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@leanaaraee pace. ;-) good luck with your decision.

Twitter • 03/28/15 • 1:28AM

“@eleni_grace: honors bonding. #pacehonorsfamily

Twitter • 03/28/15 • 1:17AM

RT @pixie_dust93: Mohini trying so hard to be tall enough for the cut out #pacehonorsnyc #honorsmovienight #pirates

Twitter • 03/28/15 • 1:16AM

RT @BloomsburyBooks: EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: the front cover of the #HarryPotterIllustrated edition by J.K. Rowling, illustrated by Jim Kay

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 11:43PM

RT @TashaRenee85: Помни, товарищ!

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 11:16PM

Join us on Saturday as we host #12 St. Anselm at 4:30 pm. The game will be played at Purchase College. Be there! #Uncommon

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 10:27PM

#mortolalibrary #mortolawhiteboard #pacelibrary #puttinginwork paceuniversity @pacelibrary

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 10:18PM

Ты мыслишь? Так почему же ты только существуешь?

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 10:04PM

RT @KevinDierksUX: Had a great time mentoring at the @PaceElab #hackathon today! Was a pleasure to be part of it! #mobile #UX

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:16PM

RT @yogeshpandare: Make your lifetime journeys possible !! @PaceElab

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:12PM

RT @shaneduda7: @PaceElab Ever out late at night and want to find the safest route to walk home? Try downloading our app, Crime Scan!

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:11PM

RT @CyrielleEutrope: Spend your time living your life, not planning it. Let our app plan it for you #MyPeopleApp @PaceElab

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:11PM

RT @NKTina: @PaceELab get a glimpse of the best sales with #SpeedSave #PaceHackathon #Shopping #NewYorkers

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:11PM

RT @NKTina: Here at the Pace Mobile App Hackathon with Nivi and @PaceELab #SpeedSave #programmingIsOurHobby

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:11PM

RT @OlgaSeidenberg: Congrats to Seidenberg's @JulieAGauthier and @iseppid on placing 2nd in @PaceElab hackathon #keeprocking @PaceSeidenberg

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:10PM

RT @JulieAGauthier: Fun hackathon day at @PaceElab!

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:05PM

RT @CyrielleEutrope: Awesome experience at the hackathon @PaceElab

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:05PM

#TeamiPhone have you downloaded our #JustInCase App .. What are you waiting for?

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 9:01PM

#TeamAndroid have you downloaded our #JustInCase App .. What are you waiting for?

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 8:30PM

A glitter campfire and masquerade ball. Powerful discussions and fort-building. #PaceU is hosting overnight Q-Camp.

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 8:15PM

RT @PaceUAthletics @PaceLacrosse has home game tomorrow 12pm Ossining High School. Be there or @BrittaniMuller will hunt u down #SettersFam

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 7:56PM

Students interning at the White House, Drake, even a poignant look at gentrification. We've got #NYC covered.

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 7:48PM

Our student panel!!! #qcamp #paceqcamp #queercamp #pacepride #lgbtqa #bisexual #trans #queer #asexual #paceu #paceuniversity @paceuniversity

Instagram • 03/27/15 • 7:18PM

Honors life. Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Night. #nevertoooldtodressup #pacehonorsnyc #honorsmovienight

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 7:08PM

#PaceU's Convocation is coming and we're looking for a few good speakers! Nominate your faculty speaker today:

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 6:55PM

RT @lizabelrose: "@BroadwayGirlNYC: #OpenCall #Broadway #auditions #equity #nonequity" @slindsey282

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 6:48PM

RT @CoachCiocci: Practice #1 in the books! Practice #2 Tomorrow! Find a way to get it done! @Pace_Football #HuntEmUp #SetterNation

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 6:37PM

It may not be ALL about the Benjamins, but they can be important to those of us who want to be shot-callers.

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 6:06PM

Pace Residential Life February/ March Newsletter 2015

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 5:33PM

#DidYouKnow: More than 80 percent of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do in the past year

Twitter • 03/27/15 • 5:31PM