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Committee Members

The following members of the advisory board contribute towards establishing the direction and content of the conference. Names are listed in alphabetical order, primary and (in some cases) secondary campuses are to the right of each name.

  • Agnes Compagnone - Faculty, College of Health Professions (NYC)
  • Martina Blackwood - Manager/Instructional Technology, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences (PLV/NYC)
  • Sarah Burns-Feyl - Assistant University Librarian, University Libraries (PLV/NYC)
  • Joan Walker - Co-Director, Faculty Center (PLV)
  • Lindsay Constantino - Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Budget, & Instructional Support, Faculty Center (PLV)
  • Andreea Cotoranu - Assistant Dean, Seidenberg (PLV)
  • Julia Eisenberg - Faculty, Lubin School of Business (NYC)
  • Karen Ferro - Program Coordinator, Faculty Center (PLV)
  • Paul Griffin - Faculty, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences (PLV)
  • Ally Kimmel - Manager, Online Support Services, Faculty Center (NYC)
  • Peter McDermott - Faculty, School of Education (NYC)
  • Joe Seijo - Assistant Director, Faculty Center (PLV/NYC)
  • James Stenerson - Executive Director, Faculty Center (PLV/NYC)