St should be open by the end of October. The new dorm on Fulton Street will open next fall. The new dorm at 33 Beekman will open in 2015. Chartwell’s is renovating the dining hall. The courtyard is also being renovated.

Pathways program: Kaplan recruits International students.

The Provost discussed the augmented action plan. Fourteen action teams were created to focus on identified areas, with a focus on new revenue sources and retention. These areas include: advising, enhancing learning, international travel, civic engagement, and the Westchester Academic Identity Committee.

Question: Why do we no longer host the Left Forum? There were too many people in attendance. The decision was not about the nature of the conference, but about capacity.

Moving from a 128-credit degree to 120-credit degree was discussed. The faculty handbook is currently being revised.

There are 2,300 incoming students. We are up 180 undergraduate students from outside the regular recruitment area; there are 28 veterans; 8o students in iPace; the percentage of CAP students is lower (but the number is not); we are up 50 graduate students.

Joe Morreale is leading the search for the new assistant provost of academic affairs.


Westchester Faculty Council

Heather Novak reported that the faculty thanked the administration for the new faculty lounge in Miller. Sheila Chiffriller is the new director of the PLV Honors College and is interested in co-sponsoring events.

The Writing Center used to be staffed with adjuncts, but they have been replaced with a peer-to-peer program. This is a pilot program that will be evaluated in two years. Andrew Stout is the new writing center coordinator. They are following the peer training model per benchmark institutions.

Calendar committee addressed scheduling issues; new block scheduling was passed.

The Westchester Academic Identity Task Force is holding an open house community forum on Oct 15. Richard Kraus is the contact.

Bill McGrath addressed the PLV Master plan. Improvements include flexible seating; common areas; renovated bathrooms; study areas; heating and cooling systems; and, technology in classrooms.

Guest Speaker

Shikha Bajracharya, Director of User Services, ITS

Co-chair with Aisha Moyla

The Service Initiative Project focused on service provided to community, students, faculty, and staff.

They worked with Residence Life and SDCA on move in weekend, including staffing a service desk in Kessel and providing door hangers with important info and contact numbers in the dorms.

The Committee attends SGA meetings once a month and gives updates on things they’re working on and takes student feedback. Additional bulletin boards were added in NYC per student requests. They are trying to give students what they want and need.

A survey was conducted by the Office of Administration last year. An action plan was developed based on feedback.

Service standards were developed within each area. The next step is to get feedback from students, faculty and staff regarding the service standards and to create agreements. They are looking for volunteers for focus groups.

In the coming year, they will be collaborating with Enrollment Management to improve aesthetics of campus tours, etc. A safety and security awareness program led by Vinnie Beatty has been instituted.

They are creating a policy library for Office of Administration policies

Human Resources is working on customer service training for Office of Administration frontline staff.

Pace’s mobile app is available in the IT store for Blackberry and iPhone. They are working to continue to improve the mobile app and provide helpful apps for students, faculty, and staff. The mobile apps can be found at m.pace.edu.



There will be an IMO meeting on 10/18 from 2-3:30 in Miller and on Oct 17 from 2-3:30 in the NYC Student Union. This will focus on best practices and feedback from current IMOs, Interested IMOs are welcome. The IMO Certificate is still available. They are looking to reinvigorate the program.

There will be LYNC demos in October. LYNC as dial-in conferencing capability. Visit the Microsoft LYNC page for demos.

ITS notices are shared via LISTSERV. Anyone can subscribe at  www.pace.edu/ITNEWS.

The minutes from May 4, 2012 were approved.


Benefits Committee

Karen Lalli spoke on behalf of the committee.

Matt Renna is going to start meeting with CIGNA in October and will report back to committee. That will determine whether or not we need to go to bid process.

The committee evaluated a lot of information on awards and statistics regarding the Tuition Exchange Program. We currently have no policy about repeat users of the program.

Employees who participated in the Wellness Rebate received payment in their Sept. 30th paycheck. CIGNA is also issuing an $8.95 rebate. Every major medical plan has to pay out a certain percentage to enrollees, and has to provide a rebate if they do not hit that percentage. This will be in our paychecks at the end of the month and is taxable.


Picnic Committee

Anna Fishman will chair but will need many volunteers.


Treasurer’s Report

WASC has $5500 budget. We spend $330 for coffee service for the year. Attendees should feel free to donate pastries/breakfast items.


New Business

Sylvia Rusakoff and Bette Boylan from the Center for Business and Technology announced that Financial Education Day, a free program with keynote speakers and one-on-one sessions with Certified Financial Planners who are donating their time and expertise will be held in PLV on November 17. This event is open to the public. They are seeking volunteers and attendees.

Carol Turco noted that Homecoming is November 1-4, and asked attendees to support various student events such as the parade, pep rally, etc.

Bob Lazer noted that the two-day Project Management Course is being offered on November 8 and 9 in the Graduate Center.

Luciana Ziegler from Employee Relations announced that Lee Denim Day is October 11. For a donation of $5, employees can wear jeans on 10/11.There is a YES recognition event on 10/10 in Gottesman at 3:30PM to recognize YES nominees and recipients. Employee Recognition ceremonies are scheduled for 3/7/12 (Law School); 3/14/12 (NYC); and 3/21/12 (PLV).

Christine Stephens reported that the staff will be receiving an email about Proclarity analytics, which will allow the user to create his/her own reports for analysis. There will be training in NYC and Graduate Center. There are no sessions in PLV because no classrooms were available.

Karen Lolli reported that flu shots will be available at the Health Center apart from the flu shots provided via Human Resources. The cost is $20 although some insurance is accepted. Call x33760 to make an appointment.

The Center for Applied Environmental Studies is hosting “When Carnivores Become Neighbors” about the rewilding of Westchester on October 11.

Andrea Winters noted that the Counseling Center is working a counselor from Phelps and Pace faculty to support students with alcohol and other drug addictions, or students who are concerned about a loved one’s usage.

Anna Fishman introduced Pat Parrilla, a recent addition to SOE who is working with students regarding self-awareness before entering the teaching force. This program covers bullying.

MaryEllen Humphrey encouraged attendees to bring breakfast items to meetings.

Our next meeting is on November 2 in Miller 24.

Sylvia Russakoff and Sally DiRosa won the raffle for movie tickets.


The meeting adjourned at 10:05 AM.