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Patrick Moroney '14
Master of Public Administration
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
White Plains

From bouncer to stand-up comedian, Patrick Moroney ’14 has had an array of interesting experiences. But the ones he values most are those that he had as a graduate student in Pace’s Master of Public Administration program, where he’s conducted research, taught classes, and landed a variety of internships, including one that led to full-time employment.

As an undergraduate student at California State University, Moroney was studying communications while bartending, bouncing, and doing stand-up comedy, including auditioning for Last Comic Standing.

“I thought ‘I’ve enjoyed having a good time, but I need more purpose in my life,’” he says. And surprisingly—pursuing a master’s degree in public administration—non-profit profit management was a natural fit. “They all have to do with people. My job is service.”

When he started at Pace, Moroney was looking to gain experience in the field while completing his degree. That’s where the University’s renowned internship program came into play.

“Internships are about creating opportunity. The value of networking and the intangible skills I gained by being willing to work in those environments were invaluable. The confidence in myself, the ability to adjust to unfamiliar situations, self-awareness, and willingness to take action has been essential to my growth as a professional and a person. All of [which I] learned as an intern,” he says. “I’d also like to thank Bless Vaidian for her zen-like patience with me. As a member of Career Services, her continual help and support allowed me to flourish as much as I did.”

Moroney found several internships through Pace’s Career Services Department—including one as a business development consultant at Message Logix, as well as one with the Mayor of the City of White Plains and ultimately Statement Arts, which led to a full-time position—and recommends the experience to all students.

“I suggest to anyone coming in, when you have time, do what you can do. Even if they [don’t] pay, at the worst case, I get a new experience, build my resume and skills, and network. With all the free time, I took every opportunity,” he says.

In June 2012, Moroney began an internship with the non-profit organization Statement Arts, dedicated to bringing the creative visual and performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals. There, he was offered a full-time position as a program director, developing programs, strategic planning, and agenda setting; constructing grant proposals; developing program budgets and financial goals; generating marketing strategies; creating partnerships with NYC corporations and business; and mentoring youth on college admission.

“During my time we have been able to gain stable funding for our program, a must for not-for-profits, as well as expanded our program enrollment by over 100%,” says Moroney. “I also helped our students gets into college and we currently have 100% college enrollment, some of which were accepted to Pace.”

“He has successfully written grants for us, jumped head-long into our summer program with the kids, and he is extremely supportive in helping them find their own footing,” says Statement Arts Founder Liza Politi.

For his success with internships, Moroney was awarded a 2014 Career Services Award. During his time at Pace, Moroney also conducted interdisciplinary qualitative and quantitative analysis of government programs and facilitated focus groups as a graduate research assistant for the University. Additionally, he served as a teaching assistant for two courses: Conflict Resolutions and Practical Negotiation with Marty Epstein and Economics with Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, where he put together curriculum for classes and helped teach, something he found he’s interested in pursuing.

“The experience that has helped enhance my career development and goals has been the support I received from Pace University as a whole,” says Moroney. “It changed my entire life. I’ve been able to establish myself as a professional, develop skills that have made me marketable, to contribute to life as a professional and an individual. Pace gave me an opportunity to do better with myself.”

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“The experience that has helped enhance my career development and goals has been the support I received from Pace University as a whole. It changed my entire life.”