Unique Opportunities

The English Department at Pace’s Pleasantville campus is more than a collection of courses or degrees; it is a community. We are committed to providing our students with opportunities for involvement both in and out of the classroom, tailored to their own interests and goals. Below are some of the exciting activities and groups organized by our students and faculty.

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is the international honors society of English studies. Students in the department who meet the academic standards are invited to join through a yearly induction ceremony. In addition to  leadership and mentoring opportunities, students compete for substantial prizes, scholarships, and awards. Beyond the sense of community offered to undergraduate college students, membership in Sigma Tau Delta confers a recognized distinction on English majors and minors, greatly increasing the chances of career success and graduate and professional school candidacy.

Vox Creative Art Series

Based on the Latin word for “voice,” the Vox Creative Art Series empower local creators and bringing artistic vitality to campus. Twice each year the series hosts two authors of national or international reputation to share their work and experiences. The events are free, and open to the public, and have included readings, Q&As, book signings, and workshops. You can learn more about Vox here.

Vox Literary Journal

Exclusively run by, for, and featuring Pace students, Vox features the poetry, fiction, and visual art of our talented campus. In addition to getting their own creative work published, students can gain valuable editorial experience by working on the Vox team. To get involved, submit work, or attend the next launch party, go here.

Study Abroad Programs

Among the plentiful study abroad experiences available to Pace students, the English & Modern Languages Department hosts two opportunities for students to learn English course credit in diverse settings.

One of these courses takes January break in Costa Rica. In ENG 223: Writing About Culture, students begin by exploring their own “cultural intelligence” to develop the tools to look deeply into another culture, society or group. Using the itinerary of the trip as a starting point, students will study the culture and the places they will visit (through guide books, films and internet research), and create a series of questions they hope to answer through their travel. During the Costa Rica portion of the course, students engage in a daily writing workshop in which they will create and publish (via trip blogs) an interview, a travel essay and a trip memoir. Begin your Central American adventure by clicking here!

Offered by the Literature Program, students take an extensive tour of Greece to contextualize ancient works that have been preserved for thousands of years. Destinations include the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, the ruins of the temple of Poseidon, and the internationally-renowned museums of the area. Beyond the historical cultural sites, students will gain an understanding of the land and people who produced many of literature's most enduring works through a cruise of the Greek islands and Turkey, with stops in locations like Ephesus, Mykonos, Crete, Patmos, and Rhodes. Students will also tour Mycenae, the historical setting of the epic of Homer, among other ancient Greek literature and myths, and Epidaurus, an ancient site with a preserved amphitheater that still hosts Greek dramas today. Travel through time to the origins of recorded Western Civilization by clicking here. You can find more study-abroad opportunities by visiting the International Office here.

Co-Curricular Activities

Cultural Events

Faculty and students take advantage of the local community and nearby New York City with outings to the Jacob Burns Film Center, the Hudson Stage Company’s productions, Lincoln Center, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On-campus events include visits from creative writers, book-making workshops, and exhibits at the Mortola Library.

Shape Your Story

Our department blog provides opportunities for students to gain experience with social media writing while engaging in an online community network that includes not only students but also faculty, alumni, and a wider online audience.

The Pace Chronicle

Students with an interest in journalism or professional writing and editing gain hands-on experience working on our student newspaper.

Career Events

Department faculty work with Pace University’s office of Career Services to coach students on career choices, resumes, interviewing, and other topics. Internship fairs, career fairs, and field trips to workplaces such as Harper Collins Publishing bring opportunities directly to our students.