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Career Preparation

  • Amoreena

    From internships at Nickelodeon to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Amoreena Crispino is well on her way to conquering the media world.

  • Salil

    For Salil Ahuja ’19, being a member of Pace’s award-winning Federal Reserve Challenge Team was the experience of a lifetime.

  • Rachel

    Filmmaking runs in the family for Rachel Skopp-Cardillo ’20. She’s a third generation Pace student on the PLV Campus who just wrapped up working on PaceDocs’ Hope in the Dark last year.

  • Zakiya

    Zakiya Sims ’18 is a coding wiz with an impressive resume, customizing her academic accomplishments as easily as the HTML and CSS in her old Myspace account. She even landed a job as a software engineer for Disney!

  • Danielle

    “The first reason why I chose Pace was the world of opportunity,” says Danielle Graziano ’18. Hear how she landed internships at Warner Music Group, Live Nation, and more!

  • Alyssa

    Alyssa Ortega ’20 is a Childhood Education major on the PLV Campus who is deeply passionate about teaching—both as an educator, and a peer. There’s one lesson in particular, however, that really changed her perspective.

  • Argenys

    Argenys Morban ’19 is the COO of a nonprofit, a member of Pace’s award-winning Fed Team, a Goldman Sachs analyst, and in his spare time? He shreds it on the drum and bass.

  • Christina

    “In addition to its ideal location, Pace makes it easier to get a job or internship. They offer numerous resources, such as Career Services, which prepare students for success outside of the classroom.”

  • Tara

    Sports fan and softball player Tara Bernstein ’18 had dreams of pursuing a career in sportscasting. At Pace, she interned at NY1 News, NBC Sports, and the New York Mets. After graduation, she was hired as a field reporter at Verizon Fios 1 News. Talk about a home run!

  • Janet

    “I believe what sets Pace apart from other universities lies in its diversity, various majors, and tools for success.”

  • Mason

    Finance major and rising Wall Street star Mason Murray ’19 is on the path to some serious success. He’s interned for a number of heavy hitters in the industry including JPMorgan, and he recently participated in Goldman Sachs’ Pride Summit. This guy’s going places!

  • Rohana

    From interning at IBM to restarting a nonprofit foundation in the Dominican Republic, Rohana Sosa ’19 is making the most of her time at Pace.

  • Noelle

    Economics major Noelle Howard ’19 has been busy: she’s an Honors College student, Model UN award winner, and—get this—a former competitive ballet dancer. Her ambition is on pointe!

  • Joseph

    Joseph Colella ’19 founded the Political Science Society to spark more dialogue about politics on campus. Before his grand ambitions at Pace? He was part of the Grand Awkward, a band that’s actually on Spotify.

  • Blake

    Blake Rozelle ’20 has worn many hats: DJ and President of WPAW, YouTuber, PaceDocs filmmaker, small business owner, and much more. What got him started? Making videos with his grandmother.

  • Abby

    Abby Fox ’19 is all about the NYC experience—and every big opportunity the Big Apple has to offer. That kind of drive brought her work all the way to the desk of Amy Poehler!

  • Taslim

    Intern. Volunteer. Filmmaker. Prestigious award winner. Taslim Tavarez ’18, a first-generation student, is making a difference at Pace and around the world.

  • James

    James Best ’18 had his sports journalism dreams come true when he had the opportunity to intern in the and NBC Olympics newsrooms. After graduation, he landed a full-time job at NBC Sports as a digital editor.

  • Eiman

    Through research, internships, and industry leadership, Eiman Ahmed ’18 is well on her way to a bright future in STEM.

  • Bartek

    Through heavy involvement with student government, Bartek Szymanski has been able to merge his studies and achievements in an unorthodox, yet extremely meaningful way.

  • BriAnna

    BriAnna DellaSala ’17 is ready to take her masterful skills in marketing and her flair for fashion to a career in the fashion industry.

  • Sasha Ariel

    Through her recently published children’s book and a number of other initiatives, Sasha Ariel Alston is helping to change the face of STEM.

  • Nick

    Be it a high-stakes race or a patient in need, nursing student Nick Porretta ’17 is prepared for anything that may come his way.

  • Jamie

    Pace School of Education student Jamie DelToro ’19 turns her own development as a mentor and childhood education major into a way of helping her peers reach their full potential.

  • Amber

    Amber Borrero ’17 made her mark at the marketing company TMPG. In this Q&A, she shares her advice to students and gives an inside look at what it's like to work for an award-winning marketing company.

  • Cati

    Cati Amaral ’18 injects her heart for helping others into her daily life at Pace, from advocating for students through her roles in the Honors Council and Student Government Association to excelling as a nursing student and resident assistant on the PLV Campus.

  • Diego

    “Being in an environment where one day you’re working on Sunday Night Football content, and the next day on the Olympics, is actually a dream come true.”

  • Rachel

    From going behind the camera for a live shoot, to seeing the process of building a television project from the ground up, Rachel Krawsek ’17 is ready to conquer the production field after interning at Al Roker Entertainment.

  • Sarah

    Sarah Davis ’18 has drawn upon her bond with Professor Leora Trub to produce some truly compelling research, and establish herself as an expert on the evolving digital realities of therapy.

  • Shahzaib

    “I noticed that at Pace University, I have been setting higher goals. When I graduate, I don’t want just a job, I want the best of the best.”

  • Tabatha

    “Pace gives you the opportunity to stand out. The school really focuses on getting its students on track for the real world. They require you to have internships, ask you what your goals are, and teach you on a different level that stimulates your mind.”

  • Paula

    "Far from being only academically focused, Pace offers its students a lot of help in getting internships and on-campus experiences in their field of study."

  • Katie and Kimberly

    Katie and Kimberly Mitts ’17 are forever grateful for the lessons, experiences, simulation scenarios, and mentoring they have received along their Pace Path.

  • Joshua

    Communication Studies and Film and Screen Studies double major Joshua Lovell ’18 took his love of leadership to new heights last summer after he was selected to participate in the highly prestigious Hesselbein Global Leadership Summit.

  • Julian

    From pitching a Pace partnership with Lyft to completing a summer internship at Comcast, Julian Alston ’18 is preparing to conquer the business world while taking in all that the PLV Campus has to offer.

  • Henry

    “Pace has given me a real edge. We have clinical placements early, and we work in the field and in labs far more than what’s required for licensing. That’s where so much of the learning is, and I’m there.”

  • Ava

    Balancing internships, travel, class, and leadership roles may be a challenge for some, but for Seidenberg student Ava Posner '18 , she knows it is her code to success for rising to the top as a woman in technology and landing a job at a leading startup after graduation.

  • Hilary

    Hilary McManus ’15 shares her story of inspiration, her academic successes, and how Pace helped her on her journey to become a pediatric audiologist.

  • Nicholas

    Global marketing student Nicholas Casanova ’16 combines his passion for politics and skills in marketing to make a difference in his community and for his fellow classmates.

  • Ali

    Through seeking out volunteer work and extensive research into the non-profit sector, Ali Phelan ’18 is making a positive impact both at home and abroad.

  • Vinona

    From managing one of Pace’s student-run business to interning at GroupM, Vinona Rugova is getting down to business.

  • W. Paul

    Law student W. Paul Alvarez '16 is in the classroom, in the courtroom, and making a difference in the lives of immigrants thanks to his experience at Pace Law School's Immigration Justice Clinic.

  • Jessie

    Scholarships and prestigious awards have enabled political science and peace and justice studies student Jessie Meredith ’16 to travel around the world and back again in pursuit of a career in urban planning and peace and justice.

  • James

    Arts and entertainment management and quantitative business analysis double major James Park ’17 gets down to business in the classroom. But in his residence hall, he’s working on the perfect recipe to land his dream career as a television food personality.

  • Kristin

    Kristin Stein ’15, ’17 discusses how transferring to Pace during her junior year—her third school as an undergraduate—turned out to be just the right fit for her.

  • Noura
    Boustany Jost

    Film, Television, Voice-overs, and Commercials (FTVC) student Noura Boustany Jost ’18 is well on her way to becoming a force in the motion picture business. After just two years at Pace, she’s already produced, written, directed, and starred in her own Screen Actors Guild (SAG)-approved film.

  • Andre

    Andre Arias ’18 discusses how a gift from a family member propelled him into a world of possibilities in communications, and how the right planning and experiential learning can get students ahead.

  • Elliana

    Elliana Gianacopoulos ’18 conducts medical research, leads the Pre-Professional Medical Society on campus, and spends her days volunteering in hospitals and medical programs across New York City all with one goal in mind: to help others in need.

  • Marc

    During his undergraduate career at Pace, Marc Rinosa ’17 has challenged the conventions of the business world, learned from a professor who knows Beyoncé, and has strived to establish recruitment channels for diverse and underrepresented students on campus.

  • Briana

    “I’ve found that I’ve had a ton of support at Pace, and being a woman in computer science hasn’t deterred me in any way.”

  • Anthony

    Washington. Brussels. Tirana. Studying at Pace doesn’t mean you have to stay in New York. With his prestigious grants and internships, finance student Anthony J. Leo ’15 shows how Pace can turn you into a globetrotter.

  • Brianna

    “I definitely wanted an education along with pursuing my acting career, and Pace allows for me to have both in my life.”

  • Pace

    One year after launch, the founders of the booming Pace Mart talk about their success, the obstacles they faced to get there, and the invaluable lessons they learned along the way.

  • Nicholas

    “As a student who has dreamed of being a teacher since the first grade, I was looking for a strong and intense education program. Pace offered a combined five-year degree program where I would be able to receive both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years."

  • Juliette

    Commercial dance student and a winner of the 2014-2015 Ted and Pat Levine Proof of Concept Entrepreneurship Initiative Juliette Nieves ’15 is getting down to business to pursue a passion that pays.

  • Giovanni

    Pace student Giovanni “Gio” Lemus ’16 knows what it’s like to live passionately and with purpose. He shares his thoughts on the importance of getting involved, planning for the future, and inspiring the next generation.

  • Carolyn

    From New York to Los Angeles to Rio, Carolyn Phillips’ internship with Special Olympics New York and passion for volunteering and the Olympics is changing her life one game at a time.

  • Matthew

    “[The Performing Arts Department] is absolutely incredible. It’s why I came to Pace.”

  • Asher

    “I knew how to make clothes, I needed to know accounting, marketing, and all the things fashion school leaves out.”

  • Alanna

    Communication Studies student Alanna McCatty is funding her entire Pace education through merit and outside scholarships and shares her tips for landing scholarships, internships, and other opportunities at Pace.

  • Amit

    Entrepreneurship student Amit Shah ’16 manages his classes and his own business as the CEO of an international niche staffing company.

  • De’Ja

    “I always felt that I had to build my life, and the only way to do that was to put myself out there, starting with the resources at Pace.”

  • James

    Thanks to his Pace education, Army veteran and information technology student James Ossipov '15 is on the front lines of fighting cybercrime, one mobile phone at a time.

  • Jennifer

    “Though Teaching Fellows places you at a school, I was lucky to get placed at Pace. The School of Education has been really supportive and really helpful.”

  • Alexis

    “Everything that you put in to Pace, that is what you’re going to get out of it.”

  • Melissa

    “I took full advantage of the opportunities offered here at Pace. We have one of the top internship/co-op programs in the nation.”

  • Dante

    "When you put a child’s education in my hands, I’m basically saying ‘I’m going to prepare them for you, lawyers; I’m going to prepare them for you, doctors...’ They have to go through me first. And it’s a really big responsibility."

  • Oluwabukola

    Oluwabukola Oyalabu ’16 revisits her childhood roots while helping build playgrounds and teaching children the value of sustainability through her Wilson Center Summer Funded Internship at the Trust for Public Land.

  • Martha

    "Pace has a very special program that not every school has. Your senior year at Pace you do a preceptorship, which means that rather than go to the hospital in a clinical group…you’re one-on-one with a nurse."

  • Nathalie

    "How many times do you have two campuses in the same school?” she says. “At any other school I couldn’t do that."

  • Jessica

    "I chose Pace for its reputable nursing program and was able to have the chance to play Division II Soccer. Not many athletic programs allow student-athletes to pursue a career in nursing while being an athlete but I was lucky to find Pace."

  • Christa
    Gray Page

    "Winning the Pace Business Plan Competition means that I’m on the right track. It’s exciting and it’s validation—that I wasn’t completely crazy for taking a risk and quitting my corporate job to pursue"

  • Vinnie

    "What keeps me here is definitely the faculty. Early on, I developed a good working relationship with the faculty at Pace and, on top of that, got a good scholarship."

  • Nelli

    "Being with other students who are just as passionate about these issues…besides being eye-opening, was also a wake-me-up moment."

  • Raheem

    "I don’t see myself as a success story yet. I’m more of a rough draft of what I expect myself to do later in life."

  • Kyeong Hun (Christopher)
    Kang '14

    “I knew that I wanted an experience that was not only extraordinary, but life changing.”

  • Brianna

    “I chose Pace because they had an outstanding reputation and the Lubin School of Business had so much to offer incoming undecided freshmen.”

  • Avni

    “Career Services was a huge part of me starting off my internships with DeedCast and Sony Corp.”

  • Cristina

    “Career Services is one of the best services Pace has to offer. I’m not saying that because I worked there. I worked there because of that.”

  • Patrick

    “The experience that has helped enhance my career development and goals has been the support I received from Pace University as a whole. It changed my entire life.”

  • Deirdre

    “It isn’t uncommon for students with internships to become hired by the company once the internship ends. I was fortunate enough to have this scenario become a reality for me.”

  • Heather

    “I feel like I’ve gotten so much from Pace and my mentor teachers. I’m ready to do this.”

  • Nick

    "From the moment I came to New York City, I was determined that I would take advantage of everything the city and Pace had to offer. I followed my passion and Dyson was instrumental in helping me figure out how to get where I wanted to go."

  • Jason

    “Being an intern while a student means having the freedom to feel secure enough to take professional risks and to explore sectors that you might not have considered as a full-time career choice post-graduation.”

  • Alexandra

    “I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to my internships."

  • Paige

    “I was inspired to apply to Pace University after seeing a presentation on the Pace Pitch Contest. It is incredible how almost four years later, I have competed in the competition and came in first place.”

  • John

    “I’ve had opportunities [at Pace] that I don’t think I would’ve have had at another school.”

  • Amanda

    "I applied to Pace University because I was advised that the School of Education was fabulous and had a great relationship with RCC and that my credits would transfer over very smoothly… I am happy I made the decision to come to Pace."

  • Dan

    "Many of my peers are already chief PAs in their departments. This reflects on the caliber of the program at Pace that teaches character, leadership, and knowledge."

  • Elena

    "I wouldn’t be involved in so much if I didn’t love the school; I think it’s so amazing how much we’re able to offer students at our University."

  • Nicolette

    "I feel that I have an edge over other students throughout the country. The extensive marketing classes I have taken have truly helped me talk intelligently about my field when interviewing and discussing aspects of the business."

  • Jonathan

    "Pace has shown a real commitment to my professional development. I’ve been given the tools to figure out not only what I’d like to do as a profession, but who I’d like to be as a person."

  • Jeremy

    "The work that I did with Seidenberg Creative Labs and [Professor] Hill while I was at Pace was instrumental in my professional life. It was invaluable to work with real-world clients."

  • Cathy

    "The professors build you up to become a leader, not a follower. They helped me a lot to be autonomous."

  • Courtney

    "The Media and Communication Video Arts program at Pace University really helped prepare me for life in the very competitive production industry. Coming in, I knew nothing about production, but I learned everything I needed to know, and now I’m an associate producer."

  • Diana

    "I work hard doing what I like to do, which is helping people and communities. If you’re passionate about something, you should go for it… The best thing about being a Pace student is when you work hard, it all pays off."

  • Chris

    Using his experience opening up an on-campus café, entrepreneur Chris Gaur started a telehealth company, Vital Health Services.

  • Topaz

    "I feel that Pace is a school that prepares its students. I’m really glad I took advantage of all the opportunities it afforded me."

  • Asia

    "I was accepted into Vanderbilt, but Pace was my first choice because it has such incredible opportunities. I wouldn’t be able to get those opportunities in Dauphin Island. Between conflict analysis research and Model UN, I really think that Pace was the perfect choice for me."

  • Neil

    "Most students don’t get involved in research until their junior year, but at Pace I was able to engage in research at the end of my freshman year, beginning of sophomore year."

  • Shirley
    Acevedo Buontempo

    "I am very grateful for the opportunities I’ve received through my Pace education. I realize how an education can change your life. From my marketing undergraduate degree to my MPA in non-profit management, everything I’ve learned at Pace has helped me get to where I am now."

  • Janelle

    Janelle Wallace ’14 aspired to work in the television and film industry. Now, as a graduate student in educational technology, she will have the distinction of publishing in only her first year of graduate study.

  • Rumit

    From architecture to entrepreneurship, Rumit Mehta used his MBA in International Business to found one of National Geographic’s top "50 Tours of a Lifetime."

  • Courtney

    "My priority was finding a school that would be willing to work with me…and be supportive and understanding."

  • Kristie

    "How many people can be in school and say they can work at some of the biggest corporations in not even just America, but the world? It’s just crazy to think that coming here as an 18-year-old girl who just wanted to be in New York, my dreams are honestly coming true."

  • Sofya

    "I think that what sets Pace apart is that we know when to study, and we know when to have fun. That balance of working with and enjoying your time with the team, and studying as much as you can, is what makes us great and won us the Lloyd Bromberg Teamwork Award."

  • Kyle

    "The best thing about the program is that it is very involved and very one-on-one, personal. It really helped me figure out what it is that I want to do."

  • Jacqueline

    "I chose to study abroad to immerse myself in a place that is unfamiliar to me, to reflect on my education in America, and to see what other institutions have to offer. Receiving the Gilman Scholarship is a true blessing and I can’t wait to share my experience with my fellow Pace students."

  • Mark

    "After four years of part-time jobs, internships at leading companies, … and a full load of classes—all while maintaining a GPA above 3.5 in the Honors College—my hard work has finally paid off... I have been offered a position at a leading media and marketing company."

  • Asad

    "Every year I’ve gotten an internship through Pace University. They’ve been my guidance and my support in my career development here."

  • Carly

    "After only a semester at Pace University in the master’s in Media and Communication Arts program, I landed an internship in the Public Relations Department at Revlon, Inc., one of the world’s top leading makeup brands, in their Manhattan office."

  • Joanna

    "There is a huge advantage when you are coming to school at Pace, and specifically Lubin, because your internship opportunities are endless."

  • Polly

    "Instead of just having lectures in class and going through the textbooks and Powerpoints, Lubin professors really stress the importance of going out to NYC and for us to get a really good handle of what it is to be a young professional within the Hospitality and Tourism industry."

  • Kristhy

    "Every finance company is here in New York, accounting companies, so I thought there are a lot of opportunities here. The companies are constantly coming to Pace to recruit, to look for, students."

  • Domingo

    "I came to Lubin primarily because Pace just has this rich history within accounting. The faculty at Lubin have been stupendous."

  • Spozmi

    "Being in NYC, all of the students who attend Pace have so many opportunities presented to them. Several of my internships and job opportunities, I’ve been able to leave Pace and it’s been a 10 minute walk away from the University."

  • Cailan

    "One of the best parts of this program is that you’re here, you’re in the middle of it. You can do a workshop or a reading and go to school, and take literally what you learned in the classroom and apply it that night."

  • Valerie

    Valerie Cayo '14 has been whetting her app-etite working on two mobile app projects. Hear what little monster app inspires her and words of advice to aspiring developers.

  • Michael

    "Pace statistics speak for themselves. Regarding economic or business majors, Pace University is just the top of the class. This is one of the reasons I chose Pace."

  • Amy

    "Pace University has given me a solid nursing foundation and a diverse range of invaluable experiences, from ICU preceptorships to working at the Henry Street Settlement…. I am truly grateful and proud to be an alumna of the Lienhard School of Nursing."

  • Matthew

    Matthew Knell has spent the last 14+ years designing, developing, marketing, and strategizing at some of the most well-known brands in the country:, AOL, CafeMom, Scholastic, JetBlue, and Viacom.

  • April Bukofser and
    Marin Milio

    "We dreamed about this in college, we made it come true, and we love what we do. Pace gave both of us a well-rounded base, and we’re using those skills every day in all aspects of the business… Our roots are at Pace and if it wasn’t for Pace, we wouldn’t be here."

  • Douglas

    "When I was a high school student and touring Pleasantville, the Seidenberg academic adviser told me about the program and Pace’s affiliation with the DoD. I came to Pace because of the program and the scholarships it offers."

  • Opal

    “As a girl who has always had big dreams, Pace has given me the opportunities to make them come true.”

  • Elissa

    "Pace in general has really fostered a lot of work ethic and career opportunities for me that I don’t know if I would have had at other schools. I’m finally starting to see my high school dreams come true. I owe a lot to Dr. Mandel."

  • Lindsey

    "Most other schools don’t do a five-year program. I saw some schools, but Pace was so much better. You could see that students got jobs after they graduated from Pace."

  • Kevin

    "That internship gave me the experience that led me to McGraw-Hill. I was more confident after that internship."

  • Maria

    "I’ve spoken to other people that are in different nursing programs, and Pace has a very rigorous program, which makes it stand out from the rest. I feel extremely confident that my education at Pace has prepared me for the NCLEX and beginning my career."

  • Sean

    These experiences have greatly influenced my future career plans because I learned that I do not want to be just ‘a number’ in a corporation but I want to matter in the output of the company that I work for.

  • Hannah

    "It’s really taking what I’m learning in the textbook and what I’m doing on the job and tying it all together. It’s an integration of the two. I’ve always studied business and IT separately, so to see how they tie together is something that’s huge for me now."

  • Madison

    "Because the faculty at Pace is amazing and they’re working in the industry, it doesn’t feel like there’s a glass wall between myself and a professional career in the performing arts. If I keep putting in the hard work and making connections, it’s going to happen."

  • Ashley

    "I fell in love with Pace. UNC only gives its first 10 veterans full aid and then covers 20% of the cost of attendance. Pace gives 100%."

  • Hatsue

    "Pace allows education majors to have fieldwork experience earlier than many other universities, and it is also one of a few schools that uses the Avatar TeachLivE™ Lab where education majors can practice their classroom skills in a realistic simulation."

  • Julie

    "I chose Pace because I already had a family at the computer science school before I came in. It was the type of community that I wanted to spend my time in."

  • Josue

    Taking his childhood passion for toy and LEGO building to the next level, Seidenberg student Josué Vicioso talks about the Seidenberg Creative Labs, his work with the video game inspired adventure gym Exerblast, and more!

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