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We are so excited for your event on Tuesday, @dariamusk. Looking forward to hearing your talk and songs!

Twitter • 10/20/14 • 1:04AM

If you haven't already, make sure you sign up for @dariamusk's performance! (Oct. 21st at 12:15)

Twitter • 10/20/14 • 1:03AM

SAVE THE DATE❗️You don't want to miss this great event!

Instagram • 10/20/14 • 12:02AM

RT @WomenOfHistory: The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win.

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 11:55PM

Join us during common hour because your favorite Betas will be selling CHURROS! (Cash and QuickPay)

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 11:50PM

"Environmental Destruction" by Arend van Dam, a Dutch political cartoonist who also lectures on organizational psych.

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 10:45PM

What do you think?

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 10:12PM

RT @Leadershipfreak: Your ability to learn represents your leadership potential. Humility fuels learning. #leadership

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 9:13PM

“@SamBassford: @MartinHallEvent I might need to walk over to Martin for this!”

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 8:37PM

Reminder! The deadline for the Lubin listserv is tomorrow morning. Add your events tonight and sleep in:

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 8:36PM

How do we plan for urban resilience? How do we get back on our feet after a disaster? Find out at #PaceUResilience

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 8:23PM

RT @glamourmag: What it's like being a female executive at a Middle Eastern company:

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 8:11PM

RT @NYWICI: Be part of #commsweekny! Register for the 10/22 #NYWICI Digital Salon & learn from @sherrilangburt on #brand #story

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 8:11PM

RT @FamousWomen: Never force anything. Just let it be. If it's meant to be, it will be.

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 8:10PM

RT @HuffPostWomen: A burger joint owner told a female journalist, "I would love to see my meat in your mouth."

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 8:10PM

RT @WhoWhatWear: Our favorite miniskirt street style moments:

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 7:48PM

RT @LuckyMagazine: The most extravagant, over-the-top runway shows EVER:

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 7:48PM

RT @LuckyMagazine: 20 fresh new ways to style the classic turtleneck:

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 7:48PM

RT @LuckyMagazine: Go on the ultimate shopping spree! Enter for a chance to win $5,000 to build the closet of your dreams:

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 7:48PM

Good luck on all your midterms! #Wica #lubinlife #paceu

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 7:47PM

RT @Forbes: "I do believe my work strengthens my parenting skills and being a parent makes me better at my work."

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 7:46PM

RT @dariamusk: Getting over-prepared for my talk / concert / Q&A @paceuniversity on Tuesday! #finallygoingtocollege ;)

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:58PM

RT @Oprah_World: Love is a verb.

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:52PM

RT @PaigeDenim: Fall looks we love. #LIVEINIT

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:52PM

Meet the interns of @jpmorgan @armani @WarnerBrosEnt this week. @PaceUCareers will also be speaking. #lubinlife

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:52PM

RT @ariannahuff: From my speech at #DF14: Technology has to become our slave, not our master

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:50PM

Happy Sunday Everyone! Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!! Last day for sign ups are tomorrow! Follow...

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:33PM

I posted 35 photos on Facebook in the album "Commercial Dance Fall Intensive 2014"

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:32PM

.@DariaMusk is coming to #PaceU on 10/21. Wanna know more about this 24-yr-old phenom? Click here:

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 6:20PM

Govt. and industry leaders will talk about their successes & failures after Superstorm Sandy. #PaceUResilience

Twitter • 10/19/14 • 5:53PM