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The Blackboard Learning System is a virtual learning environment and course management system. Its main purposes are to add online elements to courses traditionally delivered face-to-face and to develop completely online courses with few or no face-to-face meetings.

Please review the Blackboard Standard Operating Procedures for policies regarding support and requests for copying courses, combining courses, and the schedule for archiving courses.


All faculty and students automatically have access to Blackboard. Instructors can submit a request to create a Guest account in their course for users outside of the Pace community.


Instructors can begin accessing their course in Blackboard once they have been assigned to the course by their department in Banner. Access begins 4 months before the official course start-date. Instructors have access to the course 3 years after the course ends.

Students can begin accessing their courses on the official start-date of the semester. Instructors can optionally choose to manually make their course available to students up to 3 weeks before the official start-date to provide early access to students. Students have access up to 6 weeks after the official end date.


For general questions and requests, please create a Help Desk ticket.

1. Log in to using your MyPace username and password

2. Click on Request tab

3. Select the following Request Type: Information Technology > Blackboard and choose a sub-request type based on your question

4. Provide the needed information in all requested fields, include your course information

Note: The information icon will provide further details of what is requested from the input field.

5. Click the Save button.

For immediate support during regular hours, please contact Academic Technology and someone will assist you.

Academic Technology

NYC Campus
One Pace Plaza
Department Phone: (212) 346-1661
PLV Campus
Room 25D
Department Phone: (914) 773-3664
Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm

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Bb App

Blackboard is introducing its new mobile apps for both students and faculty; Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor. As a result, Mobile Learn will be discontinued on August 1st and Bb Grader will be eventually phased out. To learn more, please visit the Blackboard Apps page. 

Faculty Tutorials

Wikis Blogs and Journals


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Student Tutorials

Student Introduction Watch this playlist to get up and running in Blackboard.
Setting Up and Sharing Profiles This video show how to set up your Blackboard profile and share it with others.
Checking Grades Find your course grades when your teacher has made them available.
Submitting an Assignment Access assignments, download and edit an assignment file, and upload it back to Blackboard.
Submitting a Turnitin How to submit your paper through Turnitin in Blackboard.
Creating and Editing Wikis Create a wiki page, edit any user's page, link to an existing wiki page in another page, and view the wiki history.
Recording Your Webcam Record your webcam as a thread in the Discussion Board.
Video Assignment Response Record and upload video assignments given by your professor.
Notification Settings Receive email notifications about course activity.
Turnitin Student Manual This manual will educate students on how to submit papers to a Turnitin assignment.
Mobile App Download the Blackboard Mobile Learn app for your smartphone or tablet.

Faculty FAQ

How can I add a TA to my course in Blackboard?

  • Log in to Blackboard
  • In “Course Management” in the left panel, expand the “Control Panel”
  • Expand “Users and Groups”
  • Select “Users”
  • Click “Find Users to Enroll”
  • Enter the username for the TA in the “Username” field
  • Change the “Role” dropdown menu item to “Teaching Assistant”
  • Ensure that the “Enrollment Availability” is “Yes”
  • Click “Submit”

View the full policy here.

Can I give students access to my course before the first day of the semester?
Instructors can choose to provide students with early access into their course in Blackboard up to 3 weeks before the official start-date of the semester.

  • Under the Control Panel, choose Properties and then click on Customization
  • Scroll down to the heading labeled Set Availability and change this option to Yes in order to make the course available to students.

How do I view my student roster with photos of the students?

  • Under the Control Panel, choose Course Management and then click on Course Tools
  • Select Course Photo Roster from the list.

How do I request a course combine and what are course combine policies?
Please provide the CRNS of the courses you would like combined and enter the help ticket at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester. We prefer to combine the courses before any data is uploaded to the courses but can always copy content loaded in a course to the new combined course (Please let us know in the help ticket if you have uploaded data to any of the courses). Once there is student data in the course (discussion forum posts, grade center items, etc), we cannot process the course combine.

Student FAQ

How do I login for the first time?
Before using any of the Pace University online systems, you must first activate your account. This is a one-time process and only takes a few minutes. Click here to activate your account. If you do not know your MyPace username, you can search for it by going to White Pages. Once your account is active, go to and login with your credentials. If you have problems with access, please contact the ITS Help-desk at 914-773-3333.

My courses aren't showing up. Why is this happening?
Faculty who wish to provide their students access to their course shells before the start of the semester may do so starting three weeks prior to the official start of the semester. All students will have access to their course shells on the 1st official day of semester, regardless of whether the instructor has made the course "available" or not. If you still do not see your course, check your Pace Portal account information to be sure there are no holds on your account.