Chair's Welcome

Welcome to Pleasantville’s English & Modern Language Studies Department, where faculty and student scholars spend time reading and writing texts that matter. In print and digital environments, texts help us better understand and contribute to the worlds we inhabit by offering us new perspectives, helping us imagine possibilities, and challenging us to think deeply and respond ethically.

We thus believe in the power of stories to shape our lives. To embrace this power, we analyze literary and cultural texts from diverse traditions; we write in academic, creative, popular, and professional genres; and we spend time together as a community, exchanging ideas and celebrating accomplishments.

When you think about our department, please understand that our identity is tied not only to our course offerings but also to experiences that integrate classroom learning with other parts of our lives, especially through internships and departmental activities that range from writing opportunities to study abroad.  Learning should be meaningful, so we encourage students to appreciate written texts, respond to social issues, and prepare for professional careers.

I invite you to explore our webpages to learn more about our academic and extra-curricular opportunities, as well as about the faculty who are here to support our students. And be sure to visit us both on campus and on social media:

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Twitter @PaceEnglishPLV

Opportunities abound. We look forward to having you join us as you shape your story.

Bette Kirschstein, PhD
Interim Chair and Associate Dean
Westchester Campus
(914) 773-3586