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#NEWS #ОБЩЕСТВО Материнский капитал можно будет потратить на бизнес

Twitter • 10/30/14 • 1:23AM

RT @NinjaJahe: Террорист-смертник подорвался на популярном курорте в Тунисе

Twitter • 10/30/14 • 12:24AM

Лукашенко: на заседании Госсовета решены все проблемные вопросы

Twitter • 10/30/14 • 12:13AM

@AppleSrapple if key foods is still open they sell individual pies

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 11:54PM

RT @kiraevansss: Писториуса могут приговорить к 10 годам тюрьмы #НОВОСТЬ

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 11:41PM

RT @WomensHealthMag: Transform your lower legs and calves!

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 11:32PM

RT @womensmediacntr: Suffragist, describes anyone of either sex who works for the voting rights of others, especially women’s, most often refers to a woman.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 11:31PM

RT @WomensEqParty: Make history by voting Women's Equality Party this Nov 4. Find your polling place. #VoteWEP

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 11:30PM

RT @jsfauquet: Blown away by the beauty, grace, and glorious talent of The Light in the Piazza at @paceuniversity.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 11:06PM

#PaceU hosts veterans events: one featuring SVA National President and CEO and Hoops for Troops feat. the NY Knicks.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 9:44PM

RT @LubinBSchool: David Doroski, CPA, kicks off the @bappace event Demystifying the CPA Exam.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 9:43PM

WPAW does Fresh Prince

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 9:36PM

Our DJ manager Polo Joe ( joetechman )

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 9:16PM

Just another WPAW meeting!

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 9:10PM

RT @GrandCaitlin: My first #PaceU Grad School presentation was at the @wilson_center's #TruePartnerships event on #impactinvesting.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 8:24PM

RT @Alex_Picassoo: This is about to get LEGEND-ARY! @ActuallyNPH #InsideTheActorsStudio #paceuniversity

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 8:23PM

@heynells If yes, you can reach them at (212) 346-1800. Good luck!

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 8:14PM

@heynells Oooh, sorry to hear that. Front lobby at 1PP?

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 8:13PM

We are getting ready for tomorrow's Halloween party! We hope to see you all there in the Student Union…

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 8:04PM

We are getting ready for tomorrow's Halloween party! We hope to see you all there in the Student Union from 6-10pm. #pacehonorsnyc #halloween

Instagram • 10/29/14 • 8:04PM

Fantastic discussion this evening #truepartnerships

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 8:03PM

I am broadcasting live at come and check it out!

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 7:56PM

RT @PaceUGCR: Great talk tonight on #impactinvesting and #SocialEntrepreneurship with @paceuniversity's @wilson_center.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 7:50PM

Great talk tonight on #impactinvesting and #SocialEntrepreneurship with @paceuniversity's @wilson_center.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 7:27PM

@HeyBritTani14 @_Unmade glad you guys got in!

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 7:25PM

@mmiloscia Sounds good!

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 7:08PM

@mmiloscia @paceuniversity Example:Apple's recent OS update: - no fix from Apple yet, but contact us & we can check.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 7:02PM

@paceuniversity @mmiloscia Also some recent updates may be causing or stop by the CRC lab and we can assist in more detail.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 6:51PM

@paceuniversity @mmiloscia Pls call the Help Desk @ 914-773-3333 before 7pm. There's no noted system-wide issue at this time.

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 6:49PM

.@thebigshotprof please join with interested students and let's Learn + Talk + Build new communities #pacepathlive

Twitter • 10/29/14 • 6:49PM