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Contemporary Art: via @YouTube

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 2:11PM

Anyone hungry?

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 2:04PM

RT @PaceUniversity: We're you at our NYC Commencement? Maybe we took your photo! #PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 1:59PM

Check out #PaceU Art Prof Roger Sayre's exhibition at Hamilton Square in Jersey City through 8/31!

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 1:00PM

Confucius Institute as China's Smart Power via @YouTube

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:55PM

Confucius Institute as China's Smart Power: via @YouTube

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:25PM

RT @Pace_Football: The team's GPA this spring semester was over 3.0! #DoItBetter #FAWTGID #SetterNation #GoPace

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:20PM

See what everyone's been saying about this year's Commencement ceremonies! #PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:14PM

RT @OED: OED Word of the Day: ablow, adj. (Image by Imogen Foxell:

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:05PM

RT @OED: OED Word of the Day: ablow, adj.1. Blooming, full of flowers #ChelseaFlowerShow

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:05PM

From @HuffingtonPost to @CCARNYC's Activist Spotlight, Lubin's Abbe Dembowitz '16 is turning negativity on its head!

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:01PM

Congrats #PaceU Fulbright winner Kyla Korvne '15! She majored in Peace & Justice Studies & PoliSci in NYC!

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 12:00PM

RT @Pace_Football: The team's GPA this spring semester was over 3.0! #DoItBetter #FAWTGID #SetterNation #GoPace

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 11:54AM

The team's GPA this spring semester was over 3.0! #DoItBetter #FAWTGID #SetterNation #GoPace

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 11:54AM

Hospitality, meet culinary: Lubin & @ICCedu get business students in the kitchen!

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 11:15AM

We're spending the morning at the @ManhattanCofC Chairmen's Conversation with Valerie Jarrett! @vj44 thank you!

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 11:04AM

Congrats to Professor Jessica Magaldi on being awarded the 2016 @BGSHonorSociety Outstanding Chapter Advisor award!

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 10:30AM

RT Great film by students #PaceU Pleasantville Media, Communications & Visual Arts program:

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 10:02AM

#LubinLife Q&A: Brianna Dunkers-Brown ‘17 has some great internship advice for you!

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 10:01AM

Our #wcw goes out to these ladies who joined us on our Philly Spring Break Trip. We miss Philly…

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 9:27AM

RT @PaceUniversity: #PaceU's Jessie Meredith is traveling the world in pursuit of a career in urban planning and peace and justice.

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 8:57AM

RT @Revkin: Relevant to #oceans #UNEA2, @PaceDocs sustainability films on Baja #seaturtles, Curacao #coral, Belize shrimp farms.

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 8:53AM

Gorgeous morning at #paceplaza! #PaceU #NYC

Twitter • 05/25/16 • 8:53AM

@cinema_liz it's so soon. It's crazy.

Twitter • 05/24/16 • 9:57PM

@cinema_liz are you ok? How are you handling the news?

Twitter • 05/24/16 • 9:56PM

From biometrics and security to the internet-of-things, #ResearchDay was a success!

Twitter • 05/24/16 • 6:30PM

Make your game better & SIGN UP for our SUMMER SKILLS CLINICS! #PaceWBB #PaceHoops

Twitter • 05/24/16 • 6:02PM

Toxic pesticides used in marijuana fields affect the env. Read more in the #PaceU Earth Desk's latest blog @DysonEnv

Twitter • 05/24/16 • 5:00PM

100 days until Kickoff! #HelmetsUp #SetterNation #GoPace

Twitter • 05/24/16 • 4:45PM

RT @PaceUniversity: #PaceU's Irene Schultz '16 shares some fun stops along her journey and advice to the incoming Class of 2020.

Twitter • 05/24/16 • 4:39PM