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Book Recommendations: The Librarian Is In

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Looking to curl up with a book? We’re here with Pace faculty and staff’s latest reading recommendations!

Brought to us by the Mortola and Birnbaum libraries, The Librarian Is In seeks to answer the age-old question—what should I read next? This month we have a number of guest recommendations from Pace's University Relations department—ranging from historical fiction, to comics, to New York City romance.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven—Chris Cleave
Recommended by: Jacqueline Tortorella, Assistant Director, Marketing and Account Management
"I read a few other books by Chris Cleave that I really enjoyed, including Little Bee, and thought I would give this historical fiction a try. The book is set in London during World War II and is loosely based on Cleave’s own grandparents' lives, which only makes the story that much more fascinating. Cleave is a skillful storyteller and the writing is smart, funny, and emotional. It’s a great read and highly recommend it."

Chew—John Layman, Rob Guillory
Recommended by: Peter Espinal, Social Media Coordinator
"Chew, written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory, is everything you want in a comic book. The sprawling story follows Tony Chu, a detective who is able to get psychic readings from anything he eats, as he solves food-related crimes and takes down food-themed villains. It’s inventive, hilarious, and surprisingly emotional. A true victory for the medium."

Sweetbitter—Stephanie Danler
Recommended by: Lance Pauker, Marketing Writer
"If you need to escape from *the world*, Sweetbitter can help you. The story is one we’ve heard before (young person comes to New York, experiences many experiences, can she handle it???), but the writing is so intoxicating, meticulous, and flat-out fantastic that it maximizes the concept’s potential and then some. Tess, the protagonist, works at a high-end restaurant near Union Square, and the novel is loosely based on Danler’s own experiences."

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed—Jon Ronson
Recommend by: Marcey Moreno, Print Project Coordinator
"I have heard him do a few segments on the podcast This American Life and I always enjoy his ability to weave a captivating story so I picked this up for my book club and have not been disappointed. The book takes a comical yet critical look at the idea of the public taking on the role of judge, jury, and executioner for anyone who falls outside of the social 'norm' and often times uses this social justice as a form a social control. It is a fascinating read with real examples and even the opportunity to turn the mirror on yourself. It is impossible to escape without a little introspection and personal development."

Time and Again—Jack Finney
Recommended by: Wendy Metzger, Director, Marketing and Account Management
"As a lover of New York City history, this is one of my all-time favorite books. Time and Again combines historical fiction, time-travel, mystery, and romance! Finney takes readers from 1970s New York City to the city of the 1880s and his vivid descriptions allow you to close your eyes and really imagine what life was like here during those times."

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