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An Entrepreneurial Call

Jeremy Pease '12
Computer Science
Seidenberg School of CSIS
NYC Campus

What happens when a computer science major and a business major with entrepreneurial spirit serve as Resident Advisers (RAs) together? At Pace, a business partnership is born. Jeremy Pease ’12 and Rob Caucci ’11 have launched multiple higher-education/student-related businesses together while students at Pace and since graduating.

A native of West Palm Beach, FL, Pease visited New York City in 2006. “I immediately knew that it was where I wanted to be,” he recalls. Pease, who worked as a dance instructor in high school and later began his own computer services business, chose Pace sight unseen after receiving a generous scholarship from the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems.

“I planned to major in information systems, but changed all of my classes the day before they started at the prompting of upperclassmen who suggested I switch to computer science.” He’s never regretted the decision.

As a student, Pease worked in the Seidenberg Creative Labs overseen by Jonathan Hill, DPS. This group of approximately 12 undergraduate and graduate web developers created websites and mobile apps for Pace, not-for-profits, and start-ups. In addition to gaining invaluable, hands-on production experience, Pease managed the team for a year and a half.

Pease and Caucci were RAs together on the NYC Campus. “We noticed that the Residential Life Department was reliant upon old technology and paper-based systems,” recalls Pease. “We launched Reslutions to simplify some of those systems, working with Pace from the beginning.”

This was their first effort to improve the student experience. Next, they addressed the problem of roommate compatibility, developing an algorithm that Pease describes as “eHarmony for roommates.”

In a similar vein, they created SpaceSplitter, focusing on keeping the peace between roommates by helping them split their bills and chores, and creating roommate agreements. Remaining focused on student satisfaction, Pease and Caucci launched Pijon. With a twofold mission to keep college students happy and while keeping families connected, PijonBox is a carefully curated monthly care package.

Currently offering male, female, and gender neutral boxes, the company focuses on including items from four key areas: healthy snacks; health and beauty/personal care products; essentials (such as laundry detergent pods); and a fun gift.

Since launching in August 2013, they are now sending care packages to students on over 1,000 college campuses.

Most recently, the duo moved to San Francisco, C.A., after being accepted into 500Startups, an accelerator program for early-stage companies, although their warehouse and customer service function currently remain in New Jersey.

For Pease, Pace was the basis for a successful entrepreneurial career.

“Being able to connect with someone in the business school and sharing ideas with him was great,” says Pease. “We’re both passionate about what we do.”

“The work that I did with Seidenberg Creative Labs and [Professor] Hill while I was at Pace was instrumental in my professional life,” he continues. “It was invaluable to work with real-world clients. We had real deadlines, and real timelines. It was an unparalleled experience to see how these things really work.”

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"The work that I did with Seidenberg Creative Labs and [Professor] Hill while I was at Pace was instrumental in my professional life. It was invaluable to work with real-world clients."