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Melissa Vargas ’15
Communication Studies
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
NYC Campus

Melissa Vargas ’15, a communication studies major from Brooklyn, has made great strides since attending Pace. Not only has she secured jobs and internships at some of the most sought after media companies in New York City, but she’s also reached the head of the class with a competitive scholarship from New York Women in Communications and maintains an active presence on campus through organizations like Successful Women at Pace (SWAP) and The Pace Press student newspaper.

Behind it all, though, Vargas has one powerful desire: to help others follow their dreams and achieve a better life.

“Whenever someone comes to me for a word of advice and I can help them get back on track, that's one of my favorite feelings. My biggest passion has always been to help others. There are so many ways to do it,” says Vargas, who’s minoring in Peace and Justice studies and Latin American studies and hopes to one day fund a youth and education organization in the Dominican Republic.

But when she’s not helping others, Vargas is busy carving out her corner of the magazine and television industries—and thanks to Pace’s Career Services, she was able to get into some of the biggest media companies in New York City, such as MTV, NBCUniversal, MTA TransitTransit News magazine, Telemundo 47, and Cosmo for Latinas, among others. “I took full advantage of the opportunities offered here at Pace. We have one of the top internship/co-op programs in the nation—and that’s given me a lot of great opportunities,” she says, citing her time at Telemundo 47 as one of the most valuable experiences she’s had. “I learned all about putting events together, what goes on behind a live show, and even served as a producer for a couple of segments.”

Vargas currently interns for Cosmo for Latinas on in-book stories, and recently wrote an article that was published on their website. More recently, she shared her Pace success story with prospective students at Pace Preview Weekend, something she considers a privilege. “I have always wanted to share my Pace story with a larger crowd, because coming to this school has helped me accomplish so many different things. I wanted to let the admitted students know that there is so much value in pursuing a Pace education; the opportunities are so immense, and it’s only getting better with time.”

As for future plans, Vargas is still aiming high and has her eye on the beauty and media industries, possibly becoming an on-air beauty expert or beauty editor for a magazine she believes in—or, in true Vargas fashion, starting her own magazine. And, of course, she wants to continue making a difference in others’ lives.

“I also hope to be very involved with students by offering advice and serving on many different career panels,” she says. “I know, from experience, it can be a little hard for a college student to

d their calling or what they are passionate about. So when there is someone there to offer you a helping hand, it’s such a weight off your shoulders. I want to be that person for others.”

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“I took full advantage of the opportunities offered here at Pace. We have one of the top internship/co-op programs in the nation.”