Faculty Research and Presentations at Conferences

Marie Londrigan  and Jason Slyer:  Decision Points Across the Alzheimer’s Disease Trajectory
Lin Drury and Sharon Wexler:  Robotic Pet Therapy for Hospitalized Older Adults
Carol Epstein:  A Tool to Measure Knowledge of Attitudes Towards and Confidence in Palliative Care    Concepts
Linda Carozza:  Addressing Speech Decline in Dementia Patients

Global Health
Carol Roye and Andrea Sonenberg:  It Takes an Instigator, Vision and Passion For Promoting Health In Haiti:  Developing a Partnership Between an Impoverished Nation and an NGO to Develop Advanced Practice Nursing Education, A Case Study
Keville Frederickson:  The Experiences of Stroke Survivors and Their Family Caregiver in the Upper East Region of Ghana:  A Qualitative Study

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Erica Gollub and Carol Roye:  Young Men’s Attitudes Towards Sexual Health
Lucille Ferrara:  Intensive Case Management of Diabetes Mellitus: Outcomes from a Three Year Initiative
Carol Roye and Keville Frederickson:  Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs): A Remedy for Teen Pregnancy that Presents New and Poorly Understood Risks to Reproductive Health
Josh Mendelsohn:  Observational Evaluation of Immediate Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV incidence among HIV-positive MSM in Shanghai, China

Health Systems/Services Research:  Quality and Safety
Stephanie Allen:  Nurse-Patient Assignment

Nursing History
Sandra Lewenson:  The American Red Cross Town and Country: The African American Experience,    1912 – 1948
Winnifred Connerton:  Nursing Dreams of Empire: U.S. Nurses in the American Occupied Territories

Speech, Language and Hearing
Sethu Karthikeyan : Regional Dialects Influence Listeners’ Help-Seeking Tendencies Depending on the Nature of the Situation; and (2) The Bouba-Kiki Phenomenon Tested via Schematic Drawings of Facial Expressions.

Faculty Presented or Showcased their Research at Professional Conferences:

  • Amaya, A.B. (2017). “Levels of interaction of regional health policy-making: SADC and UNASUR explored”. Panel presentation for: International authority, state capacity, and domestic norms: The effectiveness of global health governance. International Studies Association Annual Convention.
  • Amaya, A.B. (2017). “The ties that bind: Strengthening Science Diplomacy by understanding Health Diplomacy”. Health Policy Innovation, Science Diplomacy, and Economic Diplomacy Roundtable. International Studies Association Annual Convention.
  • Amaya, A. Working with the Neighbors: The Opportunities and Challenges for Health Systems within Regional Trading Blocs - The Influence of Southern Regional Blocs SADC and UNASUR; Priority or Posteriority? The Position of the SDGs in the Regional Space. 5th Symposium on Health Systems Research (2018)
  • Carozza, L. Social Communication and Life Participation in Aphasia. ASHA (2018)
  • Carozza, L. (2016). Communication strategies for caregivers of individuals with dementia. Presented July 2016 at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Dementia CARE Program.
  • Carozza, L., Galletta, E., Feliz, J., Mendelsohn, A., Reilly, M., & Schneider, E. (2016). Therapy Groups & Community Groups for People with Acquired Neurogenic Disorders. Presented at the November 2016 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Carozza, L. & Serrone, L.M. (2016). A Literature Review of the Importance of Music Therapy for Individuals with Dementia: A Proposal. Presented at the November 2016 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Connerton, W. (2017). “Nursing the Transformation Zone”. AAHM.
  • Connerton, W. (2018). “Army Nursing - Changing the Face of the Military Abroad in the Early Twentieth Century”. AAHN.
  • Gollub, E., Stein, Z. (2017) “Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting, "Policies on LARC and Adolescents: The Need to Integrate Epidemiology with Biology and Ethics," Seattle, WA.
  • Epstein, C.D., (2016). Palliative care in the trauma intensive care unit. Roadside to bedside 2016 Trauma Conference. Sponsored by Westchester Medical Center. Doral Arrowwood Hotel Conference Center, Rye, NY. 6/9/16.
  • Ferrara, L., Singleton, J., Yang, K., Frederickson, K., and Rivera, E. (2017) Grieving the Loss-of-Self: Challenges in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Self-Management (podium)
  • Ganzfried, E. The New Normal: A Holistic and Collaborative Approach to Aphasia Treatment. ASHA (2018)
  • Gollub, E. The Emergence of Gender Differences in Reported Mental Health Symptoms Among Middle School Aged Youth Exposed to High Levels of Community and Domestic Violence. World Association of Cultural Psychiatry Conference (2018)
  • Gollub, E.  Injectable hormonal contraception and HIV risk: Science, policy and strategy questions; He see, she sees: Gender differences in witnessing violence and self-reported mental health symptoms among youth in an urban public-school population. APHA (2018)
  • Gollub, E., & Roye, C. submission ““I always ask. I always bring it up”: College-Attending Young Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices. Preliminary qualitative interview data.” Poster. ACHA’s 2018 Annual Meeting: “Uniting, Leading, Transforming.” May 31 and, June 1.
  • Gollub, E., (2017). Columbia University, “HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies. Special Symposium, Injectable Contraceptives and HIV: Moving Forward”. Landscape: Policy and Public Health.
  • Greenberg, M., Roye, C., & Epstein, C. (April 11, 2018).  Changes in the Common Rule: What Nurse Researchers Need to Know.  Podium Presentation, ENRS, Newark, NJ.
  • Kaufman, S., Maneval, R., Greenberg, M. Building a Culture of Well-Being at Pace University: How the College of Health Professions is Promoting Self-Care Education. National Consortium for Building Health Academic Communities (BHAC) Summit (2019)
  • Gross, R. (2017). “Medical Cannabis in the US through the Lens of Social Justice. Maimonides Medical Center’s 5th Annual Nursing Research Conference”.
  • Gross, R., Maley, B. (2017). “A Writing Assignment for Associate Degree Nursing Students Facilitating Exposure to the Health Needs of LGBT+ Populations”. Maimonides Medical Center’s 5th Annual Nursing Research Conference.   
  • Gross, R. (2018). “LGBTQ+ Populations and Cancer”. SGNO 35th Annual Symposium
  • Greenberg, M., Roye, C., Epstein, C. (2018). “Changes in the Common Rule: What Nurse Researchers Need to Know”. ENRS.
  • Hofmann, J. Variables Affecting Pance Performance in PA Students (Poster); Lecture on Diabetes Medications. NYSSPA (2018)
  • Hopper, S., Murray, S. Ferrara, L. & Singleton, J.K. (2018). What is the effectiveness of diaphragmatic breathing on physiological and psychological stress in adults 18 years of age and older: A quantitative systematic review (podium)
  • Karthikeyan, S. On Whether Iconic Pitch Manipulation Facilitated the Origin of Protowords. International Society for Human Ethology 2018)
  • Kunstel, K. Hematology Fundamentals. NYSSPA (2018)
  • Lee, C. Mobile Applications For Promoting Visual Perceptual Skills: A Systemic Review. RESNA (2018)
  • Lewenson, S. The Conference: Negotiating the Relationship Between the Circle of Negro Relief and American Red Cross Public Health Service. AAHN (2018)
  • Londrigan, M., Slyer, J. (2018). “Shared Decision-Making for Nursing Practice: An Integrative Review”. The Open Nursing Journal.
  • Lewenson, S. (2018). The Conference: Negotiating the Relationship between the Circle of Negro Relief and American Red Cross Public Health Service, February 18, 1920”. AAHN.
  • Lewenson S: Voices from the Past: Promoting Health, 1607-1900, has been selected for a Thematic presentation at the 2017 AAHN Annual Conference, September 7-10, 2017 in Fairport, NY.
  • Lewenson S: Designation 1a: The African-American Experience in the American Red Cross Town and Country, 1912-1917, 2017 AAHN Annual Conference, September 7-10, 2017 in Fairport, NY.
  • Londrigan, M. Mentoring Young Scientists in Development of Research Ideas: HIGN Interprofessional Summer Scholars Program. GSA 2018.
  • Loewenson R., Flores W., Amaya A., London L. and Koffa Kun, K. Skills Building on Methods and Tools for Learning from Action in Participatory Action Research: Building Action Learning Within Affected Actors and Communities. EQUINET (2017)
  • Mandel, E. (2018). “Lifestyle Interventions and Compliance: Diabetes and Obesity Management”. American Academy of Physician Assistants.
  • Mandel, E. Mind and Body: The Vicious Cycle of Depression in Diabetes and Chronic Disease. Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases Symposium (MEDS) (2018)
  • Mandel, E. Lifestyle Interventions & Compliance: A New Narrative for Diabetes & Obesity Management. NYSSPA Annual Conference; AAPA National Conference (2018)
  • Mandel, E., Paproski J., Finello G., Murillo A. (2018) “The Importance of Protein Intake and Strength Exercises Among Geriatric Population” Presented at Pace University – Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program – NYC, College of Health Professions’ Annual Scholarship Day.
  • Mandel, E., Venuto A., Nazar M., Santos C. The Ancient Chinese Practice of Acupuncture for Knee Osteoarthritis. College of Health Professions’ Annual Scholarship Day (2018)
  • Mandel, E. Lifestyle Interventions for Diabetes and Chronic Diseases. NYSSPA (2018)
  • Maneval, R. (2017). “Liberal Education and the Discipline: Toward Achieving Academic and Practice Success”. AACN Baccalaureate Conference.
  • Maneval, E.R. (2017). Steps to transforming clinical education with on-campus clinical simulation: The experience of one BSN program. To be presented for the 44th Biennial Convention (28 October - 01 November 2017).
  • Maneval, R. Gender Influence on Caregiving: The Ghanaian Experience. AAN (2018)
  • Maneval, R. Teaching Mentorship Program for Faculty New to Teaching. AACN Baccalaureate Education Conference (2018)
  • Mandel, E. Empathy Change during PA Education. Opening Doors: Medical Humanities in Drew University, Caspersen School (2018)
  • Maxam, S. & Kaufman, S.R. (2018). Promoting Open-Minded Inquiry In and Out of the Classroom. Annual Faculty Institute, Pace University, Pleasantville, New York
  • Mendelsohn, J. Key Gaps Among Key Populations: Quantifying the HIV Case of Care Among Gay Men, MSM, and Migrants in Shanghai, China. 22nd International AIDS Conference (2018)
  • Nicholls, L. (2017). “Academia – The Optical Illusion: Demystifying the Novice Nurse Faculty Role and Employing Strategies for Success”. AACN 2017 Faculty Development Conference.
  • Ozkara San, E. Effect on the Diverse Standardized Patient Simulation (DSPS) Cultural Competence Education Strategy on Nursing Students’ Transcultural Self-Efficacy Perceptions. 44th Transcultural Nursing Society Annual Conference (2018)
  • Pontrelli, G. Acky Breaky Heart Congestive Heart Failure PANCE/PANRE Review. NYSSPA (2018)
  • Rider, E., Kurtz, S, Boynton, E., Singleton, J.K., Picard, L, Tuesday ECAD (2017). People and Service Dogs: What Happens When Either Member of the Partnership Needs Medical Care?
  • Roye, C., Frederickson, K. & Sahadeo, A. (April 12, 2018).   Promoting Dual Method Use by Adolescent and Young Adult Women.  Poster.  ENRS Annual meeting.  Newark , NJ.
  • Roye, C., Frederickson, K, Sahadeo, A. & Pasci, A. (2017). Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs):  Understanding the underutilization of this potential remedy for adolescent pregnancy and implications for condom use. Proceedings of the Eastern  Nursing Research Society: 29th Annual scientific sessions abstracts. Nursing Research, 66 (2), E12.
  • Roye, C. & Sonenberg, A. Introducing the family nurse practitioner role in Haiti: striving to improve country health outcomes.  10th ICN NP/APN Conference, 26-29 August 2018 at de Doelen in Rotterdam.
  • Roye, C. Lower the Teen Pregnancy and STI Rate: The Teens’ Perspective. AAN (2018)
  • Salzer, E. Back to Basics Obstetrics; Back to Basic Gynecology. NYSSPA (2018)
  • Singleton, J. Professor Spirit, & McPherson, R. (2018). Canines Assisting in Health: Animal Assisted Interventions Masterclass.
  • Singleton, J., Ferrara, L., & Professor Spirit (2018). Canines Assisting in Health: A Unique Curriculum & Program for Interprofessional Healthcare Providers (podium)
  • Singleton, J., Picard, L., Bauer, P., & Tuesday. (2017). Canines Assisting in Health: Service Dogs Masterclass.
  • Singleton, J. & Ferrara, L. (2016). Interprofessional Core Competency Self-Efficacy Tool Development: Creating an Evidence-Based Approach to Transform the Culture of Interprofessional Education and Practice
  • Slyer, K. Using Systematic Reviews to Guide Evidence-Based Practice. CT Research Alliance (2018)
  • Sonenberg, A. (2018). “Introducing the Family Nurse Practitioner Role in Haiti: Striving to Improve Country Health Outcomes”. 10th ICN NP/APN Conference 2018.
  • Sonenberg, A., Cruz, B. (2018). “The Advanced Practice Nurse Role: What is One Brazilian University’s Understanding and readiness?”. 10th ICN NP/APN Conference 2018.
  • Sonenberg A: "Creating a Culture of Health: Policies, Disparities, and Data Integrity" has been selected and confirmed for Poster presentation during the APHA 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo (Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2016) in Denver.
  • Sonenberg, A.  Introducing the Family Nurse Practitioner Role in Haiti: Striving to Improve Country Health Outcomes; and The Advanced Practice Nurse Role: What is One Brazilian University's Understanding and Readiness? International Council of Nurses/APN Network Conference (2018)
  • Truglio-Londrigan, M., Slyer, J. T., Singleton, J. K., & Worral, P. (2015, April). A qualitative systematic review of internal and external influences on shared decision-making in all health care settings. Podium presentation at the 27th annual scientific sessions.
  • Westphal, M. & Kaufman, S. R. (2018). The Role of Campus-Based Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs to Increase Resilience to Stress and Promote Retention. Second Annual Student Retention Conference, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY
  • Wexler S & Drury L: Barriers and Facilitator to Cardiac Rehabilitation Participation by Older Women: A Qualitative Pilot Study" .  Poster presentation at CGNA2017, the 19th Biennial Conference of the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association. 
  • Wexler S., Drury L. & Pollack C: Tablet Based Technology Intervention to Improve Outcomes in Hospitalized Older Adults for presentation at the 21st IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, July 23-27, in San Francisco, California.
  • Wexler S., Drury L. & Brennan N: Are Students Prepared to Engage in Evidence-Based Practice? Developing Essential EBP Skills. Sigma Theta Tau  International. July 27 – July 31, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Wexler, S., Drury, L. (2017). “Robotic Pet Therapy for Hospitalized Older Adults”. 1199 RN Labor Management Conference.
  • Wexler, S., Drury, L. (2018). “Digital Bedside Avatars Psychosocially Support Hospitalized Elders and Mitigate Delirium and Falls in a Community Teaching Hospital in Queens, NY”. American Delirium Society Annual Meeting.

CHP/LSN Faculty Presented at the 75th Annual International Council of Psychologists (ICP) Conference in New York, NY:

  • Frederickson, K. The Experience of Community Dwelling Stroke Survivors and Their Family Caregivers in Ghana
  • Kaufman, S. & Maxam, S. Developing Cultural Intelligence with Mindfulness Practice.
  • Maneval, R. The Influence of Gender on the Experience of Community Dwelling Stroke Survivors and Their Caregivers in Ghana
  • Pacsi, A. Dominicans’ Identification of Cancer as a Worrisome Health Problems
  • Sonenberg, A. & Roye, C. Introducing the Family Nurse Practitioner Role in Haiti: A Case Study in Expanding Workforce Capacity & Improving Health Outcomes in a Low-Resource Country