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Our offices will be closed today for an all day staff training. We apologize for any inconvenience. We re-open tomorrow

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 10:41AM

Did you attend the #PaceU Graduate Commencement in NYC? Maybe we took your picture! #PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 10:35AM

RT @Scemodemmerda: Как же меня это бесит!!!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 10:14AM

@krissssssteena Congrats! Let us know if you have any questions about becoming #PaceBound

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 10:07AM

Daydream about microfinance in India? Marketing in Japan & the EU? These fall 2015 Field Studies are for you!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 10:01AM

It's only 9:30am but we are eagerly waiting for today's 4pm #NAFSA15 Plenary Address from @Shiza and @MalalaFund !

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 9:45AM

RT @PaceUniversity: You're in and made your tuition deposit. Now what? Register for Orientation! #PaceBound

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 9:43AM

Полицейский из города Нанка

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 9:24AM

Words of wisdom from the #PacePrez at #PaceU's recent Commencement ceremonies. #PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 9:00AM

Our Classic Civilization Honors RA is currently abroad in Thailand performing with Generation Why.…

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 8:55AM

Seize the opportunity, says #PacePrez Stephen J. Friedman. #PaceGrad

Instagram • 05/27/15 • 8:51AM

Incoming class-Class preferences were due to Bill yesterday. Make sure you emailed him yours! #pacehonorsnyc

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 8:49AM

От которого мало, быть может, появится проку.

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 8:48AM

RT @rummel_k: Вот так избавляются от брака) мужики, плачьте!)

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 7:58AM

RT @soullow009: Надо бы уже активировать систему периметр

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 5:38AM

И друзья и враги – явления временные, пока не нашли свой стержень!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 4:23AM

В вечность уходит

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 1:38AM

RT @philopsy: привет, у нас в городе он около 28,в Москве в инт.магазине взяли около 23

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 12:18AM

Did you know we're on Tumblr? Help make #PaceU Tumblr famous and follow us today. #PaceBound

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 11:31PM

RT @RapOnVEVO: Танцоры от бога

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 10:16PM

50 Awesome and Inspiring Responsive Website Designs from 2014 via @albertcostill, via @sejournal

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 9:16PM

на утомленную землю

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 9:07PM

RT @JonGordon11:

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 9:03PM

RT @WarJessEagle: Twitter + sports (@TwitterSports) make a great combo! Why they're the perfect pair: #smsports

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 9:02PM

@Jimmy_Sanderson congrats Jimmy! Definitely will be purchasing this shortly!

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 8:58PM

A great day recruiting at the Suffolk County Championships today ... looking forward to the Nassau County Championships tomorrow at Adelphi!

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 8:58PM

"Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls-it's more democratic."- Crash Davis

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 8:39PM

RT @ThaliaGoldstein: Only a few tix left for Prosoc Dev conf, FREE! June 5, 9-5, @PaceUniversity, dwntwn NYC, Learn all abt kids' empathy

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 8:26PM

RT @NatComm: Anonymous “hactivists” are stripped of their politics in media coverage. Comm scholar Adam G. Klein explores.

Twitter • 05/26/15 • 8:22PM

#Repost @snowflakesandhoofbeats ・・・ Coliseum today! #rome #pacestudyabroad #PaceU

Instagram • 05/26/15 • 8:03PM