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Why Pace

With thriving students, and committed staff and faculty, Pace creates an environment of strength and excellence.

I Like Working at Pace Because...

“I like working at Pace because I truly believe in the “product” we provide to students. As an alumna, I know students receive a quality education. Pace also offers many incredible opportunities outside of the classroom to enrich the entire student experience. I am rewarded every day knowing that I play a part in making this all possible and help to shape students’ futures."

Stephanie Chow, Director of Student Services, working at the Law School campus since 2008!

“When touring the beautiful Pleasantville campus with our son, all of our interactions with faculty, staff, the bookstore, and the cafeteria, were very positive. It occurred to me immediately that Pace would be a great place to work. I came to the University after a career at IBM Corp., most of which was served managing training events.  For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of scheduling the activities for both the New York and Pleasantville Clinical Education Labs, which has allowed me to capitalize on my logistics, budgeting, and supplier relations skills.  Prior to this role, I worked part time in Lienhard Hall as an exam proctor/grader, which was a great opportunity to improve on class management and public speaking skills.  Daily interactions with the devoted CHP faculty and our students remain the favorite aspect of my job.”

Patrick Clarke, Staff Associate, working at the Pleasantville campus since 2009!

“I like (LOVE) working at Pace because I know I can make a difference every day. I work with amazing students, faculty and staff and feel there is a strong ethic of care here at Pace.  I have been able to grow professionally at Pace University and in my role, learn something new every day. ”

Marijo Russell-O'Grady, Associate Vice President/ Dean for Students, working at the New York City campus since 1998!