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@ItsTannerJ why are you up and out so early?

Twitter • 09/02/15 • 8:15AM

Jackie's UNV 101 classes are ready for the first day of school. Are you? Wishing all of our students…

Twitter • 09/02/15 • 8:13AM

RT @Inspire_Us: Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. -James Dean

Twitter • 09/02/15 • 8:03AM

TODAY is the first day of the Fall 2015 Semester! Find open classes here: #PaceUniversity

Twitter • 09/02/15 • 7:00AM

RT @PaceWLax:

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 11:44PM

@jackaykosky @1997salil Jackie I was actually going to tease about that

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:45PM

RT @CCARPLV: Welcome back @PaceUniversity! Hope you all had a fun and relaxing summer! Let's make this year the most productive and successful yet!

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:41PM

RT @ShellyeLynn: Determined for this to be a great school year! #PaceU

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:40PM

RT @grantesInferno: @PacePerfArts @PaceUniversity @DysonCollege #PPAPRIDE welcome back!!!

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:40PM

RT @wilson_center: Congrats to student convocation speaker for an inspiring speech to class of 2019 @PaceUniversity

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:38PM

RT @amy_deee: I love my school

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:37PM

@C_to_the_Cizzle trust me you do.

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:35PM

@jackaykosky only the first week of school

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:31PM

@1997salil this made my day.

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 10:21PM

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 9:58PM

RT @WomanDoItAll: The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time.

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 9:32PM

RT @FamousWomen: Don't make excuses for why you can't get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen.

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 9:31PM

RT @FairfieldStags: Get the Inside Look of @StagsWSoccer's new locker room and reactions from Coach and players #GoStags

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 9:17PM

RT @PaceUniversity: Check out all the photos from today's #PaceUConvocation in NYC and PLV.

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 9:13PM

RT @CoachTMOL: Your 2015 #Linebackers @Coach_Mince54 #SetterNation #LBeasts #AlphaDogs

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 7:27PM

RT @CoachCGD: Tight End Squad 2015. #HuntEmUp #SetterNation #GuardDawgs @MrKent_81 @mikeenglish5

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:53PM

RT @CoachCGD: Congrats to the 2015 Pace University Football Captains. #huntemup #setternation

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:53PM

RT @CoachG_18: The title of "Devil Dawg" is not given, it is EARNED! #PaceFootball #HuntEmUp #DevilDawgs 4 days till Game Day

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:52PM

RT @CoachCiocci: 2015 @Pace_Football offensive line! Tough fitting in the picture, got it done! #5 Strong! #SetterNation

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:52PM

RT @CoachCiocci: Great practice this morning, time for team photos now. Guys excited. #Newseasonnewlook @Pace_Football #SetterNation

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:52PM

@Haylee_Fierce Thanks for following us. Let us know if you have any questions about attending Pace.

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:35PM

@veggieburgerbae Thank you for following us!

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:34PM

RT @NelGarcia54: So excited for the fall leadership conference! Thanks everyone for coming out @PaceUniversity

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:30PM

#Settersleadership - SLP, SLH, women's leadership, and much more! #paceu #thatswhatsettersdo #plvclassof2019

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:27PM

#collegesagainstcancer #paceu recruiting students at the campus involvement fair #plvclassof2019 #ThatsWhatSettersDo

Twitter • 09/01/15 • 5:26PM