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Advice to the Class of 2018

News Story

What would you say to yourself as a recent college graduate? Members of the Pace Community reflect back on what they’ve learned since entering the real-world.

“You don’t have to make it big before you hit 24. Vera Wang started designing wedding gowns at 40. Stan Lee was nearly 39 when he created the Marvel Universe. And Viola Davis, arguably the greatest actress of our time, only became a household name at 49. Give yourself a break, enjoy the ride, and congrats on graduating!”

Jillian Gorry ’11
University Relations

“Your diploma is your ticket to the world. Hold your head up high and meet the challenges of health care head on. You have the skills to do this; keep an open mind and have confidence that you are ready!”

Keville Frederickson, EdD, RN, FAAN
Professor and Founding Director, PhD Program
College of Health Professions

“Don’t be scared to ask you favorite company for an exploratory interview. Also, buy a book. You’re not done learning yet.”

Christina Ruck ’17
Publishing Operations Coordinator

“Things have a way of working themselves out. Patience and persistence pays off in a ton of situations and time will typically take care of anything that’s vexing you. As you leave Pace, stay on the look-out for situations and opportunities that will allow you to keep learning and growing. If you’re not learning something new every day, then you’re doing it wrong. And don’t forget to call your mom—she worries.”

Alyssa Cressotti, ’08, ’18
Assistant Director, Social Media and Editorial
University Relations

"Graduating students each hold a piece of the future. Being good stewards of the earth demands attention to both the short and long views. Although the adage of "penny wise and pound foolish," seems corny, its message is clear. What we do today, surely impacts tomorrow.”

Ellen D. Mandel, DMH, MPA, MS, PA-C, RDN, CDE
Clinical Professor, Lenox Hill Hospital Department of PA Studies
College of Health Professions

“Adulting is a like a Buzzfeed quiz, a mix of randomness, fun, and questionable outcomes. Take it all in stride and you might just discover something new about yourself.”

Caitlin Grand ’12
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Pace Path