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All Set(ters) for Spring Break!

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Pace students are getting ready for the spring break of a lifetime, from making a documentary in sunny Florida, to visiting the Rio Grande, to lending a hand through Alternative Spring Break, to competing in a mock trial competition, and more.

While some students may be headed for some rest and relaxation during this year’s break, several Pace students are headed across the city and across the country for the opportunity to volunteer, explore, and soak in knowledge instead of just the sun! Follow the journeys of students lending a hand in the Rockaways, visiting the US/Mexico border near Rio Grande, filming an environmental documentary in Florida, competing in a mock trial competition, and more.

Over four years ago, Hurricane Sandy tore up the East Coast, leaving devastation and destruction in its path. For the past three years, compassionate and motivated students have stepped up to the plate to help rebuild the Rockaways of New York, in an effort to continue to revitalize the community. From March 13–16, 16 students from Pace’s New York City and Westchester Campuses will volunteer their time to work on post-disaster recovery to help fellow New Yorkers who are still struggling to rebuild after the devastating impacts of Hurricane Sandy as part of Alternative Spring Break. You can follow along with their journey of revival on @PaceUniversity's Snapchat story, Twitter, and the Center for Community Action and Research blog.

Down in the Rio Grande on the US/Mexico border, political science professor Jessica Lavariega-Monforti, PhD, and a group of students will embark on a transformative spring break trip to help a community in need. During this eight-day program, the students will volunteer at a critical needs school, visit an internal US Border Control checkpoint, tour the transition facility for undocumented, unaccompanied minors, and more. The group will be doing a Snapchat takeover that will document this eye-opening experience, so be sure to follow @PaceUniversity so you can follow along!

Next up, several groups of students will pack their bags and swap their text books for hands-on learning experiences as part of faculty-led programs and spring semester/spring break study abroad 2017 courses. The talented crew of Pace's Producing the Documentary, MCA254 or 665, who brought us the award-winning documentary from their trip to Cuba, is back and headed to sunny Florida to embark on Pace’s eighth year of environmental filmmaking. For most of the trip, the students, accompanied by Dyson Professor and Program Director for the MA in Media and Communication Arts (MCA) program Maria Luskay, EdD, will be staying at the Archbold Biological Station. There, they will have access to some of the most impressive minds in modern biology while exploring and documenting the different habitats in the area.

Why Florida? The group realized that the state’s population is the largest growing in the country. With nearly 1,000 people moving in each day, this increase in population results in an increase in infrastructure and construction. Each year the state loses approximately 175,000 acres of their agricultural and native landscape to new infrastructure. Their interest was piqued during summer 2016 when a two-year-old boy’s life was tragically taken after he was pulled by an alligator into a lagoon near a Walt Disney World hotel. They are curious to learn to what extent the increase in Floridian infrastructure can be deemed responsible for such an event, and they hope to highlight the consequences of human encroachment on animal habitats in Florida.

The group will be chronicling their experience on their blog, as well as sharing relevant content on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and @PaceUniversity Snapchat. They invite any and everyone to follow along as they blog and post through the entire production process, and they are looking forward to telling a worthwhile story about an exotic theme right here in the US.

In Costa Rica, communication, science and disorders, health science, and nursing students are heading to the country to learn about health care, prenatal nutrition and pregnancy practices, sustainability issues, and qualitative research methods through visits to clinics and community centers. In China, management and business economics students will observe and develop an understanding for managing in different cultures, doing business across cultures, and managing multi-national business affairs in the context of the US and China.

Pace's Mock Trial team will be springing into an exciting competition during their break. For the first time ever, the team will compete in the prestigious American Mock Trial Association's opening round to the national competition on March 16–19, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This is historic because it will be the first time that the team will compete at this national tournament, although they were offered a bid once before but could not attend due to location and timing. On February 11–12, the team competed at the annual American Mock Trial Association Regional Tournament hosted this year by Fordham University at Lincoln Center, and was one of nine universities out of 28 teams competing to advance to the next level of national competition.

Want to embark on a cool trip abroad? Don't forget to submit your study abroad applications for the upcoming summer, fall, and academic year by March 15. Need a boost of motivation to finish those apps, or looking to have some last-minute questions answered? Head to the Study Abroad Club's Application Finishing Party on Monday, March 6, from 12:10 p.m.–1:10 p.m. in W606 of One Pace Plaza on the NYC Campus. Bring your questions and your laptop, and enjoy some pizza while you're there. 

Interested in learning more about study abroad? Check out Pace Study Abroad's website