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A Passion for Compassion

Cati Amaral ’18
College of Health Professions
Westchester (Pleasantville) Campus

Nursing student Cati Amaral ’18 has a huge heart for helping others. After seeing her grandfather battle pancreatic cancer with supportive nurses at his side, she was inspired to pursue a path to becoming a nurse. Now as a nursing student on the PLV Campus, she has become a leader through her roles as vice president of the Honors Council and as the Student Government Association College of Health Professions representative, and inspires herself and others around her to be advocates and create change.

What is your favorite part about being a Pace student?
I never knew whether I wanted to go to a big or small school, but the Pace Pleasantville Campus is the perfect size. There is so much support here and there is always someone to go to—you are never really alone. There are also so many opportunities unique to Pace students.

What organizations, clubs, or activities have had the greatest impact on you?
Being a Resident Assistant (RA) is a big part of my life. I love being the person my residents go to. I am very passionate about being an advocate for students and a person who can start something new and make change. I have been able to do that as the vice president of the Honors Council and the Student Government Association College of Health Professions representative. Sometimes it can be hard for students to go to faculty or adults, but they can come to us and we can push to make a change for them.

Why did you choose nursing?
I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field and I thought maybe I would end up being a doctor. When I was younger, my grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I remember the nurses being so kind to me in the hospital and making my grandfather as well as me and my family feel comfortable. I want to be the nurse that makes these experiences for people and their families in the hospital as good and comfortable as they can be and make a difference in their lives. I love the medical aspect of nursing as well, but the personal aspect is what really drew me to it.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Hang out with my family and watch movies. I am also a foodie, so anything that involves food.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken at Pace?
Pediatrics because that is what I would like to work in one day and is part of my experience in my clinical at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, which is great. I also took a psychology of morality course with Paul Griffin, PhD, who is a wonderful teacher.

How has the Pace Path helped you?
It helped me plan out my four years and keeps me motivated and on track toward my goal. I set out on what I said I was going to do and the Pace Path gives me the push to keep going.

How has your experience been in the nursing program?
It has been challenging, but it builds you personally and teaches you a lot about yourself. It teaches you when you need to take breaks and when you need to keep pushing forward. It taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to and to push myself.

What is your greatest accomplishment at Pace?
I was chosen as a Pace Top 100 Scholar, which recognizes 100 undergraduate students who have the highest combined GPAs for the fall and spring semesters. I was really proud of that achievement.

If you could describe the Pace Path in a few words, what would they be?
Perseverance and dedication.

What’s your most memorable experience while at Pace?
Becoming an RA. I was picked as an alternate and when I was told I got the position, I was so excited because I didn’t realize so many people had applied.

What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming freshmen?
Get involved! During my freshman year, I was more worried about my course load than getting involved. Pace will give back to you what you put into it, so get out there!

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Cati Amaral ’18 injects her heart for helping others into her daily life at Pace, from advocating for students through her roles in the Honors Council and Student Government Association to excelling as a nursing student and resident assistant on the PLV Campus.