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E-Procurement's FAQ

What is E-Procurement?
E-Procurement market place (SciQuest) is a web based application that allows users to purchase products/services from vendors. E-procurement provides faster handling of purchase orders with quick, simple access to contract or negotiated pricing through on-line catalogs that eliminates paper as well as the need to copy and file requisitions.

How can I get an access to E-Procurement?
To get access, it is recommended to attend an E-Procurement Training first, then have your budget representative place a help desk ticket in your behalf with the specific index you need access to.

Where I can get E-Procurement training?
You can register from our FIS website page at Finance Training Registration Form.

What is the difference between a "Punch-Out", "Hosted" or a "Non-Catalog" purchase order?

  • Punch-out: This takes the user directly to the vendor’s website where they are able to choose from a full catalog of items the vendors has to offer.
  • Hosted: This will allow you to shop from the catalogs that have been established by selected vendors. These are selected items that have been chosen for our catalog shopping.
  • Non-Catalog Form: This form is used to purchase items that are not available in our catalog or punch-out shopping areas. It is used for general purchases, service contracts, print orders and more.

How can I copy a cart?
Copying Carts: This allows the user to copy a requisition that has already been approved to a new cart. The user is allowed to add additional items or remove items once the copying process is complete.

How can I view my requisitions?
Viewing Completed Requisitions: This is used to view detailed information regarding a requisition the users has just entered. This includes: