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August: ITS Connect

News Story

To get the school year started off right, ITS is now offering tech consulting, making renovations to classrooms, and updating their videoconferencing.

Technology Consulting

Need a technology solution and don't know where to start? With so many solutions to choose, let ITS help you make the choice that meets your need. Already got an idea? Let's talk and see what's needed to bring it to fruition! To get started, fill out a Project Initiation Form and send it to Our Project Management Office (PMO) will review requests and contact you!

Still Using Window XP?

As of April 8, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. In our continued and ongoing effort to secure the Pace University network from threats, ITS will be enabling Network Level Authentication (NLA) on all Windows devices in the coming months. Beginning July 1, 2015, only users attempting to connect from a personally-owned Windows XP machine to their Pace-owned laptop or desktop through the Remote Desktop and VPN will experience an issue. Since Windows XP is an unsupported operating system, you will need to upgrade your device to a more recent and supported version of Windows in order to continue to connect to your Pace-owned computer from your personal device. ITS currently recommends Windows 7.

For more information on Windows XP end-of-life support, visit: Support for Windows XP has ended. For more details and best practices to protect yourself online visit Pace's IT Security website.

Web File Storage System Update

By August 2015, ITS will be updating the look and feel of our Web File Storage system ( The update will not affect current existing features. Users will notice a change in design and updated navigation. We will be communicating more details to our IT Notice Listserv once it becomes available. Documentation for the changes will also be available on the login pages for the system. 

Summer Renovations

Among the many renovation initiatives that ITS is already in collaboration with, we are leading several key initiatives with classroom redesigns. ITS, along with the Classroom Design Committee, reviewed possible projects for the coming year. Below are some that are in progress:

Miller Hall (Rooms M21 and M22): Active Learning Classrooms (ALC): Designed to foster interactive, flexible, student-centered learning experiences, our new ALC rooms come equipped with multiple displays and flexible furniture with easy access to plug in (laptop or tablet), allowing students to collaborate and work in groups or work individually. Wrap around magnetic whiteboard and charging station on three walls makes any area in the classroom to be converted to a workspace.

Video Conference (VC) Rooms: There will also be two new state-of-the-art VC room locations in New York City's 163 William Street (Room 1520) and Pleasantville's Environmental Center. These rooms will include CISCO's "speaker track" system with features such as:

  • >> Fast, direct switching between active speakers to provide a continuous meeting experience.
  • >> Multi-speaker views to prevent unnecessary switching when the next active speaker is already in the current shot.
  • >> Automatic framing of all participants to provide a dynamic overview of the full room.
  • >> Clear 1080p HD resolution offers the best possible image quality.

Willcox Hall Lecture Hall: For maximum student engagement and to allow students to interact not only with the material, but also with each other, the lecture hall is equipped with tables and flexible chairs. The lecture hall will also be equipped with multiple projection units and displays to get proper coverage of the shared content or video. The room will be equipped with multiple cameras allowing for web conferencing or web streaming, as well as recording of lectures.

Computer Classrooms (Y24 and W34): Y24, which serves as an extension for overflow of the Computer Resource Center, will be getting a much needed facelift of new furniture, collaborative design, and paint. W34 will also be receiving updated furniture and paint.