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Upperclass Living Learning Communities

There are three exciting living-learning options available within our residence halls for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year which we would like to highlight as you prepare to think about housing options for next year. These unique living-learning communities for upperclassmen give students a chance to live and learn together in a specific class or general academic area while living in our halls together as a cohort.

Students are able to live in these sections of Elm Hall or Alumni Hall regardless of Room Selection Number, however, they each have additional expectations or criteria outside of our traditional housing point system. These options give us the opportunity to create extremely vibrant communities within the halls and work towards our strategic goals of leveraging our facilities and working more closely with academic units. We are confident that these communities will build upon the foundation set for 1st-year students in the FIG program and work at more directly linking the classroom and out-of-the-classroom experience!

Please note that if you are selected for one of these communities, you cannot partake in any housing process after.

Pforzheimer Honors College Community

This community allows Honors students of any class standing to live in a close-knit community in Alumni Hall as mentors for the Honors FIG. The community will host a variety of social events, academic discussions, and trips throughout the semester and work very closely with the Honors College staff. Upperclass mentors will help first-year students navigate the early stages of their Pace Path as a part of this community. We will select up to 4 students for this community. If students are no longer in the Honors College, they will be removed from this community.

If you are interested in serving as an Honors Mentor, please reach out to Carol Turco.

Upperclass Nursing and Health Professions Community

This community in Elm Hall is for residents interested in various health professions and are enrolled in any of the following academic programs: nursing, health care management, pre-medical track, and others based off specific approval. This group will not enroll in a specific class together, however, the RA, RD and Faculty Partner will implement various programs throughout the year that are based on the theme. Programs include a partnership with the CHP tutors, discussions on career opportunities, and academic support throughout the semester. We will select up to 37 students for this community.

Application Open at MyHousing until March 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.


Dyson Scholars in Residence

This community in Alumni Hall is available to upperclass (preference given to sophomores) Dyson College of Arts and Sciences majors or undecided majors interested in Dyson College majors. Students enroll in a fall and spring class connected to the Dyson Scholars in Residence Program. In Fall 2020, students will enroll in:  ENG 223A “Creating a Good Life,” a creative writing course that explores how to design a happy life.  In Spring 2021, students take a 3-credit seminar that provides opportunities for research and service to the community.

Students must stay enrolled in the class to live in this community as it is designed to give students a robust learning experience that occurs inside and outside of weekly scheduled classes.  The classes cover AOK and writing enhanced requirements. If students do not enroll or drop out of the class, they will be removed from this community. We will select up to 20 students for this community, and you can apply with a roommate request if that person also meets the application requirements. Any questions? Just email Dr. Jane Collins.

Application Open at MyHousing until March 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Other Information

All students in each of these communities must meet the specific qualifications listed above. For example, if you would like to live in the Honors College community, all of your suitemates will also be Honors College students selected for the community. We will facilitate an opportunity for the students accepted in these programs to meet other students to find potential suitemates or roommates. Applicants for these communities will be notified of the results before general housing selection (based off of housing points) begins. This will allow for time to make alternate plans if you are not selected for one of these communities.