"The program provides many invaluable resources for us to gain hands-on experience."
– Susan Le, Class of 2017

The Physician Assistant program at Pace University has given me the opportunity that I’ve always wished for and worked hard towards. Every student in my class is passionate about the profession, and the program is nurturing us to become great clinicians – to care for and listen to our patients while having the medical acumen expected of any medical professional. The program provides many invaluable resources for us to gain hands-on experience, which is in addition to the classroom lectures that are taught by staff currently in clinical practice and guest lecturers in their field of expertise. The Clinical Education Labs provide exam tables, medical equipment, and even hired actors to be our patients, which allows us to practice our history-taking skills and physical exam techniques in a simulated medical setting. Many Pace PA graduates often return to lend a hand so we have more individual help with practicing clinical skills, such as blood draws and IV line insertions. Teamwork is always emphasized, and I am honored to be part of this team with supportive faculty and my fellow students. I am always surprised at how much we now know compared to when we first started the program, and how much more we will continue to grow. I’m grateful to be a part of this program, and hope that when I become a practicing PA, I can give back to the school and community as much as they have given to me.

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