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Graduate Admission

2018-2019 Fee Schedule

Maintenance of Matriculation Fees
These fees apply to fall and spring semesters only and go toward the maintenance of a student in the system.
MM 600  MN (Master's) $50 per semester
MM 700 MN (PsyD) $250 per semester
MM 800 MN (DPS) $250 per semester
MM 801 MN (DCS) $250 per semester
DPS in Computing: Year 5 $1,000
PhD in Psychology: Year 5 $250


General Institution Fees
Pace University assesses a General Institutional Fee (GIF) to cover the costs of libraries and fitness centers, which support student services not covered by tuition. Many institutions charge similar fees or they assess separate fees for the aforementioned services. Pace University has consolidated the cost of these services into one concise fee for the convenience of its student population.
Up to Four Credits $155 per semester
Five to Seven Credits $221 per semester
Eight to Eleven Credits $299 per semester
Twelve or More Credits $422 per semester


Miscellaneous Fees: Per Semester (unless stated otherwise):
Alumni Audit No fee
Admissions Graduate Application $70.00
Auditing, Per Credit Part-Time Prevailing Per Credit Rate
Deferred/Conflict Exam $35.00-one exam, $50.00-2 or more exams
Housing Deposit, first-time resident, non-refundable $400.00
Housing Security Deposit (paid once) $100.00
Dyson Graduate Student Association Fee $50.00
Graduate Tuition Deposit (all programs except MS Physician Assistant, MS Physician Assistant Studies Completion, Lubin eMBA, Lubin MFP) $200.00
Graduate Tuition Deposit - MS Physician Assistant Program $1,500.00
Graduate Tuition Deposit - MS Physician Assistant Studies Completion Program $500.00
Graduate Tuition Deposit - Lubin eMBA & Lubin MFP (first module) $1,000.00
International Student Fees $55.00
Late Payment Fee for 2nd Installment, Fall & Spring $50.00
Lubin Graduate Student Development $175.00
Mandatory Accident and Sickness Insurance-Domestic Visit Student Health Insurance for costs by semester
Mandatory Accident and Sickness Insurance-International Visit Student Health Insurance for costs by semester
OASIS Program- Building on Special Strength Fee/TARA (Fall and Spring semesters) $6,500.00
OASIS Program- Building on Special Strength Fee/TARA (Summer flat rate) $800.00
Proficiency Exam $160.00
Psychology Program $50.00 per credit
Registration/Payment Late Fee: Summer $50.00
Registration/Payment Late Fee: Fall & Spring $110.00
Return Check Charge $20.00
School of Education New Student Administrative Fee $125.00 annual fee
Study Abroad - Exchange or Direct Billing $100.00
Study Abroad - Summer Program $100.00
Study Abroad - Non-Affiliated $100.00
Technology Fee (full-time students, fall & spring) $105.00
Technology Fee (part-time students, fall & spring) $60.00
Transcript Request No fee for 1st request; $7.00 for 2nd request
University Health Care Fee $75.00

Note: Pace University reserves the right to change tuition, fees, and room and board rates. When determining financial aid packages, we take into consideration the total cost of attendance, which includes fees not paid to Pace such as books, spending money, and transportation costs.