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Finance and Administration

Non-Student Accounts Receivable

The focus of this area is to

  • Provide the University community with means to bill non-student customers and collect fees due. For example facility rentals, use of catering services, and labor charges for Pace-provided security and/or maintenance for these events.
  • Ensure adherence to all related University policies and procedures.
  • Provide quality customer service to our customers and the University community and field all related inquiries


  • Billing and collection of non-student accounts receivable
  • Training and assistance to the Pace Community in form preparation and related activities.

Our Staff

The Non-student Accounts Receivable staff is located in Tead House on the Briarcliff Campus

Mike Nolan
Assistant Controller Tuition Revenue
Ext: 22071

Ernie Domingo
Staff Accountant
Ext: 22852