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Join us tomorrow 12:30 W615 hear Barry Klarberg discuss operations and budgeting in the arts!

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 8:19PM

RT @_HJBrown: Anyone want to buy a ticket to @SensesFail April 2nd at @bestbuy_theater??

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 8:17PM

RT @TheSerotones: Come hangout with us for a FREE acoustic show at @PaceUniversity at 106 Fulton street dorms on APRIL 3rd!

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 8:17PM

RT @DysonCollege: Did you hear? #PaceU’s Environmental Studies and Science program was named life-changing by @WestchesterMag:

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 8:07PM

RT @LubinBSchool: Don't miss the Spring 2015 Job & Internship Fairs! PLV Wednesday 4/1 & NYC Thursday 4/9

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 8:07PM

Busy month! Thursday April 2nd is Comedy Night. Wednesday April 15th is Amateur Night. Tuesday April 21st is Spring Fest. Are you ready?

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 7:31PM

RT @PaceUniversity: The laughs continue on April 2 as @paceboardnyc hosts the fabulous @nicolebyer for #PaceU's Comedy Night.

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 7:30PM

That's energy on sideline #celly

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 7:18PM

Audience: “Use pop culture to engage people on #climateschange – play the game, instead of trying to beat it.” #climatescipress

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 6:23PM

“There are moral questions far more profound than the scientific ones. Everyone needs to be in the room.” @Revkin #Climatescipress

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 6:20PM

.@pacelawschool is offering first-in-nation tuition-matching program. Enroll for same cost as your in-state tuition.

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 6:09PM

@FrankRrrr "The Guardian is the experiment" - @Revkin

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 6:08PM

The laughs continue on April 2 as @paceboardnyc hosts the fabulous @nicolebyer for #PaceU's Comedy Night.

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 6:05PM

@climateopp On republican climate denial, “maybe it’ll turn out that this was all a bad dream.” #climatescipress

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 6:04PM

@Climateopp on reaching people about #climatechange “It is a race. By the time everyone grasps it, it’s too late.” #ClimateSciPress

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:55PM

Q at #climatescipress : Are advertisers driving news content? @Revkin "From personal experience, no one at NYT ever pressured me."

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:49PM

S/O to #PaceBaseball and John Kukura for being named @TheNortheast10 Player of the week!

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:48PM

#ClimateSciPress @revkin “You can generate more and more [pieces on #climatechange] but if people aren’t watching or reading…”

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:45PM

@ClimateOpp "Politics is theater… But it’s worked in the case of ozone, where the danger was too real and too immediate." #climatescipress

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:38PM

Reminder: Tomorrow (3/31) is the last day to withdraw from a course WITHOUT permission!

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:30PM

@rekvin: "This is not just a science question." @ClimateOpp: "The normative side is the problem now." #ClimateSciPress

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:28PM

околдовал разум мой...

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:21PM

#ClimateSciPress @revkin to @ClimateOpp on his career dedicated to #climate science and policy: "How did you get into this mess?"

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:18PM

#ClimateSciPress Introduction by @PaceUniversity Prof M. Land "Climate change has rolled back the stone...created new fields of study"

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:09PM

RT @PaceUAthletics: .@PaceWLax Squares off with New Haven and Southern New Hampshire #PaceLax

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:03PM

Hey guys! We are pleased to announce that PopTV will be hosting a casting call for the reality competition...

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:02PM

RT @DarthJmo: Ниче так парень танцует лезгинку.

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 5:01PM

RT @_lohlahhh: @pace_seidenberg - I believe @SuhailBhandari and I are ready for selfie session part II #PacePathLive

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 4:49PM

RT @PaceUniversity: .@SOEPACE student Jennifer Czirr is boxing her way to the Barclays Center for the Golden Gloves Finals on April 2.

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 4:41PM

RT @HuffingtonPost: Jeopardy first aired on March 30, 1964. Here's Alex Trebek pronouncing foreign words to celebrate.

Twitter • 03/30/15 • 4:27PM