Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies Minor

Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies Minor


Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies Minor


Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies Minor

The Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies (CRES) minor is a path to studying race and ethnicity in America and the world across a range of disciplines and departments in Dyson College. Designed to enrich and to be compatible with any major, the CRES minor provides a comparative framework for understanding racial and ethnic identities through elective coursework in three areas: American Arts, American Publics, and Transnational America.  With a CRES minor, you prove your skill at antiracist analysis, your appreciation of global ethnic diversity, and your capacity to lead much-needed conversations about racial justice and social change.  

Contact the American Studies program director, Professor Stephanie Hsu, at, for more information and a list of eligible elective courses, updated every semester.

Create Your Own Path of Study

Total Required Credits: 15

One required course: AMS 200 Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies (3 credits).

A survey of critical theory, cultural representations, and real-world case studies about the impact of institutional oppression and everyday microaggressions on our experiences of race and ethnicity.

Students take an additional four elective courses (12 credits) from a variety of departments. Follow your own interdisciplinary path through any or all of the following 3 areas:


Classes in the American Arts encourage students to explore creative, aesthetic, and expressive responses to racialization and ethnic identity in the U.S. and its borderlands. Choose from elective courses such as Magic and the Spirit World; The Art of Social Commentary; Hip-Hop Cinema and Visual Culture; Borders of Latina/o Identity; Native American Experiences; Theater and Social Justice; and more options in Anthropology, Art, Film, Literature, Modern Languages & Cultures: Spanish, and Performing Arts.


Classes about American Publics encourage students to analyze the role of U.S. political institutions, social structures, and collective cultural practices in generating knowledge about race and ethnicity. Choose from elective courses such as History of American Immigration Law; Ethics, Morality, & the Media; Sports Economics; Psychology of Cultural Diversity; Urban Planning; Sexuality, Reproduction, & the Family; and more options in Communications, Criminal Justice, Economics, Environmental Science, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s & Gender Studies.


Classes about Transnational America encourage students to understand the past, present, and future of racial/ethnic diasporas in the U.S. within broader global contexts. Choose from elective courses such as Middle East Historical Survey; Hong Kong, Bollywood, and the Globalization of Asian Cinemas; Global Jewish Experience; African Politics and Foreign Policy; Slavic Civilizations; Postcolonial Literature in the Caribbean; and more options in Anthropology, Art, Economics, History, Latinx Studies, Literature, Political Science, and Spanish.


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