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Summer Sessions

Undergraduate Tuition

Summer 2016 undergraduate tuition rate: $946 per credit.

Graduate Tuition

Our graduate tuition rates vary per college. View the full list of our graduate tuition rates.

Summer Tuition Payment Deadlines

  • Payment for Summer Session I is due on Friday, May 6th.
  • Payment for Summer Session II is due on Friday, July 1st.

Tuition Payment Plan

More information about the tuition payment plan to come soon.

Refund Schedule

Prior to and during 1st week or 6-week term 100% refund
During 2nd week of term 25% refund
After 2nd week of term 0% refund

Add/Drop Period

After the first class meeting, students must get permission from the professor to add a class. The Registration Action/Add Drop form can be found here.
By submitting the online application and registration form, you are authorizing Pace University to register you for the classes selected. To cancel your registration, you must officially drop the course(s) prior to the first class meeting.
Students have until June 6th, for Summer I, and until July 17th, for Summer II, to drop a course. Starting June 7th, for Summer I, and July 18th, for Summer II, students will receive an academic grade of "W" for classes they withdraw from. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from courses for which he or she has registered. Failure to officially withdraw will result in tuition liability.
Students may withdraw online through the MyPace Portal or by filing with the Office of Student Assistance. Nonattendance of classes, informing the instructor of withdrawal, or stopping payment on a check does not constitute official withdrawal, and does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation, or entitle the student to a refund. A student who registers for a class and does not attend class remains fully responsible for financial obligations. For a complete list of Billing and Registration Policies, please visit the Office of Student Assistance website.