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Whether you love working out at the gym or need health insurance and basic medical care, Pace will help satisfy your needs. From state-of-the-art fitness facilities to our walk-in health service centers, we’ve got you covered.  

Health, Fitness, and Recreation Centers
All Pace students have access to the 75,000-square foot Goldstein Health, Fitness, and Recreation Center. The state-of-the-art facility includes a walking/jogging track, aerobics/dance room, fitness room with the latest cardio equipment, an eight-lane swimming pool, and a 2,400-seat arena with scoreboards and a message center. Plus, there are locker rooms, an equipment room, VIP room, meeting room, and concession stand. The athletics staff offices and healthcare unit are also housed here. The Center is home to Pace University Men's and Women's Basketball, Swimming and Diving, and Women's Volleyball teams, as well as several intramural activities.

University Health Care Services
Feeling under the weather? University Health Care (UHC) offers a full range of primary care services to the Pace University Community, and each campus is staffed with nurse practitioners (registered nurses with advanced training who are certified to prescribe medication) who are qualified to diagnose and treat illnesses and infections like coughs and sore throats, first aid for minor injuries, women’s health care, management of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, health assessments and physical examinations, and more. Families of Pace students are can also visit UHC.

Student Health Insurance
For students who do not have existing health insurance, Pace offers Accident and Sickness Insurance coverage for a fee (New York State requires students to carry health insurance).

Counseling and Personal Development Center
Counseling is a process that helps people work out personal, academic, or work problems. The professional staff at the Counseling Center at Pace University is available to assist students, staff, and faculty in the resolution of these problems. Through this process, people often gain increased awareness, independence, and effectiveness in the pursuit of personal goals. These services are available free of charge to members of the Pace community.