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Personal Property Loss or Damage

It is important for students to protect their personal property (laptops, cell phones, calculators, personal items, books, etc). It is recommended that students have personal property insurance as Pace University does not provide insurance coverage for these items.

As stated in our Guide to Residential Life:

"The University assumes no responsibility of any kind for loss or damage to personal property caused by fire, water, theft, the actions of other students or guests, or any other cause whatsoever. Personal property stored in resident’s rooms, during the period of the housing agreement, shall be stored at the owner’s risk."

While all cases of property loss and theft are dealt with in conjunction with our Office of Safety and Security, the University is not responsible for, and will not cover the replacement cost for items that are lost, damaged or stolen. A homeowner’s insurance policy, if available, may provide some coverage for a student’s personal property while away at university. Stand-alone renter’s or “dorm” insurance may provide more comprehensive coverage. This article by Consumer Reports provides an informative discussion regarding the various insurance options. There are many companies offering this type of insurance. While Pace does not endorse or recommend any particular insurer’s policy, Consumer Reports identifies “Two companies in this field and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau are Arthur J. Gallagher and National Student Services.” We strongly encourage all residents to get an insurance policy that will cover the property they keep in their residence hall room.